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Emily A is strikingly beautiful within this series :)I loved the setting by Leonardo chose to highligh Emily's long oiled hair goregeous face sexy brown hair,stunning brown eyes,long slim legs and magnificent breasts and lovey nipples with both some very magnificet sexy poses as well sensual ones !! I loved the way the gathering dark storm clouds sun's rays slightly showing thru them at the beginning and tropical garden tropical garden highlights Emily's oiled glisening body it's simply stunning:)I simply adored images #93-#94 with her siting upon her chair with her long slender legs tanned tucked up againgst her chest showing one breast in image #93 her sensual facial features with the sun's and clouds highlighting her magnificent beauty :)The gorgeous close up images #116-#118 are simply stunnging the way Emily perches herself upopn the chair legs wide open releaving her firm inner tanned inner thighs lovely trimmed pussy her lovely oily her casdading down her gorgeous breasts the back ground lighting surely paints a very picturest view of her lovely toned tanned body ;) Just as the lovely close up image of her wringing the oil out of her hair dripping more oil between her firm tanned thighs but what i really loved about this gorgeous beautiful series is the way Leonardo captured her beautiful strongly built body and gorgeous facial features and sexy sensual poses within a beautiful setting and by reading her Bio she does have a very strong body both love McDonalds and hates oysters and overely nice people because they're both slimy !!~ One would think she is Anna AJ's twin sister the way she squeezes her perfect breasts togther - I found Emily A Body firmer than Anna AJ's but their both beautiful in their own ways and this series of Emily A is truely "Where Flawless Beauty Meets Art" I hope to see more of Emily A in the Future to come she has a magnificicent baeutiful body gorgeous facial features :):) Thank You Emily A Leonardo and MetArt for aimply beautiful striking sexy sensual stunning series :) :)

Emily is Totally hot. Of course, being Ukrainian, she can't help it.

Love the hair on the mons, Em.

Sexy, sexy, sexy.

We need a lot more oily women here at Met-Art. It's just the right thing to do. EVERYONE looks better oiled up, it's true.

Lovely set lovely lady. Love the Oiled up look.

I love shots like #14 that draw attention to, and accentuate this lovely lady's tiny waist.

why the distance Leonardo ?? Such a gorgeous girl ,the set doesn't do her any justice.

Leonardo is presenting the artistic beauty of Emily's body as a whole. You can still zoom in for close-ups in high res if that's what you like.

But only when Leonardo is exceptionally focused the "right thing". He focused only to the face - in nearly every photo. If you then zoom in all is blurred exept the face. To Leonardo: Please less depth of focus please!!!

Emily, you are a dream girl, and this set barely does you justice. I shouldn't need a telescope to see that beautiful bottom or appreciate those delectable toes. Here's hoping your next visit is easier to see.

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