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Ok, is there something in the water in the Ukraine? #93 - stunning...

Bastante jovencita! Niza, poco, rosa coño! Caliente y dulce!

Except for a few too many blown shots, not a bad set. I will never understand why the photographer(s) zoom right past a beautifully posed pussy, to get yet another shot of the models face, regardless of the ridiculous angle it may be from...! There are so many great shots of the models faces in almost all sets, that it just doesn't make sense to me, nor does it get the set any extra points! So what's the point!? Are they paid by the number of 'clear' face shots!?? It sure seems like it...
Personally...more than two of these can ruin an entire set for me. This one came real close to getting a 5, but Emily is sooo adorable that I couldn't do it! For her, I stretched it to a 9....this time.

You really need to shutup man. Who cares about a few ruined photos, if you don't like them, delete em or don't view them. Fucking idiot, I rated this set a 10/10 bitch.

Okkk.... But rockhard Does have a very valid point about viewing angles and the center focus on a lot of photos that could be better POV's. I'm just sayin', you know, to help the photographers get much better ratings. And I think most subscribers would agree and be smilin'! (-;

With all my respect to the excellent photographer I found that the background a bit busy and colorful which destructs our attention from the real beauty. Emily is a superb model and certainly I fully agree with the eloquent description of maraud. I would love to see more of her

Oh stop your bitching already, at least shes posing for you asshole

Emily is the epitome of beauty, sex-appeal, innocence, radiant youth, everything the word lovely would express if it were more sparingly used . She is the dream of everyone, the supreme award of any victor ...How can she defend her self against the assaults of the world , when just touching her glossy white skin, getting a welcome look from her sapphire eyes would make the day of every male ?

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