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Emily Bloom is one of the most beautiful models, which we can see.
This set is one of my favorites.

you have to get her on TLE for a couple of really close cunt shots

sweet & hot, & a lot of great shots... just the feet need a little clean-up

I love panty shots but the color of those is just to overwhelming. There is so much contrast they seem almost Photoshopped into the pix. Those breasts are too big for such a small girl. They just don't seem to fit the rest of the image.

Fantastic set, Emily! Thank you so much for sharing.

Please, please, please, don't ever cut your long, lovely hair.

Emily is perfect from head to toes. I'm surprised no one mentioned what pretty eyes and lips she has or anything about her fabulous breasts and sweet kissable ass. She is simply delicious! Enjoyed this photo set very much.

Beautiful smile at both ends. Very nice! A rare 10 for Leo... Always a 10 for Em ! Such a cute little 'bloomer'...;o)

The bright spot of the day.

Met Art is the greatest website ever.

Just look at this young woman!


  • 3 years ago:

Nice set.
Does anyone know how a Ukranian ends up with a name like Emily Bloom?

Witness protection program?

"Show biz"!

If that's not it, maybe we wouldn't be able to pronounce her 'real' name...lol ;o)

  • 3 years ago:

I think youre right there rockhard.
Pity ... say Tatiana or Oskana would make her even sexier!

I think you meant 'Oksana', but yes, you are correct sir! I don't think there's too many 'Emily's in the Ukraine anyway...lol

Nice, except for the pierced belly button.

Pretty much standard equipment now days. However on someone so sweet and innocent looking it does seem a little out of place.

For me piercings and Tatoo's do nothing to enhance a girl. For me this fad could go away completely and I would be very happy.

Adroit light use,creative settings and excellent pic quality...; "10"!

Horrible photography, making her look like a ghost or corpse

Emily you are looing as stunning as always. Great set. xx

Emily is a beautiful girl that needs better photography.

Absolutely gorgeous and sexy girl!!! I luved the panty tease shots, but next time find some sexier panties for her to wear! A few standing rear view shots would have made the set even better!

Finde auch ein nettes Mädel, schöne Aufnahmen.

Delicious set ,altough not sure of orange back ground.A black satin back drop would have nehanced her delectable pussy.

So cute! that is one delicious pussy, So dainty and moist. That is a fantasy maker for sure.

Nice girl

Apparently a "good" girl also...;o)

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