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Great pictorial of the truely gorgeous Emily. Thanks.

Would love to see this girl get ripped apart in a hardcore scene. Hand her to Miguel Ferrera and watch that dude splatter her from her pussy to her forehead.

Wow!! We have the hairless wonder with Emily in this set. Beautiful!!

just the right combination of heat & innocence...Emily is irresistible!

Emily is heart breakingly sexy!

WOW what a girl really brilliant poses shows the cunt that shes so proud of her perfect cunt. And the launched a thousand ships bvest yet

I understand that some like stockings, but not everyone does. Why ruin the entire set by not removing the stocking at some point? I personally dislike them very much and know that I am not alone. Half set with stockings and half set without. Then everyone is happy. I have seen too many sets with stockings and/or shoes that are not removed at any point.

And what of the many sets where there are no stockings at all? How does a stocking lover like me deal with THAT? Suggest that they be put on halfway through the set?

They are removed more often than not... leave leg lingerie well enough alone, please.

Don't care for partial nudity. Take off the shirt and stockings. They are not sexy.

This girl is a huge turn on. Her body is unbelievably perfect. her face is so cute and pretty and her beautiful long hair is so damn sexy. I gotta admit, I love jerking off to this girl. I just cant help myself when i look at her. She rocks my world. Emily you are the most perfect girl on the web.... Thanks for sharing your incredible beauty with the world.

I also jerked off looking at her beauty, one of my favorite tags to put onto the comments section. She makes all of us so hard we have no choice but relieve our selves or blue balls will follow! :)

aint that the truth... !!

what a beautiful girl

Emily is superb. More generally, I also love Goncharov's compositions. So well-balanced, so structural. A great counterpoint to the soft (yet firm!) feminine beauty on display.

May I see your I.D. please?

Emily, one thing I would like to request is a seris of "butterfly" shots of your beutiful and perfect pussy. I dream of kissing and licking such beauty. Thanks

iluvsex check out her other sets...she really doesn't hold back...gotta luv it!!!

Emily is so beautiful. This set is focused on her beautiful legs and pussy. I was relieved to see her fantastic breast make a short but appreciated appearance in the last couple of shots. :) Emily is the best girl posing on metart in my opinon. Thank you for sharring your fantastic body and attitude with viewers of MetArt! Both my arms are ready to fall off after viewing your fantastic body! :)

Some girls you want to make love to. Emily? I just want to fuck her hard and long

I would perhaps say that with a beauty like Emily, a man would pamper this jewel to the extreme! Dinner, car, house, jewels,etc.!!!!

We can all dream right! :)

Hardly seems fair: Emily is so cute, has the world's most amazing breasts - AND she has a perfect pussy?!

She's the perfect teen dream girl.

A stunningly youthful, gorgeous model with fair skin and a smile that makes you want to caress her face and wait with eager anticipation to see what she'll show you next. I love her long brown hair and her figure is absolutely divine. Her face looks like there might be a slight trace of freckles that I hope were not muted at all. I love the photo of her looking back over her shoulder.

There are a couple of close ups where I got distracted by the fact that her lips are a bit chapped. But that didn't stop me from wishing to get a little closer more often while she is laying on her back. Otherwise a fine set as far as I am concerned.

One of the hottest girls in the industry right now, so young and fresh and pretty, tight teen body, perfect pussy and anus, and she loves to show it all off, I love you Emily, so damn hot!

Gorgeous, delicious girl!!! Some great shots here, though the focus was a bit soft in many photos.

Fantastic set,no discretion to be found here, only a truly gorgeous girl freely displaying her perfectly beautiful cunt in some awesome spread legs shots, nicely captured by Goncharov.

Very seductively spreading on the couch. Exactly what I like best.


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