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Lovely and creative pictorial. Very well done.

As beautiful as she is, her feet are atrocious. No one has ever been more in need of a pedicure.

Emily is the only one giving my love Caprice a challenge. Emily is very very sexy.

Emily Bloom is a wonderful and precious creature, and I like the way that Goncharov highlighted her preciousness with the golden tones and elements of this set. I am seriously considering to start shooting with Emily soon, I am very much inspired by her beauty and grace, I am looking forward to knowing how it feels to have her posing in front of my camera.

Ok, I think I have just paved the way for having Emily posing for me... I am very glad to hear you enthusiastic about the idea (fer_realz, Arthur, kilroy), and I am also happy to hear from hipshot131 that she seem to be nice to work with, that's a very important point. I will keep you updated!

I can't wait to see, DG... I hope she agrees to pose for you!

Please try to work with Emily deltagamma, I think you could shoot fantastic sets with her, she's one of my biggest favourite here and I love your works too, so the two of you would be a perfect combination. I hope you can arrange a shooting very soon and we can enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful Emily through your lens. Good luck and I'm looking forward to the end result, I'm 100% sure it'll be phenomenal.

From what the other artists that have worked with her have said. I can say without reservations that you will find her delightful to work with. She loves the camera and it loves her!

That's a great idea! I would love to see the results of that shoot.

Wow smoking. Hot

In spite of scoring her a 10 long ago, I've never been 'crazy' about Emily (for some unknown reason...), but this set is magnificent! The setting is absolutely perfect for her! So I guess I now have an 'Emily' in my library. Turning my back on THIS would be madness!!! MADNESS I TELL YA!!

It's probably the breasts. That's the only part of her that isn't in perfect proportion.

In what way do you feel her breasts are out of proportion? just curious...

You may be right there hipshot...;o)

What was the purpose of the gold whatever marring each and every photo? Ruined the whole shoot for me.

Dude if the whole shoot was ruined by that tiny detail.... you're in trouble, dude!!!

What is the term to describe skin like Emily's - where small veins are so readily visible?

I would call that, "translucent" -- transparent implies perfectly clear, like glass. Translucent literally means allowing light through.


Fair skinned there is not really a medical term for that but what you see under a persons skin are usually capillaries unless you are looking at hands or feet or the elbows or knees.

It is caused by lack of melatonin in her skin. melatonin is the element in our bodies than causes us to tan or causes the darken coloration of some races. It is quite common in redheads but it also shows up in black haired girls and some blonds. I am sure she sun burns quite easily and never tans.

Thanks guys. I had first thought of thin skinned but there's a connotation of grumpy associated with it. I'm torn between transparent or translucent. All I know is its very interesting to so readily see veins or capillaries. Maybe I'll just call it "Emily skin". But thats not fair to Marta E who has the same interesting skin. I'll make an executive decision and settle on beautiful.

You would no doubt think that I look like a roadmap!! lol My veins are visible from top to bottom!! No 'sub-dermal' fat layer... Em must be losing her baby fat...;o)

Absolutely beautiful girl with a perfect body!!! Great set!!!

Emily is not only very beautiful, but that's a very sharp outfit she's wearing.I wish more beautiful Girls dressed like that.

Absolutely astounding. I'm not gonna get any work done today.

And some of you rate her less than 9??? C'mon.

It is hard to believe anyone could vote less than 10 on this set? How could you improve on this? Emily is total perfection and this is easily one of her best sets. I have never seen her more radiant and alluring. She is completely flawless and the gold accents on that creamy skin are marvelous. I can't imagine what more a person could want? Some people just have to be negative I guess.

Emily you are a goddess and this set fits you like a glove.

You and Goncharov have my total awe for this work.

All of Emily #33 Fantastic!

Good job from Goncharov. Nothing to say... Dream Sladkaja Emily takes the breath away:-) Kiss kiss...

A truly sensational set of photos. It is sheer joy to be able to see her gorgeous face without it being partially veiled by avail of admittedly beautiful long hair. In front, side all rear view, all are equally good. She has The slender beauty of a young woman at the peak of her promise whilst retaining that sweet air of innocence. More please. Emily alone is sufficient to persuade me to continue my subscription to metart.

Oh, cariño, me encanta ver que usted está abriendo! ¡Sí! Hermosa! Lo que una bonita, poco reina!

Why the neg bang? I get some great Spanish lines from Caballo. Thanx dude, Keep them coming.

Yep, I try to keep it interesting. And just have un poco de diversion. La señoras de amores oírte hablar sucio cuando eres excitado y duro, también. (;

When I look at Emily I have a hard time looking below the shoulders. Her face is so beautiful and expressive it steals the show. Not that the body isn't fantastic it's just that she has a unique beauty that is irresistible. So playful and naughty and yet with a completely believable innocents. She really fits the dream girl description totally. If I had to pick just one girl for my dreams Emily would not be a bad choice.

I love this set playing with the harem girl theme but with golden highlights to frame that magnificent body. The set is awesome and very classy and rich looking with gold carried throughout. Emily belongs in a golden palace because she is one of a kind and pure gold. This set and theme is perfect!

"Theme"!! There's a word I've been groping for!! lol Thanks hipshot! ;o)

Emily is looking as beautiful as always, great set.

No one has more fun in front of a camera than Emily, and damn few women are more beautiful. It's as though she is utterly delighted with her body and wants to show it off to the world—and that she will burst out laughing in sheer joy any moment. She's unique, and we are incredibly lucky to have her. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to concentrate on those delicious rear views for a while.

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