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Gorgeous girl, about time looking like real woman, tired of shaven girls like little girls, natural and great pictures one of my favorite this last two months. Gary

Bush or not, Emily deserves a lot of kisses all over:-) Her innocent aspect is totally sweet... Kisses Emily:-):-):-)

SO TRUE!!!;-)

Making the transition from dusk to night has got to be a heck of a challenge for a photographer, but if there is one thing that stands out about Leonardo, it is his night shoots. He pulls it off well.

Emily looks wonderful today, and there are some terrific rear views she gives us. What a woman! Overall I think a good balance of poses and the technical merit make this a set worth keeping, if not just for Emily herself.

Some discussion on shaved or not, but I'm glad that Emily has shown us both ends of the spectrum and several shades between here at MA. Today's full but trimmed style is perfectly fine, nothing is obscured. Like hipshot said, it's not an issue with Emily. Either way is fine with me.

First, like most of you out there, Emily melts my heart. I wonder "how come I never got to indulge in such beauty?" Oh well, life is good but would be awesome with Emily!

As for the location lighting- it's difficult. I know, I did location photography for over 23 years. One trick is to "warm up" the strobe light a bit, otherwise it's bluish-cool compared to the real world. Then using just one light is OK but slaving a couple would give more shape to that amazing body of hers. Then agreed, when it got dark, it looks as though she were photographed in a cave. A hair light from behind would help a lot. Backlighting one or more strobes adds some zing to the shots.

But in the end, Emily carries the day, I would give anything to have her!

Very nice set. The only jarring part are genital closeups when a woman has just finished her period. Not the most erotic of shots, but certainly real world.

And you know this...How?

No doubt has earned "Red Wings," hipshot...

Take a close look at images 77,83, and 101 for starters. What are those "added attractions"?

Not sure what you're looking at, but Emily can sit on my face any day! I'd give that sweet pussy and ass a tongue bath she'd never forget.

Look closely at image 77. Do the women who sit on your face all have small brown drops coming out of their pussies? Look at the other series of pictures of Emily and you won't see these.

What a day! Virginia Sun, Monique C and now Emily Bloom. If someone can tell me what I did to earn this, I'll keep on doing it. Emily makes being a bubbly, goodnatured sweetheart just about the sexiest thing imaginable. She is certainly adorable here—a shower of 10s.

P.S. I love the bush!

Talk about the ULTIMATE "girl next door," eh, Sailor? One can only dream.... ( :

Gorgeous model and I love her unshaven look, it is very aesthetic and erotic. Excellent lighting.

I realy love pictures where the model is wearing a shirt....and nothing else. I would hope for more pictures like this, there are to few pictures with shirts. And if there is such a series with a girl wearing nothing else, only a short shirt, than she is not shaved. Oh No. This series would be much better with a shaved girl...

With Emily shaving isn't that big a deal It's the girls that have serious bush that I object to.

Well said. I agree.

Well said. I agree.

Once again! Mirror Mirror on the wall! Who's the fairest of them all?


Hear hear!

i wish i can give Leonardo less than 1/10.
worst photographer on met art

I may not be his biggest fan, but he is not a bad photographer. I agree with RedPilot, if you are going to criticize so harshly, support it with your reasons, otherwise there is no credibility or point to your comment.

Your comment is not just rude, but makes absolutely no sense at all. If you're going to throw out garbage like this, at least attempt to state what your criticisms are. Otherwise, go elsewhere.

I love Emily and she looks as great as ever here. Artistic and technical complaints about this set are misguided. But I hope going unshaven is a one-time treat for those who like that kind of thing - the world's most perfect pussy is best shown fully shaved.

I disagree. Shaven makes her look too young. I feel better looking at her with a bit of fur. Difference from looking at a young girl to a woman.

In some countries "Adults" aren't permitted to view a womens genitals. In Japan this site would be ruined by censorship with her genitals digitized, so let's enjoy living in a country where adults can decide for themselves. Don't feel guilty if she looks young because we know all the girls are 18 or older. This site is about fantasy, that's why it's called Met-art not Met-reality. Enjoy yourself and let yourself fantasize, that's why you subscribe in the first place. In my fantasy the girls have shaved armpits, shaved legs, and shaved genitals (although trimmed can look cute under the right conditions).

Personally, I love looking at Emily either way. She is so sexy and pretty both shaved and furry. ( :

The perpetually lovely and bubbly Emily Bloom makes me want to sing... "I'm on a boat... with Emily!!"
Great set, Emily and Leonardo... thanks!

Emily with bush, well that's just awesome and a great way to start the day in my view!

I am pleasantly surprised. A Leonardo shot where the background wasn't the star of the show. It was actually just a background. Of course Emily is always totally on when the camera is going. A lovely young woman with a personality I can't help but like. I am glad that Leo broke from his norm for this lovely child/woman and did some very nice intimate closeups. Bravo Leonardo and Emily I like everyone here am in love with you.

I believe this gallery may be one of Emily's earliest. Her facial expressions are more reserved than the unbridled exuberance and happiness she has displayed in other sets / other places. That said, she still made my day better by visiting.

Emily with bush, wow. I like this set, I think the lighting is a bit harsh but that's probably because this looks to have been shot in darkness and the exposure meter overcompensated (speculation on my part).

Love the look of a real woman... However, - Just a bit too trimmed. Skinny, stunning beauty! Waouw...!

Emily is a stunner, but the shoot is poor. It looks like she's been taken to a remote location, on a dreary day in a p!ss-ant little rubber boat. The background is sad enough but then the sun sets and the back drop is pitch black. At this stage Emily might as well been snug at home in front of a black wall with a light behind her. Having got that off my chest I will reiterate again ... Emily is a stunner!!


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