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Emily is just awesome gorgeous ! But using bare flash lighting is just too harsh, looks very amateurish and hard, should have use more elaborate ligthing, or process pictures in black and white maybe.

Simply CUTE! :-)

I hope that Emily and all the other beautiful Ukrainian girls on this site are alright.

Well, think of it this way... not ALL Ukrainians live in Kiev and Lviv....

Wow! Emily Bloom can wear some jeans!And she looks even better without the jeans. What more do we need? I give a 10+++ all around.

We need a bit more maneuvering space for our artist photographer.

The most gorgeous girls ever....

Well done. Sexy and sensual.

Beautiful young babe with a lovely smile, superb pale skinned body and a magnificent pair of breasts..


oh good lord..one of my favorite models wearing my favorite outfit; nothing but a pair of blue jeans.... This girl is deadly hot.


Artful nude dude,
is he here a bit rude?

Cheek to cheek in image three?

No one here to answer me?

Dude!! You HAVE to lay off the vodka!!

Whiskey this morning, and only one shot.

One shot too many then...;o)

Bourbon then, the plan for the morrow.

Don't forget gin, it's a nice buzz!

No emotion, look very bored


Concern for our artist is clearly conveyed:

Don't fall of the counter, or into the flame.


Love how pic sequence 29-34 highlights Emily's curves.

Cute, curvaceous and cuddly!

IMHO some of the best shots in this set came before Emily was even out of her jeans. A fantastic set by the Emily and Arkisi. Emily is has also joined the exclusive PP club!!

Oh goodness, she's been in the club from the start! ( :
The consistency of her particular perfection is nothing short of stunning.

Yep, Emily --rules-- the PPC, especially when shaved ;)

Actually, I like her with some pubic hair but she's a PP and a 10+ either way!!!

Would a parade be more fun than a club?

Why not both?

Exclusive Club sounds like hiding to me. Never!

Surprised she could communicate so much on just a second shoot. You must have created a really relaxed atmosphere. Great work.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The FAIREST Of Them All?


How about a thumb for this fellow from all who'd come running on hearing that call?

Thank You Arkisi for this Set:-) Emily looks very nice as always. Her Body and Smile are to die for:-) Thank You beautiful Sweety to make our life sweeter and better for the start in this day... Kiss kiss all over Emily:-):-):-)

I am guessing that this gallery is from early in Emily's career. She is very business like (shy, reserved. . .?) compared to some galleries where she is exuberant and bouncy.

Agreed, this is her second shoot, October 2012
BTW did you her very first set ever? That's the fun!


You can certainly see how much she has bloomed since these first sets. She has really become the consummate pro and quite a changeling. I have seen many photos where she looks like a totally different girl. Her face book page is very interesting.

Thank you for your reply. It looks like eating watermelon could turn into a messy but exuberant time with a young, attractive, first time model.

Her expressions seem subtle, poised and in control - an alluring and mature performance rather than a first timer. Fascinating and beautiful. Bravo Emily, I am now a total fan! Keep it up Arkisi!

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