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Nice set! Emily looks so cute and edible! Love her long hair.

92. A dumb use of lovely long hair.

We do not need to be hit on the head with cheap phallic imagery to assist the imagination. Let's not see our model perched on a fire plug anytime soon.

Nice use of clothing, except where bunched around the middle.

The setting works well, especially where our artist keeps clutter out of the background.

Our model is as luscious as ever.

Emily Bloom not only has a beautiful figure,so she can really rock the no pants look, she has a wonderful smile.These are among the reasons I have to give her a 10+++

P.S. Emily has up-dates on other parts Of the Met Universe, namely EA,RA,and SexArt.

P.S. Don't forget her very popular updates on RA,EA,and SexArt.

Very nice set by Goncharov:-) Emily and Milena on the same day? Paradise:-) Kiss kiss сладкайя Emily...

It is kinda ironic that Emily and Milena show up with sets on the same day. It turns out that either they are close friends in "real" life or have just worked together many times. Emily literally burst on the scene right after she became "legal" i.e 18. Since then she has literally worked her fantastic ass off. She has appeared on four of our family sites, and eight other "nude" sites. Not unexpectedly she is always highly rated. On one site she is actually #1. She is, on most sites, only doing solo work. That is where the irony comes in, the one model she has done the most g/g shoots with is Milena. Including one on Sex. When Anteras shot her for Sex in one set she is wearing the identical outfit Milena wore in one of his sets with her. (More on that set on my comment today on Milena.) She is amazingly flexible, has actually spoke on camera, and even sang us a song. IMO opinion, unless she burns herself out, we will be seeing a lot more of her and maybe even beyond our genre.

Emily is always a joy to look at... So cute. So sexy. So arousing...


Love Emily; hate the socks!

I downloaded this gallery as soon as Emily's name appeared, and have just started to browse through the images.

# 53 qualifies Emily for instant membership in the PP Club!

Goncharov and Emily have collaborated on and delivered a very nice visit today.

Oh heck yeah, Emily was a charter member of the PP Club, so far as I'm concerned!

Charter member, no doubt, maybe even in the executive team.

We all have our own idea of what a "PP" looks like, so we all have our own "PP Club". No such thing as "the" PP Club...;o)

No, it's The PPC.

You're welcome to create "What Rachsback misguidedly considers a collection of perfect pussies", but don't try to infringe on our trademark! ;)

LMAO!!! That's high-larious!!!

Brilliant gallery!

Golden girl! Love the blouse and hose. Love the overall color scheme. It goes great with that long lovely hair. Her eyes are lovely as is her ever present smile. Emily is a wonderful model. Here and on the other Met sites. Always a pleasure to see her and she seems to take pleasure in our presence. Emily seems to shine no matter who is behind the camera. She has worked with several of the met photogs and the sets are always fun and stimulating.

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