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I'd dive into that tub head first!!!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The FAIREST of them ALL?


Cute as my Persian silver shaded chinchilla ("Lucy")!

i prefer to see Emily's body not the suds

i prefer to see Emily's body not the suds

Your "Jimmy Two Times" impersonation?

THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THIS SET: A model who blends cuteness with hotness in dangerous proportions; breasts that must be the envy of the whole planet; lovely soft light; playful, teasing eroticism; big, gorgeous eyes; intoxicating fair flesh; the fantasies it inspires; one sweeeeet bum; 93,97,98; 115,117,118; fun, frothy idea!

PERSONALLY I MIGHT ADD: they drying off and slipping into something lacy ...

I prefer the girls AFTER their bath...;o)

But I have to say, for having her in a tub of bubbles, he got several great shots of her yumminess... Best tub set in quite a while! I might even have to keep it!! :oO

Best boobs on Met. Works of art!

This set is not bad but Emily is better off without the soaps and suds.She belongs inside a bedroom.


There should be some rule in the Met-Art bylaws that requires every model to have at least one shower and/or bath set.

Another side of Emily viewed by Goncharov:-) Photoshop or not, shaved or not, some comments apart... the most beautiful thing would be to stay with this Angel in this bath together and caress Her all over on the notes of the Song "Forever and for always" by Shania Twain:-):-):-) Kiss kiss Emily...

This set definitely focuses more on Emily's bountiful cuteness and adorableness. Who could resist smiling at seeing Emily in a tub covered with suds? I prefer to see Emily's erotic side, but this is a delightful change of pace, even though it is getting a very low score because of the lack of eroticism. A pity.

Whoops, scratch that "very low score" statement, the cavalry has arrived to save the day. ( ;
I'm happy for Emily, she deserves nothing but 10s.

What the fuck is up with that disgusting, dirty bathwater?! Ruins the set, total turn off.



The seller

Amen, brother. Brevity is the soul of tits.

without soap suds 116, 117 and 118 would have been even more delicious than they are now .

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