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Emily just makes me melt, every time I see her.

I forgot... Emily Bloom=Perfection Pure:-)


I'm speechless, Emily is 10+++ and Arkisi did an outstanding job with the photo shoot. Beethoven is right, some shots are over the top, in a GOOD way!
Thank you thank you thank you, mmmmm

Thank you for a wonderful photoset, little miss creamy cunt!

Emily is every day more beautiful:-) Thank You to Arkisi for this Set!!! I love all about Here, from Head to Toes, miau...

Our sweet little Emily is growing into a bewitching young woman! This set to me seem like a right of passage. This is new more mature Emily. Depending less on the cute factor and more on her powerful feminine allure and for me she really gets the job done. Arkisi as usual did a fantastic job of capturing this subtle change and taking full advantage of this radiant beauties maturity and very powerful sexuality. She is still sweet but it's adult sweet now and there is no doubt that this is full on sex goddess!

Thank you Emily for taking us on this wonderful adventure with you and allowing us to watch you bloom into an enchanting woman.

Thank you Arkisi for showing us this lovely flower in a subtle new way that is extremely effective and endearing.

Solid 10's from me.

In this amazing set possible the one photo that illustrates her new persona best is #13, That backside is epic!!!!

Emily, you can really fill out a dress. I would have liked some up skirt shots with some flirting to go along with it. You also have one damn beautiful pussy!

Definitely and full on PP club member!

And I concur with Dutchman about the upskirt shots. It seems to me with 120 photos to play with, there's room for a couple of upskirt shots, without short changing any other poses one might wish.

The cream filling in that perfect pussy gets me every time!

Cute, sweet, playful, sexy, adorable and absolutely gorgeous. Emily is my idea of heavenly perfection.

Emily Bloom has once again found the way to wreck the minds of boys and girl who swing this way.I gave her a 10++++

And I almost forgot, like most educated Europeans Emily knows English,and in "Emily Speaking"over on RA she has a pretty speech,in addition to demonstrating nude mind-wreaking.

Emily has some incredibly long toes on those dirty feet...

Damn the worldwide water shortage!!

I ❤ Emily's bloom!

Just like me complaining about the videos, I'm done, no more complaints, promise

Our living doll Emily Bloom comes back to us, not a minute too soon.
Not gonna lie, "Revegion" is one of my favorite Emily sets, so it's nice to see her reunited with Arkisi. This is a very spicy set, good job to both!

Great model but I don't care for the anaemic exposures.

All previous evidence indicates Emily's skin really is as we see it here. No exposure problems.

Love the variety here, from looking fantastic clothed (#2) to sweetly sexy (#54) to wide open and ready to play. There aren't many models who inspire me to download full sets - Emily usually does.

Emily is as gorgeous and as delightfully exhibitionist as ever, always a complete delight, however I think a more contrasting background than the white favours Emily's skin tone a lot better.

There are not enough superlatives to describe Emily! Gorgeous face! Dreamy blue eyes you could lost in! Magnificent bountiful breasts! Perfect porcelain skin! A delicious derriere! A pretty puffy pussy, nice and creamy today (yummy)! Heck, she even has cute toes!

Thank you Emily, and thank you Arkisi! This is an awesome set!

K, could we please get 2 sets of Emily every month? One is not enough!!!

Hi Luv,

Emily is pretty amazing and I am glad most of us agree :) I could definitely try to have a special month when I publish more than 1 set for you. She is an active model so I am not soon running out of content with her. Thanks for the suggestion!

It is wonderful to hear that there are much more Emily sets available! She is such a dream... ( :


Emily is lovely and her sets are always welcome. I love her "in your face" joy of life and joy in her femininity. Rylsky said early on that she loves posing nude and she sure hasn't disappointed. Active she is, and we are blessed that she takes such joy in her work. She is in no way exclusive to MA or any one artist and I find that good because we get to see her in the eyes of several artists and see that She is what she appears to be because there is a wonderful consistency in her work no matter who is behind the lens. Emily is a natural and that is pretty rare.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

You're better with a "bush", Emily -- the hair, that is, at least a bit grown out :-)

Thought you were gonna lead the way there! :-)

But the Shave-a-saurus has got you in its grip too :-)

Poor girls! :-)))

Bald is icky :-(

Don't say I never gave you anything doug...lol


One of MY very favorites!! ;o)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Right, the other Sofy! Thank you for reminding me!* :-)))

I've gotten so carried away with current models! :-)

What happened to her? I hope she didn't shave! :-)))

*Now that's a BA I don't mind! :-)))

Doug you're a jackass

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Well, you're an ass yourself, Jack! :-)))

Every time, it never fails, it gets so old.....

Gee, wonder what Doug thinks of this shoot...(no not really)

Broken records get really old to listen to, really fast...
If your so unhappy with the site, shoots and lack of hair, there are plenty of other sites that will satisfy your needs...why feel so compelled to have to comment on EVERY shoot that lacks bush? You are obviously in the minority here...the repetitiveness just becomes meaningless dribble.

However SHE decides to keep her nether world, Emily is perfection personified...I'll gladly take whatever she is willing to share.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

That response to me sounds almost verbatim like at least one other I've heard.
Talk about a broken record :-)

I said that specifically to Emily because a couple of sets back she had, much to everyone's surprise, something of a bush. And I thought she looked a lot better with it.

Some girls look less bad shaven to me than others -- Emily is not one of them.

And thank you for dignifying my dribble :-)

Oh, and because I'm in the minority you're saying I shouldn't say anything?

Typical thinking on this site :-)

To be a broken record I would had to have stated that thought much more than once--which, this is the first time I have said anything about the subject, so no broken record here.

You, on the other hand--how many times have YOU singularly complained about the lack of hair? Dozens of times I suspect...hence, "broken record".

Your focus--hair.
Our focus--the girls.

We get it--you like hair.
Now get us--we like the girls, hair or no hair.

Has nothing to do with "minority" rights and "freedom of expression"...its that your "expression" is a one-trick pony..."hair, hair, hair, bush, hair, bush, bush, where is it?, bush, bush, hair, hair, bush hair, hair, hair, hair, HAIR!!!!"

It's your constant haranguing of one subject...reminds me of the 'most annoying sound in the world' scene from "Dumb and Dumber".

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

See my first response to you.

In a word, you do not know what you are talking about.

And that's pretty dumb.

And dangerous :-)

Have your hissy fit, then screw your head back on, and inform yourself before popping off again :-)

Just some friendly advice :-)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

So where are my thumbs supporting freedom of expression and minority rights, etc?
Not to be found among this flock of sheared sheep! :-)

They only thumb their own :-)

Dude, we've heard it SO OFTEN from you....
You mentioned you'd heard one response already once... well, it's like once vs. 300 times....
You just don't get that, do you....

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

If y'all weren't so afraid of a little hair I wouldn't have to keep bringin' it up! :-)

I mean let's get real folks,
let's get natural.

Let's see what a woman really looks like
for a change :-)

Besides my comments, don't you guys get sick of the same old bald sh__ all the time?

No! You guys luvvvv broken records!
You love prepubescent-lookin pussies, ad nauseam.

You should love me too! :-)))

So where's the love :-????

You guys just don't get it either :-)

In any event, when I feel like saying something to a model about her grooming "choice", be warned: I will if possible :-)

And I'll be happy to field your flak.

One would think I'm really a threat to your apple cart here... :-)

Where's my freedom to enjoy the site without you CONSTANTLY complaining about a lack of hair?

I, for one, have never said I'm for or against hair--I suspect many others on this site feel the same. Don't be so presumptuous.

YOU don get it!...try talking about ANYTHING BUT HAIR on this site for a week, or a month--I bet you are incapable of doing it...

Therein lies the crux of the complaint.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Nobody is forcing you to read my comments.
If they bug you that much, they must be hitting a nerve you ought to examine.

Just as you have that freedom to read or not and express yourself, I will exercise my freedom to do likewise.

If you'd agree to that, you might get the enjoyment you have lost back :-)

Spoken as one complainer to another :-)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Oh, and btw, thank you for the thumb! :-)))

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

One more thing -- you guys complain about my repetitiousness -- have you ever considered your own?
Pretty effing trite, but at least I guess it's not to say pussy-licking praise.
Doesn't make it any less dull to these ears however -- but then they're biased :-)
And not part of the in-crowd :-)

What did Groucho Marx observe? "There's no way I would join a club that would have me as a member!" :-)))
Not that you guys would have me as a member, but just the same --
No Thanks! :-)))

Some of those shot were so sexy they were lewd. I'm not complaining. :-) Another beauty from Ukraine. what a delicious popka!! :-)

One of – if not 'the' – best photo set that Emily Bloom has shared with Met-Art.

Emily looks as gorgeous and relaxed as ever, but her confidence in the way she handles herself as a model seem to have skyrocketed - notice the choice of poses and angles in which she presents her body, the range of her facial expressions (from smiley to demure to lustful), and - simply delicious! - her own arousal at sharing her nude beauty.

Thanks, Arkisi and Emily, for what seems a magnificent collaboration and what is definitely a brilliant result!

As a fan of Emily Bloom, I must admit how beautiful she has become. The cuteness is being replaced with her ability to emit a sultry facade. Wow. Thank you.

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