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Really nice, various, and professionally made set. I wish all Met's set would be like this. Unfortunately lots of them are monotonous and uncreative.

Emily is a Met favorite, and for good reason. She fits in the ballet theme well and certainly has the legs and behind for it. I liked this set, but I thought several of the shots could have been a little closer up, and a few closeups would have been appreciated.

Ditto on the observation about the closeups, kilroy... for me the set was wonderful, but the closeups were conspicuous in their absence.


Too bad she has to paint on her face. Otherwise, a beautiful girl.

Hold me closer tiny dancer...

Emily has great hOOters to go along with her "bloom"!

Poor color and skin tones. Did not care for the ballerina poses nor the outfit. The entire set went straight to the trash can.


A short but highly erotic photo set of the cutest model on MetArt – an object lesson in how less can be worth a lot more. That angelic face, cheeky grin and sensational bum add up to a treat guaranteed to raise my blood pressure.

I would consider more trips to the ballet if the dancers were dressed like this. Someone call the marketing department.

Very hot set. I love Emily's ass.
Mila wore those orange leg warmers in one of her hottest sets.

Oh Emily,so nice,a threat for one's eyes....a treat?..... A fist!....no....first.....A feast for one's ice!!

The Cellar

Much more appropriate "moniker" for you!!

Is it just me, or is this the ultimate guy's fantasy about how his favorite girl would practice dancing? So nice to see our favorite girl with her sweet smile stretching and working her sweet everything else for us... ( :
Thank you Emily, come back soon! You too, Fabrice, you're doing a fantastic job so far. ( :

♥ ♥ ♥Emily Doll♥!!! ♥OMG is this Angel totally Sweeeeeeeeeeeet:-)♥ ♥ ♥

Very, very nice, as always.

Love Emily, but without the 'Ballerina' bun would have been sexier ... let her hair down pls ... even like photo #60 (way hot!!!)

Emily is beautifully clad in orange garment and leg warmers.Her body is awesome of course in this set.

Emily, oh yes!!!

I always download Emily's galleries and videos.

Sometimes the artist does a good job, sometimes not. Sometimes Emily looks better than in other appearances.

Today, both Emily and Fabrice brought their A game!

Thanks to both.

That all may be true, but unfortunately, they also brought those hideous socks.

I love those socks!

Me too, although I think Emily looks hot in just about everything she puts on ~ and takes off. ( :

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