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Simply gorgeous!

Mmm I love her fuzzy little pussy scratchy just like a pussy cat's tounge

i love her with any amount of hair shes adorable

Let pubic hair grow you have such few girls who have it is a break from all smooth
the gltork
12 year olds, beautiful lady.

I really hope she lets her hair grow out into a nice full and thick bush.
If she does I hope she shows it here.
Beautiful lady either way.

Cool. So now we can either "like" or abstain. Not sure how I feel about that. Kind of like "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." Maybe that's a good thing. I guess we shall see how it goes.

As for stubble, it doesn't look that great, but we can't expect a girl not to work until it all grows out. She has to eat.

This actually reminds me of the Facebook setup... I'm thinking that it probably is for the best, although I really do like the option to neg someone who's clearly being an ass. I don't use that option very often, so I really miss it when it's not available.

I agree, so now we have to do it with comments to or about those asses...lol Now we have to be insulting instead of just a 'friendly' thumbs down...lol

Hair is too long.

Hair is not long enough.

I'll tell you what I told gaetano... I suspect you'd feel differently if that hair was dangling on you! ( ;

Ennu expect you again very soon.
I want to explain what I said before:
Your hair are fabulous (see # 02 # 25 # 26 # 45 ...).
Other times hold things even more beautiful (see # 03, # 74 ...)

Sorry... She's gorgeous, but the sandpaper snatch just turns me off.

Ennu is a beautiful girl and perfect little girl with big blue eyes gaze shy.
Is seductive her looks of girl soap and water.
But the wild and disheveled hair spread on his bare chest makes it look like a jellyfish.

You'd feel a little differently if she were on top of you and that hair was tickling YOUR chest, gaetano....

I'm one who likes the stubble although I agree it would be better allowed to grow. Long stubble or full length hair, either are very erotic to my taste. And while she's at it, let her underarm hair grow as well!

Today ended up being a wonderful day @ MET! 4 sets - 5 ladies - all 10s! Ennu is the last, but by no means the least, of the 5 ladies.

Kudos to all concerned: every model, every photographer, and K for selecting these 4 sets to kick off the modified comment process. I am a happy man.

Baggy, by "modified" do you mean no more thumbs down? Or is there something else I am missing?

Yes I mean no more thumbs down.

Aw. Now I can't neg bang a2m2 for the stupid use of ALL CAPS in his / her comments.

Oh c'mon Favorito, that particular sport was old about 3 months ago. ( :

I don't think a2m2 ever goes back and checks previous posts.

Right! I've tried to tell people that he never goes back to comments he made, and probably doesn't read any others comments, about him or anything else. They don't listen... Kids...can't teach 'em...can't kill 'em....lol

a2m2 maybe can't read.............

Maybe some of us can't read some of yours...;o)

You can say it in writing, which never worked. Or you can shun any post, by any member.

Sometimes these folk(s) are practically jumping up and down and shouting look at me. Zero reaction by all members might work.

Hi guys. Ennu is an absolute sweetheart but I'm afraid her 3 day old stubble is just to much for me. It ruins all the intimate shots for me. It makes her vaginal area look dirty and discolored. I know I will get a lot of boo's but when a girl leaves a stubble patch like that it brings up unpleasant memories for me. Her second set was awesome. But her first set and this one are ruined by poor grooming. It either needs to be shaved clean or allowed to grow out. The in between just doesn't work for me.

Regardless of me liking it or not -- I thought that the stubble was the whole POINT of this set.

3 day stubble?

I am scared now.

It's gotta grow back "sometime", kinda "scratchy" when it does, but I wouldn't kick her outta bed, believe me!

Stubble, schmubble! Man up and eat!

I would wear that stubble burn as a badge of honor!

Agree. When I see stubble of that length, I think "ouch!" that would feel pretty prickly. Then again, I guess I'd put up with it if I were in bed with her (haha, very generous of me, isn't it?) But for an erotic photo shoot, I just don't understand the decision to shoot when it's neither shaved nor soft & fuzzy.

For Browning, I assume you check the sets daily, so I put this here.

Wasn't yesterday with Ry a blast! Now if we can just get more artist and hopefully some models to join in this whole section has promise.

What the hell!? Here's another nutritious Ukrainian goddess I have missed completely until now. How could that be? Look at that adorable smile. Check out that beautiful hair and delectable little body. No question. My faculties are slipping. I'm looking back up the hill just I should be dressing for dinner with Ennu. xoxo

Sailor, please tell me you are not going senile. Two months ago when she did her first set with comments available you posted "A lovely child. Those rear views are moluntwaterif" She got 21 comments that day and not a single boo bird. hipshots comment got 10 thumbs up. Both that day and today she deserves every accolade she get.

She slipped my mind because I forgot to download that set. Oversight fixed. Who's Sailor?

Don't feel like the Lone Ranger Sailor!! I was gonna say that I missed this girl also, only to discover that I HAVE her first two sets!!! WTF!! We must be smokin the same shit!!

(; !!!!!

For me she is the sole high point of the day!


She sure is cute!!!

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