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Very sweet pretty baby.
Sexy and shy.

Please, Albert V.,
Ennu is young, is "la joie de vivre".
For her, the set design must be of lights and colors,
effervescent as a bottle of champagne uncorked for a party.
No of flat lights and sad colors.

Ennu 10++
A.V. 7

Very sweet pretty baby.
Sexy and shy.

Please, Albert V.,
Ennu is young, is "la joie de vivre".
For her, the set design must be of lights and colors,
effervescent as a bottle of champagne uncorked for a party.
No of flat lights and sad colors.

Ennu 10++
A.V. 6

Am luving this model!! Super cute face, beautiful hair, and an absolutely sensational bubble butt. I sincerely hope Ennu becomes a regular here at MA.

I don't mind the stubble. I think it would look better if her hair down there were a bit longer & trimed more carefully around the lips, but I like bush. I like shaven too, but it's not best for every model. My preference is for a full-on shrubbery that's been expertly pruned & trimmed.

Ennu --what a fabulous looking young woman.

I adore her from head to toe, well, I mean toes. In addition to her cute face and lucious hair, and perfect breasts & nipples, Ennu has very pretty feet and hands.
Some of the other M-A models -- those with the ugly fake, glue-on "claws", and "turn-off" painted nails, sure could learn something from Ennu's "natural", manicured hands & feet.

Thanks, M-A, and Ennu, for making my day. And thanks also to the Aussie "Rags", for his misspelling as "EMU". That reminded my of my now, long-passed grandmother, who would take a nip of Aussie EMU SHERRY once in a while. She lived to 105.

rags is a chick, TedCan... ( ; But very much "one of the boys." ( :

YES!!! PLEASE!! May we have another...and another...and so on...??
One set per month would be GREAT!! This little sweetie has captured my heart! That gorgeous hair could just swallow me up!!!

I agree, rock, let's have her back every month (at least!)!
BTW, welcome back... do you have as fun a story for your "hiatus" as rags does?

Please open up that Vagina Please, Pretty Please, Pretty Please with sugar on it, Pretty Please with cream on it.

"And then put that sugar and cream on it and lay back and relax...."

Sorry dutch, I just had to carry that out one more digit...lol Great suggestion!!

Love Ennu but don't love stubble...stubble = itchy and I reckon Ennu thinks so too...it looks to me like the second half of this set were taken before the first as there seems to be more growth in the first half...perhaps she went away to scratch for a day or perhaps I'm paying too much attention to stubble?

Ennu is very pretty and so cute when she smiles. I love her long wavy hair, too. I agree with fer_realz, the stubble doesn't bother me and IMO she would look good with our without hair down there. My only hope was to see something different in that area on this set from the last set, but perhaps both sets were shot on the same day. Great new model, her youthful beauty and charm is always welcome here.

She looks like she still belongs in high school. It is hard to get aroused by such a pubescent girl. While most of the models do look young, many younger than 20, it reflects better on the club to choose models that reveal more maturity and experience.

What does the "T" stand for in MET?

Wulfie the "T" in MetArt stands for my "My Erotic Teens" as it was called when it 1st started over 11 years ago now i wont go into the history about the name change out of respect for the MetArt Staff you can look it up if you wish too hope this clears this up for you by the way i'm a female members just to let you know ok Cheers Wulfie enjoy your Saturday as its early Sunday morning here in Australia :(

Pretty sure it was supposed to mean Most Erotic Teen Art and the abbreviation was METArt and of course as you said the abbreviation came to have more meaning than the full name and they stopped using the "Most Erotic" bit some years ago.

My proof this old cover from way back when http://static.met-art.com/media/C85A32C826979BB606D196E1FC5BB053/cover_C85A32C826979BB606D196E1FC5BB053.jpg

go to the archives section last page 18 to see the original cover design as it has morphed a few times over the years.

also note if you look at an early cover the site name was at one time mosterotciteen.com

Another early cover pattern http://static.met-art.com/media/E0C6432EC7B5A4EB751813AAAF771296/cover_E0C6432EC7B5A4EB751813AAAF771296.jpg

I hate the lack of edit I meant to say that originally the name was "Most Erotic Teens" then at some point early on they added the "Art" and the "MET" making METART.

Sorry just the ramblings of a long term subscriber more or less since 2002.

Is that true rags??? That's very interesting... Knowledge is power. You have overpowered me... Hope yer butt's better...

I love her stubble, but I don't like her head hair in the way. Sure, it's beautiful, but this is a nude art site, not a hairstyling site.

Killer smile and a beautiful round bubble ass

Ennu's one of my favorite new models. IMHO, the whole picture is so stunning that the stubble's not distracting at all. In fact, like some other MA ladies, she makes it look good. ( :
I'd be perfectly happy if she decided to shave it for future sets ~ but I'd be just as happy if she lets it grow. Just as long as she keeps coming back for us. ( :

Hi Fer_realz mate gotta a agree with you the stubble is'nt a real distratication its only a few days growth but have to agree with you as for Emu A shaving for future sets its hides her love pinks labia lips had a few Fosters beers on your behalf for pulling my leg about you calling me mate cheers from Down Under (: (:

Ha ha! Rags, you always make me laugh! Glad you enjoyed the Foster's.... say, do they sell Spaten in Oz? It's a vunderful German beer. There's a dark one called Optimator that everyone loves, but their best is their Lager. It is soooooo good...

Albert Varin really showed Emu A's sexuality with this series loved her way her long hair hanging down over her breasts and vagina,labia lips whilst setting on the dressing tables per images 103-106 with lovely close up shots of her just showing her breasts and (unfornately that stupple) her labia lips and images 116-120 lying on the dressing table with Emu's legs up in the air showing her slender leg,labia lips are priceless shots just as the lovely close up of her cupping her breast long hair hanging down as per image 115 i have to agree with nihil regarding images 50,64,65,93 Emu A's totaly relaxed and content love her sexy derrier and the lovely close ups of her sweet face Emu A is very cute and sensual within her poses but i have to agree with hipshot131 as a female i love my vagina clean shaven everyday it tends to get ithchy after a while and the last thing i need is to scratch my Snatch while riding on my Harley Davidison can lead to an accident but this is not about me Emu A is one lovely model a lovely addition to MetArt miind you this is the 1st time i've seen her but still loved this series of her must check out her other series before passing some negative comments with this series of hers but Albert Varin captured very well would love to see Emu A in a movie they always show a models true assets Thank You MetArt for posting another great series :)

OOPS slight correction within my quirky Aussie spelling Its Ennu A not Emu A to much see too much wildlife roaming around my small outback desert town plus the desert heat does'nt much good to computer monitors after a while sorry guys

From the very first photo, it is clear this young lady called ennu is exceptionally beautiful and remarkably cute . This is the first time I have seen Ennu, but I am smitten. Each portrait of her beautiful face is perfectly magnificent. And such a lovely, trim fit nubile feminine figure, captivating!

You neiled it bub!! ;o)

Ennu is so beautiful but that stubble kills it for me. She has everything going for her but snuggling up to a 3 or 4 day old beard is just not stimulating in my book!

I know we have some who will drool over that but I will never understand why.

The best way to approach this issue hipshot, is to go in with a 4-5 day old beard yourself!! That way you'll never notice hers!! ;o) That IS awful yummy lookin!!

Sooooo yummy....

Ennu looks really uncomfortable in some of these photos - her expression in picture 32 for instance.

But when she smiles, oh wow, she is so cute! In pictures 50, 64 and 65 for example, she seems happy and relaxed, and in picture 93 she has such an adorable expression.

I don't know what to make of this. I like her as a model, but I wonder if she is happy doing this.

I know just what you mean nihil!! I thought her smile looked a bit forced in a few spots also. the hipshot might have the answer. 'been there-done that'...lol

Try shaving down there and let it grow for a couple of days and you will know why she looks uncomfortable!

Ennu is wonderful. Her smile melts my curmudgeonly heart, her pussy could easily become an obsession (damn the stubble, I'd dive right in!) In fact, there is nothing about this scrumptious lady that doesn't ring my chimes. Thank you, sweetheart.

I'm with ya all the way on this one sailor!! But then we've always had similar tastes for these girls ;o)

And we also both forgot seeing Ennu before!! lmao!!

Rock, I'm really worried about you, because I know how screwed up I am. : )

It's way too late to worry about me! But thanks....lol

P.S. I wanted to call particular attention to her beautiful derrière. Just LOOK and image 28! An instant classic.

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