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Ennu looks so edible!

I'm afraid I have to go with the shave it or don't crowd. Ennu is so cute and she has done enough sets like this I am sure she has heard it all before. I can't understand why she can't seem to get it right. Let it grow to 1/2" or so and I am sure it would be lovely but if your going to shave do it the day of the shoot or the night before. I would be more than willing to do it for her.

Ennu's pussy is very sexy with that little hairy look.

Just let it grow.

I LOVE Her beautiful long hair!!! Ennu is such a cutie! Her long hair, perky little titties, perfect little ass and shapely tone legs drive me wild!

dangerous cutenes overload. even her toes are cute

Why crop pics 82-84, and #86? I think Ennu's lower half is well worth the extra pixels.

I can't speak for the shooter, but when I crop a lady in one area, it's normally ONLY to fill more of the frame with the part of her I'm aiming at. No offense to the unseen portions of the model, just a shift of concentration. It's always a battle. If you always show the whole girl, then more of the frame is filled with background. Zoom in, lock onto a point of interest, and someone wishes you'd left in this or that bit you didn't. One nice thing about Met is how many shots we get and how much variety that allows for.

In the days of film, "crop" had a specific meaning. It meant that you were printing only part of the overall negative. Thus "croping" it. That is different from filling the frame/negative with an isolated part of the subject. My guess is Twisted is correct that most of our isolation shots result from the zoom capacity of the digital camera's and what we see is what that frame was complete. Some times with some artists over repetition it is obvious.

...this lady needs to shave or let it grow! all of her sets show her with 5-8 day stubble growth. wtf

Would love to see her nicely trimmed like Lorena B. Till then I will just have to use my imagination.

I'm with you - going one way or the other would be nice.

Definitely cute as a bug and with those bright eyes and infectious smile, Ennu is a great start to my morning. I really love her extra long wavy locks, too.

Small, sweet, adorable Lady Godiva.
I do not like long hair, I do not like very long hair, I do not like his hair uncombed.
But, of Ennu, I like even her hair, over her body to paint, and his smile that witch.

I always enjoy a visit from this petite powerhouse from Ukraine. Highlights for me are Ennu's lovely face, long wavy hair, brilliant smile, camel toe, and bubble butt.

Ennu's back, and I'm delighted. It's hard not to love a woman whose smile is that sweet and whose tush is that lovely.

Remember last time she had a set almost all the regulars jumped in. Of cours she is Ukrainian and a very playful one, at that. I would love to see a few dressed shots of her! I bet she would look even younger... She is a tiny package with beautiful hair. Reminds me a little of Milena. She is another of your girls who is also over on Sex and plays with herself well. I noticed that even here she is shall we say "creamy" she must get into the exhibitionist part. Alber must have shot a whole bunch at or near the same time as her stubble is consistent. Noticing the pattern of her stubble just think how that bush would look if natural. It might hide her cute lower lips. Now that Milena is groomed do we really have a "current" Bush Girl. rags this would be another perfect one for the drive-in or up behind you on your Harley. That reminds me of something. When we were in Key West a couple of years ago the shops had T-Shirts which read "If you can read this the bitch fell off. My better half made me stay outside while she went in and played dyke. She demanded one that said, "If you can read this, I lost the prick..." I would never loss this one of the back, "I guarantee it." to quote another old fart. By the way Jonathan announced yesterday that in the early 2014 a major update is coming to Sex and implied the other sites would also. Albert does a good job with her but I would love to see what Delta or Catherine could come up with for her. On Sex the crowd wants a APF and Andrej video. Hell I would take any video to see her move... Final thought, big soccer game Monday in England, Arsenal vs. Chelsa for first place in the Premier League.

I really can't complain about the good job Albert does, but like you I often wonder how models would appear through DeltaGamma's lens, and in this case you bring up Catherine, which also stirs my curiosity.

As for her hair, so long and beautiful, I would have to think that if she grew out her "other" hair, it would be just as lush and full. I would like to see her go one way or the other in her next set. Ennu invokes many similarities to Milena, as you point out. (Ennu, that is a compliment.)

As you have noted I may have been a little silly at 3:00AM but I was in no way complaining about Albert or Ennu. Loyalty is a true virtue and if that is why Ennu stays exclusive, Albert also shoots her for Sex, then I applaud her. Her being very young in some ways, probably more on Sex then here, she reminds me of Caprice. With Caprice we have got so many different looks, Erro, Luca, Koenart, Andrej, Don C., and even most recently Deltagamma. Caprice was also petite and tiny, she played well with everyone. Of course Caprice is a Czech and not Ukrainian so maybe that is part of it. I think Ennu has a big future here in the Met family. I hope this explains my view of her.

When rags wakes up, down under, I will be glad to see a woman's view of Ennu's set today. And hopefully many more...

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