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Even her stubbly armpits are sexy!

Don't shave, like it natural, always girls with no hair, out there and friends most girls have hair now or a landing strip, shaving completly is going out of style again, lovely girl.

Ennu is so cute! It's always nice to see her extra-long hair and her fuzzy muff.

Please please dont shave...just seeing the pic makes me feel the rough hair on my face...the best ass to lick

Ennu is very natural with her pretty face, slender sexy body, nice long hair, and that wet pussy with hair.

Although I don't like it, I can handle a hairy bush every once in a while, but 3 unshaven models in 1 day is too much

Awww, pobrecíto- life is rough isn't it? Imagine being subjected to three cute young girls who haven't shaved. What an injustice!

(BTW I wish metlover's displeasure would translate into to ME getting to indulge in Ennu's sweet wetness. Now that would be justice!)

I'd say 95% of today's nude models are shaven, so quit your complaining!!!!!!!!!

Now we've got 6 photosets of Ennu and we can admire her shaved, trimmed and bushy.

That's it!

Variatio delectat!

Titilating!! The pubic hairs stress the impression of total nakedness!

This is a very pleasant collaboration between Ennu and Albert; thank you both.

not the prettiest girl around - but one of the cutest.

Welcome back sweet, little, adorable Lady Godiva.
Welcome back with your starry eyes, the smile from kissingcurls and mischievous curls.
Welcome back with your naked body caressing that opens, without secrets, to offer, all your sweetness of a young woman.

please, please shave

... sometimes only!

Ennu is so cute—the adorable little-girl smile, the perky breasts, the abundant hair—that she poses a danger of a sugar high or maybe even a risk of diabetes. Thankfully, the sweetness is leavened by some serious eroticism. Hers is one of MetArt's finer bottoms, and the dollop of "passion juice" in her pussy in image 99 seals the deal. This is a sensual, beautiful woman, not a Barbie doll. But damn, she's sweet!

Shave it off! Now she is a very beautiful girl and has a delectable pussy. She really needs to show off every curve of her lovely pinkness and the best way to do that is without muff. Can you imagine what #102 would look like with a bald pussy on show?!

Can you imagine what that shot would look like if it were focused where it SHOULD BE!!!

Cry me a river.

Piss up a rope.


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