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I can imagine lying with ennu on that fur-skin rug!! Oh my, how cozy that would be. I cannot take my eyes off of #12 nor stop imagining myself there......

See what I mean, Doug --

You've got all the Neaderthals all stirred up.

Yesterday when I tried to bake a cake at my friend's house tomorrow, the flour did not cooperate with the eggs. Stirring prior to presence is problematic.

Best riposte yet...

The rust orange is just enough color with the browns of floor and fur. They do well for the skin tone of our artist's subject.

13, 17, and 23 went promptly to the "mons" folder.

Contrast provided by hair perfectly distinguishes mons from skin behind. (fabric, lighting, and a contrasting background can sometimes do the same.) To me, this is one of the most compelling of curves.

YO! PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS! Please add these 3 images to the pose book.

Ennu is such a cutie, love her fuzzy kitten.

I'd sure like to pet it and make it purr. ( :

Such a young looking doll. So beautiful in every way. And of course how could I not mention her lovely pubes.

love the Hair !!!!!!!!!!!

With her lovely eyes & winning smile Ennu is a real beauty.

Wonderfully unshaven & highly erotic...gorgeous babe

Ennu is such a cutie. If she would just trim the hair from her butt and thighs she would be perfect!

Not the sort of thing that I usually notice. Background lighting or the color of a couch can distress me more. However, upon close inspection, I agree. A different trim could flatter more. (I might put the exclamation after the thighs.)

For once, I disagree, Magwich. I can't exactly say what I find attractive about that hair, except that it looks very fine and soft to me.
IMHO for some reason it doesn't detract a bit from what lies beneath. ( :

At least off the inner thighs. And since what we're asking her to do might be a little difficult, I volunteer my services. But I warn you, she will probably be a little late for the next photo shoot. ;)
Love this set; great facials (she's a sweetheart), awesome butt shots (never too many of those) and plenty of close ups of that sweet pussy. #13 is spectacular. Love how it shows the "mound", it's perfect. Now I guess I should try and do something constructive today. The other girls will have to wait.
Thanks Ennu and Albert for the great distraction!

Hip, I second that opinion. Trim from the bottom of the vaginal opening down. Lorena B is a perfect example. This is my personal preference and not a reflection on Ennu or any of the other ladies that like to leave it natural. Just less appealing to me with hair on the inner thighs, butt cheeks and around the anus. Let the rest grow.

Such a cute little girl ~ such a stunningly sexy woman. Wow. Ennu gets my motor running!

So cute :)

Adorable as always!

Beautiful woman, luxuriant pubes; I am pleased.

Thank you to both Ennu and Albert.

so fine wish she was mine

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