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I can imagine lying with ennu on that fur-skin rug!! Oh my, how cozy that would be. I cannot take my eyes off of #12 nor stop imagining myself there......

See what I mean, Doug --

You've got all the Neaderthals all stirred up.

Yesterday when I tried to bake a cake at my friend's house tomorrow, the flour did not cooperate with the eggs. Stirring prior to presence is problematic.

Best riposte yet...

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

I haven't looked at this set yet!
But I must say it looks promising.
Definitely striking some primal chords :-)
She appears to be a quite modern homo sapiens, with some appreciation of her "sexual" hair...
I'm sure we ain't the only ones here who share that...
Including with any Neanderthals in the audience... :-)

The rust orange is just enough color with the browns of floor and fur. They do well for the skin tone of our artist's subject.

13, 17, and 23 went promptly to the "mons" folder.

Contrast provided by hair perfectly distinguishes mons from skin behind. (fabric, lighting, and a contrasting background can sometimes do the same.) To me, this is one of the most compelling of curves.

YO! PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS! Please add these 3 images to the pose book.

Ennu is such a cutie, love her fuzzy kitten.

I'd sure like to pet it and make it purr. ( :

Such a young looking doll. So beautiful in every way. And of course how could I not mention her lovely pubes.

love the Hair !!!!!!!!!!!

With her lovely eyes & winning smile Ennu is a real beauty.

Wonderfully unshaven & highly erotic...gorgeous babe

Ennu is such a cutie. If she would just trim the hair from her butt and thighs she would be perfect!

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Imperfect, rather!
That hair is part of a whole...
And certainly not gross...
In my humble opinion of course :-)
She's a lady. Ladies have hair.
Not the same as guys, but...

IOW, the pattern is distinctly feminine. That's why it appeals...

Not the sort of thing that I usually notice. Background lighting or the color of a couch can distress me more. However, upon close inspection, I agree. A different trim could flatter more. (I might put the exclamation after the thighs.)

For once, I disagree, Magwich. I can't exactly say what I find attractive about that hair, except that it looks very fine and soft to me.
IMHO for some reason it doesn't detract a bit from what lies beneath. ( :

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

See my comment above.

I'm pretty sure a lot of these guys feel this way because they are so used to shaved.

The natural and normal pattern is too much for them, just like water temp can be too much until you get used to it.

The ladies should not be knocking themselves out trying to cater to men's finicky tastes.

Take it or leave it, they ought to say.

It will be taken :-)

Just wait till we see some full-blown bushes here... :-))))

I guess if we get there gradually it won't be too much of a shock :-)

But I wouldn't bet on it! :-)

Oh, there's some full-grown bushes in the archives, Doug... ( :

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

I've seen a few.
I guess I'm talkin' about current-day full bushes.
There was 1 last summer that excited a lot of people, but we never saw it again.
Of course some guys were grossed out, even though the babe was quite attractive.
It's like they'd never seen a girl's bush.
That's why I believe it's a matter of what you are used to seeing.
I suppose someone might have an innate aversion to body hair, but here on MetArt I think it's more of a cultural thing.
So, IOW, they could learn to luv it (again :-)

There's a lot of misinformation centered particularly around cleanliness about pubic hair. Which biases people against it.
My pet theory was that in the age of AIDS something had to go -- pubic hair was the symbolic scapegoat. Also, shaving it must have served as a token of seeming clean and disease-free.
Bum rap that a whole generation has laid on pubic hair, not unlike armpit hair previously.
It's their loss. Some will learn better.
Of course that bias has spread to older folks too, as is abundantly clear on this site :-)

My personal opinion on the "shaved" fad is twofold.
1) When some models started doing it, it was seen as novel and risque. I remember seeing some porn mags back in the late 80's/early 90's whose selling point was all their models were shaved or would shave for the mags.
2) I think the original impetus for it was some guys' fixation on young and young looking models. No hair looks younger than hairy. So some photographers/producers paid models extra to appear shaved, and the craze took off when 1) happened.
At any rate, while I don't favor one over the other, I can certainly sympathize with those who prefer shaved.
Incidentally, one positive ramification of the shaved fad is that, (according to at least one story I read online) apparently nowadays "crabs" are virtually nonexistent in the American population. Apparently with no habitat within which to grow, they have practically gone extinct. ( :

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

As I've said before, I'll take my chances with the crabs (which I don't believe were a major problem to begin with, at least when this fad took off :-)
I recall seeing a porn film back in the seventies that had one shaved chick; the friend sitting next to me thought she was bare because she was so young! :-)
I was just saying on Pinnate (Kristel) that I like the realness of hairy -- the hair is supposed to be there. (Otherwise it wouldn't be.)
And the way that hairy pussy contrasts with the beautiful innocent-looking face and upper body is...
...well, for me, extremely hot. The most erotic thing I can think of.
That's why I love body hair on girls and women. It's the combination of childlike-ness and maturity that gets me.
Aesthetically, I'm with the folks who think women's nether region is made funny-looking when bereft of its hair. Some have pointed out the odd beakedness of the clit and lips, which seem to stick out too far when not surrounded by fur.
The hair gives the area substance -- it is an adornment.
Could go on and on... :-)

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

...the combination of angel and animal... :-)

One might speculate less about the source of guys' hair feelings and use the time saved to invent a hair thermometer.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

A hair thermometer -- that's what we need!
It could be like what companies use to test reactions to their products -- a hot button that jumps at the sight of sexy hair...

Some of these guys of course have the exact opposite reaction :-)

I still think it's more indoctrinated than innate.

At least off the inner thighs. And since what we're asking her to do might be a little difficult, I volunteer my services. But I warn you, she will probably be a little late for the next photo shoot. ;)
Love this set; great facials (she's a sweetheart), awesome butt shots (never too many of those) and plenty of close ups of that sweet pussy. #13 is spectacular. Love how it shows the "mound", it's perfect. Now I guess I should try and do something constructive today. The other girls will have to wait.
Thanks Ennu and Albert for the great distraction!

Hip, I second that opinion. Trim from the bottom of the vaginal opening down. Lorena B is a perfect example. This is my personal preference and not a reflection on Ennu or any of the other ladies that like to leave it natural. Just less appealing to me with hair on the inner thighs, butt cheeks and around the anus. Let the rest grow.

Such a cute little girl ~ such a stunningly sexy woman. Wow. Ennu gets my motor running!

So cute :)

Adorable as always!

Beautiful woman, luxuriant pubes; I am pleased.

Thank you to both Ennu and Albert.

so fine wish she was mine

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