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Adorable model and excellent photography. Well done!

Receeding hairlines (and minds),plain allopecia (baldness) ,and pathetic frailty band together against bushlovers!Nice fight!

Hair is back!


The seller

Since everyone else has had their say --

Shave it !

lol ;o)

It seems like Ennu's sets keep getting better. She pegs out the cuteness meter on my monitor. And when she smiles, she is even cuter.

Since it seems to be a topic of much discussion, I've got no problem with Ennu's uniformly trimmed nether hair style. As long as I get to see her without clothes on, however she wants to keep her pubes is fine with me. Talk about it all you want, but I think she is going to groom herself however the hell she wants, regardless of what is said in some comments section on a web site. Why not just enjoy her the way she is!

Perfect set of erotic photographs!

Great setting, great poses, and a beautiful, smiling babe with gorgeous, feminine hair everywhere.

Many thanks, Ennu and Albert.

My scoring system.

Hairy, neatly trimmed pussies (even with some butt hair): +2
Bare pussies: 0
"Bear" pussies (wild, scary hairy pussies, blatantly hairy legs): -1

I don't prefer a prepubescent-style pussy, but even less a Yeti/yak appearance.

Personally, I like natural (Ennu is a great example) , and I like clean shaven (Michaela Isizzu is a perfect example today). Variety is a plus for me. Stubble, or "patches" (like a pussy mustache) are my only real turn offs.

Variety works for me. I like seeing a woman in both states for a nice comparison.

What a shame you weren't bright enough to see on the main page, before you opened the set, that she had some pubic hair.

Or do you just feel a need to complain? There are some of us that happen to like these kind of models and wish MA would show more of them. Luckily today we were given 2 models with pubes.

If that's not your taste, fine, just move on and don't even open their sets.

Furthermore, and I admit I could be wrong about this, but... I believe Ennu has never had a set where her pubes were not untrimmed.

You are! ;)))

Check out Senco, 08/13/2013

Well, there ya go, looks like my menu tonight is my own words, medium rare. LOL

  • 2 years ago:

So adorable!

Don't listen to the nature haters. Not every girl has to be bald like a baby.


  • 2 years ago:

I agree completely. Such a sweet fuzzy bunny.

If I found this fuzzy bunny in my Easter Basket, I'd even start celebrating Easter again! LOL

THINGS I LOVED ABOUT THIS SET: The model has that intoxicating blend of cute and innocent with hot and irresistible, light is soft with lots of skin tonal range, deliciously delightful posing, happy energy.


  • 2 years ago:

Yeah, not sure what it is about this set, but she's incredibly cute in this one.

Hear hear! I hope Ennu comes back again and again!

Ennu is a perfectly beautiful little angel. Truly a wonderful treat for an old man's eyes. She is young and sweet and so very precious.

Ennu... pure, sheer, delicious sexy fun from the girl next door. Some guys call their faves automatic downloads; Ennu is as close as gets to an automatic 10 for me. Super happy to see this set tonight. ( :

This petite goddess really turn me on.

Ennu = instant download; and boy am I glad I did.

Bless you Ennu, thank you Albert.

Ennu is a darling young thing and it's hard to fault such a cute little pixy but I am really not a fan of hairy butts and that makes it tough to get really wound up over this set. I could fall for this little porcelain doll in a heartbeat if she would shave or wax those thighs and her butt but there are limits to my hair tolerance. When bereft of hair those labia both large and small are totally awesome.

The debate will continue... bare, trimmed, waxed, lasered, unshaven....
I look at it this way, Women grace us on this site with their sensual bodies and soft curves. Most are courageous enough to display every gorgeous inch of their supple form. To me, it matters not whether they have cropped or not, but how they present their "talents" to the camera.

All of the MetArt women are amazing in their own way and I will continue to marvel at their very personal and individual attributes!


Why can't we simply respect the model's personal choice regarding her intimate grooming? The young woman is revealing her personal vision of feminine beauty. Whether she is natural, trimmed or fully shaved and waxed, it is her personal concept of beauty. I prefer to admire and appreciate her overall beauty.

There's no reason why you should confuse expressing an opinion with not respecting a "model's personal choice" - they're not mutually exclusive. Saying "I wish she'd shave" is not the same as "It's wrong that she doesn't shave". (On the other hand, saying that there's some inherent "truth" in not shaving is patently ridiculous.)

Similarly, my comment is not intended as an attack on your right to express your opinion. :)

I thought my browser accidently took me to the National Geographic site... ;o)

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