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Need a lot more of this baby-doll!!!

Beautiful exciting girl. Fantastic body. Poor quality photos! Overexposed and blurry!

Erica = PERFECTION. Enough said.

Why so many poorly focused, overexposed, backlit and overexposed shots. Good god almighty. Who needs Photoshop when you can blur your model's attributes with camera shake?

When an audience is distracted from appreciating an obviously gorgeous model by some photographer's dubious camera technique one can conclude that the photographer is NOT an artist, notwithstanding his beliefs or assertions.

I wish you had had better depth of field Matiss.

In closer review of the Photos Matise you shot when there was way too much sun. Even Erica needed to have her eyes closed. You need to do another set with Erica to do her and you justice. I'm always excited when I see the name Matiss on photo set. I guess even the great ones have a bad day sometimes.

You call THIS set a "bad day" ??

So beautiful! So feminine!

Just heavenly beauty, Erica.

Gorgeous photography, too.

Awesome set.

Just awesome!


Keep on bringing such gorgeous girls MetArt! :D

By the way, the setting is breathtaking.

I love seeing the sunshine beaming down on a beautiful bare ass

Pic 52 is an amazing example.

What a shot!

I don't think I have ever wanted to be a butterfly.
Thank you Erica B and Matiss.

Harsh light but the sight of Erica's luscious rear more than makes up for the technical shortcomings. Great debut.

The first thing I noticed about lovely Erica was her smile; and then how often she was squinting. Maybe the next time Matiss will position her better, or the day will be overcast, or the set will be shot indoors, or . . . I hope we see Erica's camel toe, love handles, great derriere and downy hair regularly for quite some time. Welcome Erica and thank you Matiss.

Erica is a firm favourite from the her debut set. Erica seems to be quite comfortable in front of the camera and it shows in a great set of pictures. I like the lighting and poses in this set. More Erica soon please.

Welcome gorgeous Erica! You are ravishingly lovely, with your pretty face, perfect breasts, and that luscious smooth, sweet pussy. Those butterflies are really nifty! Come back soon xx

In her debut set for MetArt, the delectable Erica emerges victorious from an extraneous flock of fake butterflies. Like all good Ukrainian lasses she is beautiful and desirable, with a pussy and tush that are the stuff of dreams. Come back soon, angel.

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