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Thank you for sharing your incredible beauty, Erica.

Your smile warms the heart!

What a phenomenal woman! Perfect down to the ground—which, as it happens, we see more clearly than we see Erica in this set. Matiss is still stuck outdoors here, the f-stop on his camera apparently broken. So we get our young beauty overexposed in virtually every shot, and squinting into the sun in the closeups. With a better photographer this set is an easy 10. With Matiss, 9 tops.

very sexy hairy back, more of her!

I gave Rylsky my top 15 list the other day and I'm afraid I need to revise it to include Erica B.
Erica's a beautiful woman and I hope she is around here for a long time.

I like outdoor sets, I know, I know....I'm in the minority here:) I think this set may be even better than her last one.

Great job Matiss, thank you for bringing Erica to me:)

Hello Baggy36Pants,

We actually are not censoring Rylsky's comments at all. Whether or not he chooses to reply to certain members (or at all) is his personal choice.

I believe the same if a member wishes to cancel a membership based on our comments section, their choice. Our team has had a long debate about the censoring of some comments that some of us may find annoying or disrespectful. We all agree that everyone should have a voice. Of course we hope that our photos and models spark an intellectual exchange, some members do not seem to be capable of this. Honestly I count on the fact that almost no one agrees with their nonsense and will promptly say so in rebuttal.

I will say we do delete ads, spam, as well as people trying to divulge personal information about any of our contributors that invades their privacy.

I hope this answers some of the questions I see presented here. All members should feel free to comment here or email directly at comments@metart.com.

Sorry to everyone for copying this here except I think we all should see it, and I it was pretty buried in yesterday's "Knigt" set. Browning, I got crosswise with a member over at Sex's comment section and did get a direct email from the powers to be. How they dealt with it gave me some personal insight about their attitude on our comment sections. I drew from that when I did my last post yesterday on the issue. (To K, if Browning ask for my personal email give it to her/him. May be presumptuous, but fell free if you want, Browning)

Don't mean to butt in, swp, but now you have me curious as to what the philosophy on the comment section really is.

kilroy, I would say this quote pretty well states it. " Of course we hope that our photos and models spark an intellectual exchange, some members do not seem to be capable of this. My personal view based on both public and private exchanges with the power to be is that they are pretty happy to some regulars like you and my self confessed band of old farts have attempt to make this experiment work, a minimally monitored open forum was a risk, and how we have taken it is.was far above their original expectations. Primarily because of the sense of community, and intelligence most of us have striven for, the fact we now have regular replies from the artists says a lot.i.e. we are not wasting their valuable time. For them, the powers to be, we are no longer a faceless mass. I have no idea of the total number of commentators here compared to the total membership, but those who do comment are probably a good cross section which gives them insight into our wants... I hope I interpreted your question correctly and this helps, and any time you add your thoughts it is not "butting in", Thanks...

swplf2, you are a gentleman for trying to get this resolved peacefully. Thank you for your efforts:)

Thank you swpfl2. I also received this email from "K". Even though I'm still a little confused about Rylsky's original comment, I accept K's answer.
After all, the only that matters is that no one is being censored.

It was never my intent to cause problems, I only wanted to make certain that Rylsky was not being told to stop commenting because a few people were threatening to cancel their subscription if he continued to do so (that is what Rylsky mentioned when this topic was brought up under Virginia Sun's latest set).

Thank you again swplf2 and to "K" also.

What a day! 4 for 4 today. 4 lovely women with perfect bodies and truly beautiful faces. I do wish Matiss would bring this lovely flower inside where we can get some properly exposed shots of her. These overly bright washed out photos are getting old and they don't do this wonderful model justice!

Agreed... bring her inside (please) Matiss!

Beautiful Erica, you are so pretty, eyes that any anyone would get lost in. What a great pair of boobs, in fact they are quite perfect in my opinion. Great to see you back on Met, come back soon.

Beautiful Erica. What can I say? How about she has a beautiful smile, lovely eyes, downy hair, love handles, a camel toe or fuzzy apricot depending on the pose. In summation; a really attractive young woman! Still outdoors which is fine, at least she was not forced to squint as often as in her last set. Thank yhou Erica, thank you Matiss.

Fuzzy apricot, I have not heard that before, lol.

Or, perhaps, peach? I've always loved peaches. Yummm....

Fuzzy peach is the usual caption. I decided to change things up a bit and substituted apricot when I viewed # 55.

Great to see Erica back so soon, she should make an appearance or 2 here every month.

Mesmerizing loveliness! What a gorgeous face.

Erica is an amazing looking woman.

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