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Image 98 - There is an ANT on her snatch

Erica is so sweet, deed a lot more please.

The jeans look good when they are on. The model looks good with them off. I am not sure why we are seeing the jeans when they are off.

Photo 132, there can't be a better photo of something so scrumptious!!!
That photo will keep you going all day!!

Overall mediocre photo quality due to over exposure caused by the bright sunlight on that pale skin but the intimate closeups are mouthwatering! I love the way her vagina appears to have a little pink tongue of it's own. I think the model could be much better indoors with proper lighting. Putting these light skinned girls outdoors on bright sunlit days never works.

It's a rare treat when a girl's pussy opens up like that, lucky for us! Making it even better is how delicious Erica looks. Yeah outdoor sets do have their problems, but how can you argue with these very exciting pictures?

i agree with Alissa as well, I enjoyed Erica's other sets but this one was the best with the beautiful pussy shots. Erica's body is amazing but especially that pussy and her ass !

I have to second Alyssa's comment....

I wish I was that ant in #98!

I wish outdoor shoots were against the law... They really bug me!

Erica B is very lovely girl, and the only thing missing is that I would have kept her under the trees to keep her dappled with shadow. It would not only look better, but her skin is so pale she needs to give it more definition in some shots. Those are VERY nice jeans, by the way.And I understand that two tone hair is fashionable in eastern Europe. Iveta B and Danae both do it over on EA.

OH. MY. GOD!!! This girl is really something else! And what a shoot! Just when I thought we had seen the last of the close-up wet pussy shots on Met, Matiss goes and pulls this masterpiece out the bag! Simply delicious! I am in awe right now! 8D

A tasty looking pussy and delicious looking ass with a starfish worth a tongue bath!

Perfect pussy...TOTALLY kissable!

Spectacular model...mediocre set.

Erica really does it for me. Her face, her body, her posing - all delightful. And shots like #134 and #135 are delicious.

Here's our beautiful Erica once again overexposed and squinting in the sun. It's not that she isn't gorgeous in this set; Erica could make a passport photo sexy. But she could be presented so much better! I'd really like to see what Rylsky or Catherine or Luca Helios could do with her.

My oh my, Erica is so beautiful!

#78 and others make me write "stick out your tongue and say ahh".

Outstanding set of Erica pictures. Erica looks as beautiful as always and is now a firm favourite of mine. Well done Matiss and Erica.

This girl is really pretty

The seller

Thank you Matiss for bringing us another extremely nice set of this remarkably beautiful woman.

IMO, Erica is most definitely one of the top models on Met Art.
She came on to the scene just a few months ago, she quickly jumped into the top 25, and has pretty much remained there (or steadily climbed higher) ever since.

If Erica continues to model I think she might become one of Met Art's consistently top rated models for a long, long, time to come.
If Matiss could get a few indoor sets of her, I think the sky's the limit on her potential.

Even though this is another outdoor set (which I prefer) of Erica, I predict it will be quite popular today:)

Excellent work Matiss and Erica!

A top model indeed!

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