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Great work Matiss.... love the shots of her arse in the swim suit ... next time talk her into open those butt cheeks to show off her Anus LBL

I would like to see this nice young lady in a great studio set!

I like the swimsuit, the splash of color was a nice touch. Did anyone else notice that it has snaps in the crotch for easy access? Having said that I really hate beach sets though at least this beach has no sand so is not so bad.

The reason why many of us dislike the outdoor sets is two fold, 1 harsh glaring light that make the models squint and tend to overexpose and wash out the photos, and 2 outdoor set tend to restrict the models posing choices and in general are far less revealing and certainly less intimate.

I agree 100%, hipshot.

Outdoor sets are incredibly restrictive and somewhat "sterile".

They totally lack the sense of intimacy found in the boudoir.

hipshot, I absolutely agree with you on the reasons why I often dislike outdoor sets. Notice I didn't say always. There are many outdoor sets that do not exhibit these characteristics.

Incredible beauty and awesome tits. More please!

Very beautiful, sensual, and sexy model. Love Erica B's smile. Fantastic body. 10+. One of the best models on Met. Excellent set.

Excellent photography except for the crooked camera angles. Hate those crooked angle shots because I have to rotate them straight to enjoy them. Matiss, next time shoot all your pictures like you did on the first few shots.

Overall, a 10+ set.

So, then this happened.

...then, this comment happened.

Would I be thrilled to run into Erica on this beach? Yes indeed, especially if she had that bizzare bathing suit off. A few shots of her on the beach would have been fine as an intro to some other location for the photo shoot. I agree with the playful shots taken by boyfriend comment. Not very erotic, despite her nearly perfect body and beautiful face. Too bad.

Actually, that's a teddy, not a bathing suit. Look closely at the crotch in the close up shots and you'll see the button closing.
Actually, if it were a bathing suit, it would cause a riot on any American beach... not so much when she's walking toward someone, but when they catch a glimpse of the see-through fabric in back! That was a nice little surprise. ( :

A disaster. Photoshop destroys a serie that could be so good
This is not my day on Met art ... lets wait tomorrow ....
MIC00083, a member since a long time ...

My ignorance of the verb created from the noun "Photoshop" is complete and total. Other than possession of a credit card, this seems to be my best asset for appreciating this site.

I think Erica is a gorgeous woman, but I hope this is the last of this series Matiss shot of Erica that day at the beach.
It's my guess that if Matiss doesn't have more work of Erica at another location (or better yet indoors), her ratings will begin to plummet.

I think Erica has fashion model beauty. She is tall enough and a physically beautiful woman in every way.
IMO, if she hasn't done any fashion modeling to date, it can only be that she hasn't been "discovered" yet.

I still like this set quite a bit....but not as much as her previous sets.
It seems to me that all of her work so far has been shot during the same photo session (and all Mattiss did was move her around the same general area and take photos of her with a different background).

I offer myself as a low pay apprentice to our photographer for the chance to acquire the ability to achieve 5 photosets like this in one day. Met Art has my permission to convey my email to our artist should he (?) request it.

My Black Sea geographical and botanical expertise is such that I can't comment on the likelihood of oak and birch (or is that poplar) growing in proximity to salt water.

I would like to request a photoshoot with a view of Lake Baikal. Also in the mountains around Almaty, supposedly the origin of the apple.

I'm a big fan of Erica and Matiss....and I personally like outdoor sets, especially those with a lot of color (Erica's previous set is a rather good example of this as are several of Violla's).

What concerns me is that many people have said how much they dislike outdoor sets and I worry this will eventually have an effect of whether we see more from her.....and I would like to see Erica stick around here for a long, long, time.

As I stated in my original post, I think she is a gorgeous woman....top fashion model type (if she chooses to do so).

P.S., my only complaint is that I would like to see her in a photo set where she doesn't have to squint.

Browning, I don't think that it will ever happen where outdoor sets will be diminished over member comments. There are far too many of them and I'd imagine that there may be hundreds still in "K's" vault waiting to post. My dislike is not absolute and is mild, and due to the stereotypical conditions such that hipshot mentions. When those conditions do not exist, as in many cases, I have no issues. You mentioned Erica's squinting, which is precisely one of the problems that can happen.

Outdoor settings can provide distinct advantages with unique and/or scenic backdrops that offers much more variety and possibilities of themes to a shoot. To take that away would be a travesty. It's certainly not what I want.

Does she have a vagina? Beach scenes always bug me because we all know what trying to have sex on the beach is like, sand in your mouth, on your crotch, between her legs? Boring set, did nothing for me.

This important question led to some intensive detectoring. The conclusion: the intra labial opening in 126 actually leads to the new secret entrance to The Pit of Despair. Prior to preparing to die at the hands of Inigo Montoya, The Six Fingered Man realized we had all discovered the tree and needed a new door. Since he also provided for an emergency back route, there is no reason to get a wedgie worrying about sand.

I thought it was the six million dollar man ;-)

Erica is a very pretty young woman. I think she has made better sets in the past. This set looks like she and her "boyfriend" were playing with the camera and taking some naughty shots, while on vacation. This set has that nice easygoing and playful air about it. Nice and entertaining.

This is a very nice beach location, presumably on the Black Sea. I wonder if it is in Ukraine or in Russia. I suspect it was in Ukraine when the shoot was done, but it is in Russia now. Notice the pebbles and gravel on the beach. The Black Sea is only about ten thousand years old, far too new to create soft powdery sand.

How is this model a Top 10 on Met Art ?

What am I missing here ?

I just don't see it.

She wouldn't make my Top 100.

Go back to 06 January set. Unfortunately outdoors, but look at the shot from 90 to 100, and her popularity will make more sense. Inviting wet vagina, who could ask for more? If you're still not impressed, then MetArt may be a waste of your money.

That said, get this girl with another photographer indoors, she deserves better.

RedPilot, I checked the January 6th set and while it's better than this one, I have to be honest with you, not even the slightest tingle. She just doesn't do it for me.

I would like to correct one thing in my original post.

I have 139 models saved in My Met (several of whom haven't appeared on MetArt in years) and she isn't one of them so it would be safe to say she wouldn't make my Top 139.


I'm thinking the face of this model is not irrelevant.

Another very pleasant visit from lovely Erica!

# 102 triggered my vertigo, or maybe it was the cumulative effect of so many images of Erica.

Apart from the washed out look of all his photos, it seems that this photographer is unable to shoot pictures that are LEVEL. That is my rant re. Matiss

I think Matiss dropped the camera while taking #102.

A beautiful atmosphere - imagine being alone with her on this sunny beach. Her nipples and especially her soft slit are breathtaking!

Oh my. Yes.

A comely coordination of color to surround our vision of a model.

Many examples of the benefits of the horizontal landscape.

More could have be achieved with the unzipping with different angles of the camera or model.

Our model's feature's are better flattered with the extra color.

I'd be happy with continued well done outdoor sets. But how about a tent pavilion with piles of pillows?

Me two for the tent pavilion with piles of pillows.

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