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Excellent set of photos of Erica. I like the theme, but then again....Erica would look good modeling a garbage bag:)

Shaved or not shaved? Funny debate here. My impression is that in the nude industry from softcore to hardcore, it is absolutely necessary to be unshaven since it has become a standard.
Another standard is that men ejaculate on women's faces and that this is regarded as the "normal" finish of sexual intercourse in porn. Women are supposed to like that and moan satisfied.
There are certain differences to real life, though. Girls and women who do not want to earn their money being nude models in soft- or hardcore (despite ten thousands of females in the industry the non-models are a vast majority) are in the majority NOT completely shaved down there. Many of them are trimmed, but not all-shaven. And an even larger majority of them do not want to get their lovers sperm in their faces.
This is the industry, even on this site and the girls try to make some money in it. Some of them have done hardcore to and in those features pretended that they get aroused by cum on their faces.
That doesn't mean, they like it.

One of the presents I gave to myself on my 18th birthday a month past 39 years ago was to go see a XXX movie at the local adult theater. Oddly, where I live, at that time the only theater that ran them (only one(s) that ever did in the area) were always outdoor drive-in theaters, which was odd because here in the "deep South" of America, local sheriffs were always going after such things (closed down video rental stores that rented XXX tapes repeatedly, too, in the 80s and 90s). What was odd about it was that unlike a regular theater, anyone driving down the road could catch a glimpse of the movie, including kids in the car. There were also places you could park to watch the movies until cops ran you off...

Anyway, from that day forward, one thing I never COULD understand was that the guys almost always pulled out and came on the gals' faces, and in most cases the gals acted like they liked it. I never could (nor can I still) imagine why. The question "spit, or swallow?" is a much more reasonable question to ask a woman than "how much do you like it when I come on your face?" in my opinion (in fact, I was once in an adult chat room on AOL -- more "supposed, anyway" women in there than men, and someone asked the "spit or swallow" question and one of the "women" said "EWWWWWW!" and ALL the other gals ganged up on her, said she was obviously underage, and told her to LEAVE the chat room!

As for the shaved question, however, I LOVE "nude" women. I think we should all do as much as possible to be as hairless as possible in erotic areas, and I regularly trim my own genital area, even if the only one playing around down there is ME! :)

As for Erica... OMG! I'd been a non-subscriber since July 2013 until a week or two ago, as when my last yearly ran out I was getting a bit disillusioned with the quality of both the photography and the models. Even though I'm NOT a big fan of large breasts, however, she has me ENTRANCED... I'm actually considering upgrading my current, new, month-to-month membership to a LIFETIME after the posting just made today (1-19-2015). It actually made me believe there are Greek Goddesses walking the Earth! I haven't been this taken with a Met-Art model since the glory days of Iveta B (and I have ALL her sets and movies saved on my hard drive). About to follow suit with Erica, although it appears these earlier sets AREN'T up to the same standard as the one posted today (neither were Iveta's earlier sets, but I saved them all, nonetheless).

Sorry guys, I meant the standard is to have not a single pubic hair, of course.

I agree Josh65, good post.

# 37.... just, wow.

I agree:-) WOW, just WOW!

Wow!does this hairy thing really need the content manager giving a piece of advice?there have been other funny agitators here like Rockhard or old
assholes still posting nowadays.We need them,let them be.Without them this,lets say "fórum" would be plain boring.By the way:

Hair is back


The seller

"Hair" is most certainly NOT "back", but 'Rach(HARD)' most certainly IS!! ;o)

Still not buyin' it...;o) lol

@ gswkJu: you say "or old assholes still posting nowadays".

I resemble that snippet.

Most of us do!! ;o)

I forgot to make a last statement.It would be better if the "thumbs down"
switch returned.It was a lot of fun.


The seller

I am personally sick and tired of Doug's comments.

metlover, I'm afraid that is the exact reason Doug comments so often on the topic.
He has explained his intention is to provoke and bait people. I guess he gets some enjoyment out of irritating those he can.

Well "he" would suggest that you don't read them, but I find that including them in the "entire MetArt entertainment package" makes them a lot easier to take... Most of them are pretty funny if you read them with the right attitude...;o)

That's right! I'm glad there are some here with a sense of humor. Between you two (Rock & Doug) I am often entertained.

;o) LOL

Erica is to die for, but just ONE good close-up leaves me feeling pretty frustrated. Seems like more could have been done to show off her amazing assests.

I totally agree, Red.

Where can I request a model??

@ lanphere: try K, the Content Manager; her email is K@met-art.com

Third floor, ask for Helen Waite... ;o)

Snappy repartee Rock! Did you consider including that K would be a good start.

Thanks!...:oD Nope...sure didn't... I took his comment as an insult to Erica... I had no intention of helping him in the least. ;o) If he has a request, there's a proper way to present it...and it's NOT here! And if it's honored, I have a few requests of my own!!! ;o)


OVEREXPOSED PHOTOS, what a shame to waste photos of such a beautiful gal.

Erica, the always beautiful Erica, never disappoints:-)
It took a while for her to shed her clothing, but it's hard to be TOO critical because I find any image of Erica to be extraordinary.
Finally a set where Erica didn't need to squint and I get to see her gorgeous blue-green eyes:-) Thank you Matiss!

Erica is one of Met Art's best (it would be difficult for me to narrow down to a top 10 list, but she'd definitely be on it).

Not my favorite set of hers, but still the best of the day by far in my opinion.

Erica is a radiant beauty, but shines her brightest indoors... Unfortunately a few good shots can't save an entire set. I look forward to seeing Erica again, real soon.

Like the concept of this set, but it screams for a model with full bush and armpit hair. The whole 60's vibe with the hippy chick and free love is awesome. Some examples of models: Latoya A - Presenting Latoya; Kristel - Topet; Victoriya A - Bijele; Eddison - Presenting Eddison; Orabelle A - Presenting Orabelle; Milena D - Prohibited; Nomi A - Duvet and Mirelle A - Visentia. Rylsky with his bevy of beautiful natural models could do variations on this set with a number of different models. Hope to hear Doug's view on this.

Well stated, JB.


Please NO armpit hair. If you find armpit hair attractive, there are plenty of all natural/hirsute sites that cater to this fetish.

The hippie chick with guitar theme is okay for something new. Erica looks great playing the part. A nice strip to open the set. Some photos are too bright, but overall this set is good, IMO.

I've never been jealous of a guitar before now.

"It's déjà vu all over again." In 1967 John Phillips wrote, and Scott McKenzie sang ~ "If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. . ." No flowers, but a pleasing reminder of a gentler time.

I always appreciate visits from lovely Erica. Amongst a lengthy list of great physical features, she has superb butt cheeks. Erica and Matiss generally collaborate very well.

Thanks to Matiss and K for bending the rumoured limitation to the # of images allowed in a gallery.

A small neat pussy - but it lacks certainly a visual sign to be
really erotic - some soft hairs!

I love her, no doubt and nothing negative to say, but I would love to see her indoor preferably, in my bed. :)

A great lot of very unsightly overexposed photos! Incompetent photographer!

Well worn guitar but thank the Lordy that Erica is fresh as a daisy.

She holds that guitar really well :-P

Stunning body and gorgeous smile, and I love watching those daisy dukes find their way to the ground.

Erica's great body is playing my tone.

"Pine Cones with Guitar as Phallus" will perhaps not be remembered for being our artist's best work.

Politely understated Magwich. As capable a photograher as Matiss has shown him/herself to be, the day he shot Erica B (all the series shown so far appear to be from the one day) wasn't one of inspiration and technical finesse.

"Series average rating: 8.84 out of 10 (221 Votes)" - Either this is a vote for the model, few care about quality photography, or many are just pining for a sunny day........

Click once, you bought it once; click twice, you bought it twice.

Baggy, I've noticed several times that when the double-post gremlins strike, it does not require a second click. I have "double posted" several times after a single click ~ and not even a hard or a long duration click, just a normal one.
It is obviously a glitch in the software. ( :

I thought it was a "glitch" also, but have proven to myself that it is not a glitch in the "site" software... It's that "human" software that has the glitches...;o) But in any case, it could also be a hardware issue...YOUR hardware...;o)

"Pine Cones with Guitar as Phallus" will perhaps not be remembered for being our artist's best work.

Stunning, a lovely start to a Sunday morning.

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