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I love you more than you can image

best on MA!

Erica is gorgeous,and OMG I love her beautiful smooth pussy!

Please,MA manager,bring back the thumbs down switch.There have been agitators before,remember Rockhard,against whom I used to fight back bravely.
Then,there was a way to show your intense dissapointment.Now thas is impossible.I´m a hair lover,that´s the way women turn me on more intensely,pubic hair,hairy underarm,possibly because the vast majority of
the girls I´ve loved showed that appearance and that strongly rewires my
brain´s circuits of pleasure,but the truth is that shaved turns me on too.I´m a fanatic of girls in any way.
This fórum is now monopolized by a group of friends and the topic is always the same.Use Whatsapp instead.

Bring back the thumbs down switch!

The seller

Rockhard is still among us, my friend.

Last 3 days: Ardelia, Yarina, Milena D, Mila I, Semmi, Loretta A & Erica B. Ukraine Forever! I'd man the barricades with any or all of them. Mila may have my brass knuckles to fight back in style. Vlad the KGB guy better look out! -- tho I totally understand why he wants to smother Ukraine in the dead embrace of Mother Russia. IT'S THE UKRAINIAN WOMEN!!!

Maybe that's where Sailor went, to join in the fight to defend the Ukraine women???

OMG Ulysses, I can't believe I never figured it out until you pointed it out ~ but it's so obvious, isn't it? Vlad doesn't really want Ukraine... he wants its treasure!

Well,I for one am content with the glorious eye-candy spread for our delight by Erica and Matiss. I don't feel the need to argue about it either. I rest content with giving a 10++++ to both

Hi, my name's Doug. Bush bush bush bush bush bush bush bush bush bush bush bush bush bush bush bush bush. The end.


Wow, Erica you look marvelous! You caused quite a stir among some of the commentators.
A shout out to MA manager, thank you for the long legged beauties today; 3 out of 4 are 5'9"-5'10"! Love those beautiful long legs...

WOW, that is one sweet juicy vigina! Erica, you are one wonderful sexy lady. Could we have another set tomorrow?

I would like to thank the following members:


The thanks is for your efforts in "winding-up" the "Neanderthal" for today.

SPECIAL THANX goes to "RJinCO" for going 15 rounds with him.

If we all do "our bit" it will keep him occupied for most of his day, and thereby keep society safe for the open-minded.

This was an un-paid, non-political, message brought to you by C.A.N.B. (Conspiracy Against Neanderthal Brick-heads)

Lol...guilty as charged!

I'm not sure what's happened to Doug lately, but it seems as though everything gets him "wound-up".
I didn't even bring up the "usual" subject that does it.....all I did was mention the recent popularity of Matiss' models and......

Can I join!

hipshot -- !!

Look at the list -- you're #2 in the brigade!

That makes you a charter member, my man.

It is my pleasure to see lovely Erica again.

Thanks to both Erica and Matiss.

❤ the pink: lips, nipples, pussy!

Too many comments to read, who has the time? Erica gets my vote with her wonderful juices flowing. I'm a sucker for that every time. Reminds me of REAL sex, not just debating on poses or lighting or logistics like that.

Sorry, no...I don't need you to tell me what to ask myself...

My preference is not going to change...

BTW---can anyone here tell me what my preference for pussy is?...no, they can't... And likely no one cares either ...that's the point

hey RJ - Enjoy the cool day and watch out for the thunderstorms this afternoon.

Will do...and I'll do do my best to avoid The Troll going forward.

Erica is certainly very beautiful, but I'm not as fond of this set as I am her other ones.
This set is a little too "staged" and not near as spontaneous as her other sets.
IMO, Erica just doesn't look as natural.....and I'm not crazy about the fake scenery behind her either.
I'll give Erica a 10, but Matiss only a 7 on this one (and he/she is usually one of my favorite artists).

Nice to see you back! We need more calming voices around here!

Very much so. I enjoyed Browning's comments before, also glad to see him back.

Thank you also kilroy, the feeling is mutual.

Thank you hipshot131.

Funny, I was pleasantly surprised by this set. Erica isn't among my favorites, but she did a great job in this set. I like her attitude and expressions. She looks like she's at home and enjoying herself... ( :

Say, Browning, now that you're back in the commenting community, just what was it you told me yesterday about Matiss models... ? ( :

I just missed your post fer_realz....check my comment right above yours:)

What fer_realz and I discussed was the fact that Matiss' models currently are ranked as follows;

#1 Erica B
#2 Izabel A
#3 Mila M
#4 Marta E
and at #6 Violla A

The #5 ranking is currently held by Lily C (the only model keeping Matiss from sweeping the top 5 spots in Met Art's Global ranking page).

As of my typing, Matiss' models have in fact swept #1-#5.
Great job Matiss for finding such beautiful women, and most importantly, for bringing them to us through your photography.

Pretty impressive...

Spoiled for choices on great cover shots in this set. Ukraine keeps giving us amazing beauties.

Love the strawberry blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. Nice all around set. Some great close in facials, Great intimate closeups and a nice mix of portrait and landscape format. Great body, nice poses and not at all shy. Nice background and a nice blanket to keep the dirt away from the outstanding body. #81 is awesome! And no it would not look better with hair.

Calm down guys, We all know that Doug feeds on controversy and none of you will ever win simply because he "sees" what he wants to see and believes that his arguments are the only valid arguments. He has tunnel vision and has amassed a huge library of "Doug" facts that he believes are truth beyond doubt. It is like arguing politics or religion. There is no right or wrong and there can be no winner. Only opinion and you know what they say about opinions. If we all simply ignored him he would wither on the vine.

Agree with your last comment. Perfect beautiful bald pussy. So lickable and lovable!

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