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I love Erica's fabulous body.
I love her pretty face.
I love her beautiful blue eyes.
I love her sweet smile.
I love her soft blonde hair.
I love her perfect breasts.
I love her cute bottom.
I love her open wet pussy.
I love the pearls.
I love the outdoor location.
I love the white fabric.
Many thanks to Erica and Matiss, it would be hard to take a more beautiful set of photos than this.

I wish Viola had a creamy pussy like Erica. What can I say bad about this set. Oh yah the necklace but who's looking at the necklace.

so far I have only looked at the first page. Pic 3 is awesome. The feather framing her face. The colour of her eyes. That playful but gentle smile, the pearls flowing over her breasts almost, but only almost covering them. Awesome. And there is even something for the bokeh-fetishists out there.

I am hitting the download button now. This set is download worthy just for that image alone.

The stupid necklace was too distracting. Too many angled shots.

not a big fan of outdoor shoots because the results are often not the best. mother nature is a challenge. Model and photographer both rose to the occasion, and showed off the very beautiful assets of this gorgeous young woman. 10

get this beauty into the studio! and do something with the frizzy hair

What a delightful, creamy docking port. Thrusters at the ready while I guide my docking probe into that beautifully prepared receptor! There is no doubt that that is one warm, wet and delicious entry ready for service. With all those mouthwatering closeups on the first page there is no question that this lady would need no additional lube for the ride of a lifetime! There are few things that could possibly be more provocative than that creamy presentation!

She is absolutely Divine! Captured well this time by Matiss, but I'm sure she would inspire any man who's ever lived or ever will.

*favorited* because I love the variety of 'facial expressions' that she shows......which tells me' that she would be totally 'into it' as a woman participating in the act of *making LOVE*.......

......and _sexy_ as all hell too!

Erica, Erica, Erica ....

Just hold still for a second.

I love her sleepy eyes and gentle smile. And her total lack of inhibition. :)

I am not into the use of props or "gimmicks" for their own sake, but I have to say that the use of that feather in the beginning of the set was genius and bore fruit in two very wonderful ways.
First was the natural seeming and beautiful smiles that the preliminary tickling caused on Erica's face, which immediately charmed me. Secondly was the natural lubrication it seemed to induce "down below."
Who knows if it was really the feather that caused it... but one way or the other, Erica seems a naturally juicy lady and ~ wow ~ that looks so erotic and inviting... ( :

Will enjoy masturbating to this lol :)

You just have no idea how much that comment hurt Sapphira! ;)

Erica is absolutely gorgeous, what a beautiful girl she is, she really flaunts herself well in this set, a full on rightfully unashamed pussy exhibition, marvelous!.

I liked the contrast of photos 104-107, covering up like she was shy after unashamedly showing us everything.

That's always good for me!.

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