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  • WC4U
  • 2 months ago:

Maybe the best legs on the Met!

Bear in mind I'm looking at ALL of her sets (up to 1-19-15) ON 1-19-15, as I wasn't aware she existed until her new set was posted today. After OOGLING her new set today for an hour or so, then downloading it and oogling it another hour or two, I got around to starting to work my way through all her sets, starting with her first set about 13 or 14 months ago (looks like she's had about a set a month posted since her first -- GOOD GIRL!).

Finally, this set proved she actually IS human. Up until I saw the little "ouchie" on the right cuticle of her middle finger on her right hand in some pics in this set, I wasn't 100% convinced that either Matiss hadn't either finally found the PERFECT computer simulation program and simply built the "perfect virtual woman," then "inserted" her into photo matrixes of his own making, or else discovered that the Greek Goddesses of legend actually DO exist by meeting one in person, who then agreed to be his model for Met-Art!

But she BLEEDS and scabs like the rest of us, so, alas... she must be human.

Oh well, guess that's a good thing, since I didn't know they made 'em like that! :) How does anyone get skin that flawless, anyway? I can't seem to find a mole or pimple anywhere on her, and since her photos show pretty much ALL of her somewhere in just about every set, it's possible to look everywhere. Erica's one of the rare class of models on Met-Art for whom there should be a 10+ rating category. I can no longer say this, but at one point in (I think it was 2009 or 2010), after several months of my first yearly membership, I'd categorically gone through the entire model directory alphabetically and viewed EVERY SET and movie ever made by every Met-Art model (watched daily updates as they became available), and then, of course, once I saw them all, I just looking at the daily updates, which got kind of boring after doing all that archive viewing... After I started letting lapses go in my memberships, though, I lost track of when my last membership ended, and I quit trying to "catch up" with what I'd missed since the last membership, which is why I didn't know about Erica until today...

I wonder if there's a way to do a search for "new models since..."???

OMG, what a great W...!!!

Deadly boring day on Met.Erica saves the day for me.Thanks a lot

The seller

Nice... Very nice!

And to be clear, that's directed at Erica, not the set.

I'd like to check out how far up those legs go!

I think no.44 answers that question...;o)

I LOVE strip sets!

Erica is a winner, no doubt about it. I sometimes resist liking the really popular models (my antisocial bent I guess) but Erica deserves all the kudos that she gets. Can you imagine being on a date with her and seeing all that beauty when you get her home and she undresses? OMG!

I would have preferred more shots like 87, some amazing stuff going on down there. But lighting was superb, poses are great, hard to find any faults.

I enjoyed this set very much. I realized I have not studied Erica sets in detail for a few years. I will rectify that this weekend. I'm going to look at this set again as soon as I calm down. Big thumbs up for beautiful and sexy Erica.

Erica B Hot!

Erica is absolutely gorgeous, as always, and the photography is generally excellent. However, the use and placement of the beaded necklace is a real distraction, especially in the intimate shots. I suspect that this technique is supposed to be "artistic," but IMHO it is highly annoying and ruins a number of otherwise beautiful shots.

There is something about those beads :-)

...That makes me want to rip them off.

...and bury them.

With all the "frankenshoes"!! ;o)

...how about the infamous couch?

Not that THESE fall into that catagory...

Wow, sizzling from the beginning! I love the outfit. Mmm, how could anyone not want to feel those nipples on their tongue? More photogs need to learn to capture a great set of legs up close and personal. Seriously prefect breasts. Such gorgeous long, blonde hair! Those alluring eyes are irresistible. A divine pussy, nice and hot and juicy. Could do without the necklace once the shoes came off.

Sets like this make it easy to see why Erica is one of the top rated models on Met. I'll have images from this set running through my head all day.


Erica gets extra points for her alluring personality. She's well aware of how irresistibly sexy she is.

Initially, I wasn't sure about the new blonde hair color. By the end of the set, it seemed OK, though I still think that Erica's natural hair color works better with the shape of her face. While it is far from ugly, the blonde color somehow just isn't entirely flattering.
In erotica, I don't like the use of denim (I feel like it's been overdone) but ~ the sexy red high heels cover a multitude of transgressions. ( :
However, while I generally don't agree with complaints about jewelry, I would like to have seen Erica take that long dangling necklace off when she took off the high heels, and have left the high heels on for the intimate shots, which were creamily delicious without, but would have been absolutely killer with the high heels still on.
On balance, while there were things I didn't like about this set, overall the attractions made up for the detractions.

I am a devotee of the Craig Ferguson school of sex --

Leave the heels on, Baby !!

Exactly! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one to see that Ferguson routine. It clicked with me the first time I heard it. ( ;

Wasn't trying to copy your views on the set. Looks like we're on the same wavelength when it comes to jewelry.

No prob, Proctor, I try to type my comments before I read anyone else's, so I won't be influenced by something someone else said. But I frequently find I'm duplicating someone else's idea. It's par for the course, I guess. ( :
As far as I'm concerned it's kinda nice to find out I'm not the only person thinking something. ( :

A top on the scale of beauty ! AND a top in the character of the model, as I guess that Erika is anything except blasée ! She brings in that series the wonderful shiness that magnifies her nakedness ....See you soon, I hope

Disappointing start for Aug. 6 sets and not a single 10 in the bunch. :((((

Funny how two people have an entirely different view. Maybe the photography could have been better for this set, but Erica's raw sexuality makes up for it. Sorry you couldn't see it that way.

That's what makes the world go round. Nothing wrong with the photography, Erica just doesn't ring my bells. We all have our list of qualities we desire and everyone is different so it is expected that we can all see the same things in a set. I can't/won't list what it is that I don't like about a model. It isn't fair to them because it is just personal preference after all. I think it is partially that she sort of inherited my negative mood after looking at 5 other sets that I didn't like. She is the best of the day though.

I couldn't have said it any better hipshot131. Obviously Erica is well appreciated here by the vast majority of Met Art's members because she is consistently in the top 5 (usually 1-3), but she's not my cup of tea either. I also will not go into detail because the only reason she's not "my cup of tea" is personal preferences too. I agree also with your assessment that this is the best set of the day.

I know how you feel. I had a similar day recently...

So how is your view different?

There is just just an endless supply of all these lovely Ukranian girls. No wonder Putin can not leave the country alone....
We need to import and improve the local gene pool

When an earring covers half a face, it's too big.

I agree, that earring obstructed a nice view ~ a smaller one was definitely called for.

An amazing set of pictures, well done Erica and Matiss.

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