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What a beautiful smile! What stunning eyes! What a sweet pussy!

Albert, Etna is a wonderful girl and she smells of youth.
For Etna a big round of applause to welcome us.
The photos are very enjoyable, but the couch is horrible.

WOW, what a beautiful woman! I like everything about this photo set, and especially like the different facial expressions that Etna exudes.

Thank you Etna and Albert for producing such a natural, beautiful photo set! And now that you produced one really good set, 10+++, how about bringing us another?!!!

I think the greatest compliment obtainable for a photographer is for his model to be so confident and relaxed during the shoot, she can let nature take its course.
Those of us lucky enough to have viewed this set have been doubly blessed. Not only has Albert photographed this set honestly, Etna has been an avid participant, not merely an object. So we get the perfection of Albert's work, enhanced by Etna's enthusiasm and spontaneity.
So from the bottom of our collective hearts, Albert, thank you for presenting this ultra feminine, sexy little Fox so delightfully:)
Etna, Thank you for presenting yourself with such uninhibited and gay abandon.
You are Everyman's sexual fantasy personified. Great work with Albert.

And I'm looking for MORE, from you two. Even a video or four:)

P.S. Etna, the last volcano to erupt significantly was Krakatoa in Indonesia a decade or two before 1900. So for me, you're called Etna, aka Krakatoa:) It is still active, and could go off any time soon - as I hope you will again - soon:)

Well said, Rich. ( :
Especially the point about Krakatoa.

Wow the only thing that could improve on this set is if Etna would grow a litte hair to frame that perfect pussy!

In addition to the remarkable growth of the cranial capacity, the progressive loss of hair, brought the '"Homo Antecessor" to become "Homo Sapiens Sapiens."
The pubic hair is not a natural necessity, are an accidente.
They survive because those parts were covered for millennia.
200 years of practiced nudism and they disappear as the hair on the arms and legs.

I'd ❤ to Mount Etna!


Dude, that's funny !

Well played.

Nasty old man! ;o}

But seriously, aren't we all? Wouldn't we all?? I am, and I seriously would:) We ARE talking about the volcano right?? I thought not!!;)

Yes, a geographical reference to the 11+K ft. Sicilian mtn, which is one of the world's most active volcanoes. I converted geography to biology.

Ponitailed teenager works for me every time!

Ponitailed teenager works for me every time!

Never had a boyfriend? At 19?

Etna, you and I need to talk.

I am a bit skeptical myself... ( : Maybe she's telling us what she thinks we want to hear. ( :

As a navel lover, I'd like to personally thank Etna and Albert for #11-14. :)

Looking forward to seeing more from this beauty!

Mmmmmm navels... esp. fun to make a girl laugh by tickling & kissing her there... ( : (Good memories here!)

Very nice, solid debut for Etna. Another excellent find for Albert, who seems to be the one bringing us most of the new ladies lately. Etna looks soft and natural, and her pale complexion is not washed out as is so easy to do. Very clean and smooth down below, with a superbly curvy mons. I think Etna is an all-around winner. I sure hope Albert brings her back again.

Wow! Kudos to Varin, you are really on a roll lately! What a find... ( :

I particularly liked the sequence of photos # 94 ~ 101. What a luscious and shapely bottom, one that I'd like to spend some time getting to know. And let me be the first to nominate her to the PP Club!

I hope Etna becomes a regular here, I'd definitely like to see more!

Too late my friend, I already rated her PP++++! :o)

You beat me to it, Hipshot! I didn't notice until after I posted my comment. Oh well, we have Kilroy's "second," so the nomination is confirmed! Etna is hereby inducted into the PP Club, with all honors and privileges attending. ( :
Thanks for commenting, Albert, it is always nice to see the photographers participating in the discussion!

I think that what really impressed me about your little Volcano was her facial expressions. She looks like she has a whole lot going on in her head, and you can see that in her mischievous smiles. ( :

fer, I will very enthusiastically second the PP nomination!

I'm also glad this find!
Thank you that you like this little volcano!

Etna is likely to cause more than a few eruptions, nice debut with some delightful poses.

WOW, Winner! What a sweet young thing. Fresh, pretty, open and a fantastic body. That is on PP+++ I'm impressed. This little lady seems confident and poised beyond her years and doing it on that hellish piece of furniture! She should get a reward for working above and beyond on that monster. I sure can't see why anyone would have something like that in their house. Non the less Etna is a very welcome addition in my book.

K, Hope you have lots more of this sweetheart ready for us. I can't wait to see what is next.

Great job Albert! Light and airy without being over exposed and washed out Like so many sets done in this type of setting! Masterful use of colors and white balance to give a true tone glimpse of this new star in the making. A very impressive debut in what I hope will be a long and prosperous carrier in the Met universe.

This set made my day.

Hi Hipshot131 !
Nice to hear your favorable reviews small Etna. Indeed it is a very confident young lady, I like the contrast in her baby-face and closer, sometimes serious look big dark eyes.
As for furniture, maybe it seems rude, but it is a very comfortable sofa, she is cool and smooth to the touch, on a hot day is nice.
And thank you that you liked my work.

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