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That's so annoying when the makeup artist pusts more make-up on her ass than her face. It destroys everything.

It's funny but perhaps there's just a belief that accurate or honest reported weights or ages would somehow detract from their beauty...

But seriously, Height, weight, age, all off, pretty much with everyone, WTH is the problem? Is it a Metric to SAE that's the problem?

In this case, 5'9" maybe 110lbs, not a chance. Almost as bad as the 30 somethings we have in droves here with their "19" year old reported age.

Thank you for the sweet young unblemished relaxed feet shots. (not deformed yet by wearing pointy shoes!)

Is this a trick? I need special glasses to see the hidden code?

A number of aspects to this pictorial are not conducive to showing this wonderful face, [fully acknowledging that my opinion is backed by no small amount of ignorance].
The hair is pulled back somewhat severely for the shape of the face. This looks great from the side and back, but not so much straight from the front.
Camera angles are too high. Even a slight tip up of the head would put more space between the eye and eyebrow, show more of the upper lip, and might better highlight lovely cheekbones, dimples, and jawline. I have no doubt makeup and lighting might help as well.
The close up views are sometimes a bit clumsy. 99 shows the potential of curve, line, and coloration, but while the potential is well shown, realization of the potential is not quite there. Frame and focus could be better. And far too many close in views (everywhere on this site, not just here) are straight on and 2 dimensional. Even a slight angle to the side frequently is a great improvement. While the shy minors are an enticingly teasing treat, perhaps they could be coaxed out a tiny bit?
The last 8 images are a fine treatment of the back. We see far too few like this.

Personally, I really liked the makeup job in this set, particularly in contrast with Etna's first set. While I like both looks, I really like both looks contrasted with each other. ( :

Pretty in pink...even prettier out of it!

What are they seeing that I am missing? here are some spectacular models on this site, she should be almost dead last.

Perhaps a clarification would be appropriate. Specification of a problem or preference might be helpful. Please find fault with the face in 103 or with la grande Bellezza or it's associate in 80.

Excellent!! Gorgeous eyes this girl has! Love the navel jewelry! Very nice set of a very lovely lady... I think I'll call her "Honey Buns"!

I meant to mention that the last shot is outstanding!! And then, after pretty much ignoring the first page, I just noticed the FIRST shot!! Albert's creative juices are flowing like the Volga!!

Etna with another lovely set displaying her fresh young look. I hope she lets her hair down in future sets, I'm sure it's lovely to look at.

I like the combination of portrait and landscape shots (starting from 89). The portraits suggest Etna's explicit poses, the landscapes show her body in all her glory.

Etna is a beautiful young woman and has significant eyebrows and lovely eyes, a smile that lights up her face, great ears, an innie, love handles, a very nice camel toe, puffy outer labia, downy hair, superb butt cheeks, and slender legs.

Thank you very much Etna for posing, and Albert for staging and capturing this lovely visit.

Special thanks to Albert for leaving most (all?) of Etna's downy hair as is. I have a request if you happen to read today's comments. Etna has a delightful derriere, and it would be wonderful to see it in standing, full length poses.

"Gee shucks, Etna, you sure clean up real nice!"
I feel like a shy, stuttering, foot shuffling hormonal teenage guy catching a glimpse of the girl next door he's secretly had a crush on for years, the first time she actually puts on makeup and girly clothes...
Kudos to Etna and Varin for a most marvelous and wonderful transformation between Etna's first and second sets.
In the first set, we saw Etna's young, tomboyish, rough and ready, almost confrontational look. In this set, we see her soft, feminine, fully womanly look and darn, she cleans up nice!
This is a very satisfying bookend to her first set. I look forward eagerly to see what Varin and Etna cook up next!

I will first apologies for posting the following here, but we really don't have a way of making a "general" post to the community so since I know fer is one of Delta's top fans I dropped it here.

During his unprecedented success in July Delta was able to go to Prague and spend a week shooting with both his regular models and several new ones. It went extremely well. He e-mailed me almost bragging about how well it went. To quote him, "Some of my best ever!" He was happy, he believed he had what would make July be his new normal, success! Regular postings with positive results and more acceptance.

Om July 20th he was head home and disaster struck.

In the train station he was robbed!

All of his equipment was stolen by what had to be a pro team. (Camera's, etc. have great value, even if they "fell of the truck".) But the equipment is just "things" and can be replaced. But for Delta and for all of us, that is not a true disaster.

They also stole his laptop that contained ALL of sets he had shot in Prague. What may have been his best work ever was gone....

Thank's to our digital world, there are no negatives, prints, or any proof that he even shot them.

In truth it is none of our business how the business of the sites work, but this I do know, the models get paid when shot. The artist get paid when "posted". In fact it was July's many posting that allowed Delta to go to Prague and do so many sets. While his photo work is not his "day job", he is still in a position that his art must pay for itself. He was mess, his dream had just ended, or so he thought. He has not admitted it but I am sure he cried. The future of Deltagamma was bleak. At least he wasn't shot, or hurt as he may have been if this happened in America. Phi took him home and he collapsed into sleep.

While he slept two things happened. Phi contacted K to let her know what had happened. Half a world away, I alerted Jon. At breakfast, before Phi had even told him she had let K know, they get a call. Jon. Jon reacted the instant I sent him the personal e-mails Davi had sent me about it. Delta awoke thinking that he would be missing from our sites for a good while until he could regroup and get back to work. Jon had already talked to K and figured out how to help. Delta would be paid in advance, ie. then, for all sets he had in the system. This set today of Connie, of course, being the first. Photographer friends called and offered the loan of equipment he would need to get started again. I am sure when the models find out about it they will also work with him to get new sets done. Delta was stunned. So far everything I have reported is fact.

This is just my opinion and speculation. Over on Facebook several of Delta's models have been used in the daily feed from MetArt in the last several days. I doubt that as a "random" thing.
An interview piece was in the works already but now it may well include discussion of this situation. That a community from a "porn site" would respond to help, just shows that while yes it a business (Which some may scorn.) those involved at all levels still have real values and stand ready to help when disaster happens.

To those who post that the "power to be" don't care about what the members think etc. this has not been my experience. IMHO they Met-Family is just that a family and it is that very fact which has made it what it is today the premier adult business on the internet.

Thanks to all who have responded already, and to all whom this is "news" please let Delta and Phi, and Jon and K know how you feel and how much you look forward to NEW work by our friend DG.

Let's see. Wear flash drive on lanyard around neck. Ship by post. Zip and email. Carry laptop on person. Use cloud.
I'd be happy to kick in a bit for another trip to Prague if I knew how. Kickstarter? Metstarter?
And of course we look forward to more work from DG.

Hey swplf2, you'll see my primary response over on SA under Connie's set, as that was the first post I ran into. I just want to repeat my personal thanks to you for being the "eyes and ears" for us in this matter. It's good to know what happened and what is being done to correct the situation as best as can be done.

Thanks for the update, SW, and glad to see Delta getting some help from the Met family. If I lost a week's work and all my equipment, I just might cry myself.

While this is a major setback, I am confident that Delta will arise from the tragedy and bounce back. I pray to that end.

The number one rule of computing... back-up, back-up, BACK-UP!

While I feel sorry for Delta losing his hard work, it's ludicrous that in this time of 128 GB thumb-drives, multiple terabyte portable drives and cloud storage that a "professional" photographer would have all of their work product on a single computer's hard drive.

Kudos to the Met professional community for stepping up to help the guy out. Perhaps some of the other photographers can teach him how to back-up his work at the end of each photoshoot.

My sole complaint... while there were plenty of shots where the thong was visible, we never get any shots of it from behind except one where there is a forearm and hand in the way of the detail. She certainly has a nice behind, it would be nice to see the thong (hopefully, panties, next set) from front AND behind, in detail.

Carry on the cause, good fellow, carry on. I have faith, that eventually, we will carry the day.

Lovely girl next door type. Sweet smiles, pretty eyes, great breasts and a perfect pussy. Nicely done but I would have loved to see a closeup of the pussy spread so we could get a good look of it's moist interior.

Sweet girl, nice set 10+

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