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Kudos to Varin for the focused footwork! Etna knows how to tease and please with her little digits.

I like 94 and 110 the most of this set.

In 94 Etna poses very explicit but yet so relaxed. It's because she keeps her leg up, you realize she's posing and not just relaxing.

And 110 is completely Zen. Falling asleep with her legs wide open and waking up the same way.

Very nice set from a beautiful woman.

Pic #40 is a perfect side-boob shot.

I also love the thin line of hair, starting at her bellybutton and inching down towards her pretty pussy. I would hope that one day she will let it continue and fill up the whole area that is now shaved.

Mmm- what a little sweetie................

Definitely a sweetie, not so sure about "little"... which is not a problem as far as I'm concerned!

What's with all the grainy sets? Its 2014. Images should be sharp, crisp and clear.

The set might not have been shot recently (2014). It might have been in Met-Art's files from more than a year or two ago or, on the other and, it might have been Varin's creative proclivity or it could simply have been that the files were stored as normal . JPG compressed files and have been opened, closed and re-opened a number of times in editing that would have introduced "noise" (or what you perceive as "grainy").

Etna is etible!

In shots # 3, 4 & 5, our smoldering little volcanet Etna gave us some tantalizing undie peeks that I was hoping were to be followed with a shucking of the shorts to see the cute pink panties we saw parts of in # 3.
Instead, Varin switched it to a full on lingerie shoot which was not disappointing. Etna clearly has something going on behind those eyes, which makes her expressions all that much more fun to watch ~ and her body is smokin' hot. I don't know if I believe her bio or not... ( :

Agreed. Much as I like this set, I was hoping to see shots of that initial outfit coming off. Opportunity missed!

IMHO, although Etna is gorgeous and has the body to play a femme fatale, because of her facial features she plays best as a "girl next door."

I know that I would far rather see her as she dresses on an average day than made up in glamour model fashion... just my preference. ( :

PP For sure! That is one impressive vulva. Smooth and silky and flawless! I would love to make a long in depth study of that masterpiece. It isn't often I see one so symmetrically perfect, so clean and so desirable. She has a great body. Full and firm and everything perfectly matched and oh so desirable. A unique set of undies. Quite fashionable and classy. Considering the start in very nondescript cut offs and blouse the undies we quite a surprise. Very nice set with a generous mix of intimate and studio shots. a real girl next door type model who seems free of inhibitions and genuinely nice.

I say she has a "textbook perfect" vulva. I've seen the textbooks, having a friend that is an actual gynecologist. Me, I'm just an amateur one.

PP club nomination is hereby formally granted to Etna.

I second that nomination, Hipshot! PP Club material, indeed!

Very sexy and charming body in this beautiful set.

A very nice photoset featuring a beautiful young woman. I liked the bra and panties. Etha did a very nice job of taking the off in a slow tantalizing way. A very nice elegant location for Etna too.

DAMN IT If that hair bun isn't damn cute! Love her body, love that pink tank and denim shorts! Love her cute dace, black thong, and laced bra! She seems to like making love in a certain way too ;)

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