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So many positive comments on this beauty, yet METART has not updated her status. Listen to your customers!

I would pay money for regular updates of this girl even with her clothes on, just for her beautiful face, wonderful lips, and the way her eyes make love to the camera. Then once you factor in her incredible body, rating her just a 10 seems unreasonably low.

If you don't see a ten here you must be blind....

Welcome young Eve we are happy to have you among the stars of MetArt.
Very beautiful Eve with the child's face, with the breast of a young girl with big blue eyes.
Shy Eve on the beach wearing a bikini that puts away to show us all her secret charms.

Ambience and lights very simple but pleasant.
Set completely enjoyable.

Eve is a very pretty girl, who can be a very good model. Koenart got her undressed very slowly, which is the best way to handle a Met virgin.(Or any other kind for that matter)Now that she is organized a little better, I think she will be fine.

while I welcome the influx of baltic girls, I am not happy with this set.

The face is pretty and the smile is cute - but girl, stop torturing your feet. Get some shoes in the right size and don't wear something 3 sizes too small.

Absolutely Gorgeous Eve! The innocent girl next door sheds her little white panties to reveal perfection! Please don't be gone long.


No nudity until the fortieth pic. Didn't come here for a fashion layout.

That face...

I agree with everything said above and beg for MORE, MORE, MORE. In fact as many pics as you can take before the lens melts.

The last two pics, covering with the pillow, Eve seems to be saying, "OK, you've seen enough." No we haven't, and we're looking forward to your next set.

The old Vaudeville stars used to have a motto: "Always leave 'em wanting more!"
I'd say Eve has succeeded in that regard!

Very nice presentation. The wonderful pussy was a welcome surprise

You are an absolute stunner, dear Eve, from your huge blue eyes to your clean, perfect pussy. This is a fantastic debut Come back often!

Eve, you are an amazingly beautiful young woman. I love your blond hair and blue eyes, you have a beautifully well proportioned body also. Hope to see you here again soon. Well photographed Koenart.

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