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What a glorious, statuest, and premium form lovely Evelin pocesses. A woman of reknown. More please........

Looks so soft! Please invite her back soon.

A very pretty girl with a yummy body. I look forward to some exciting sets from this girl!

I follow gaetano maria trail, I viewed Jasmine D portfolio, saw her comment, then asked a guestion. Next, I view this portfolio, my question in previous series is answered in this one, "hair fetishist". Understanding is now complete....

Yes....gaetano gets upset whenever the model's hair covers her breasts, or even just one of them, and says that they are for "hair fetishists". I wonder if he realizes that he has a "breast fetish"??? With so many of the models having long hair, this happens quite often, so he must be upset "most" of the time....poor guy.

I have a hair fetish, both top and bottom. The top the more the better, the bottom the less the better! ;D

A man after my own fetish!! lol ;o)

That face just melts my heart. Stunningly beautiful! Seeing her natural wetness on 76 was a treat as well. We all want more of her!

Wonderful set Evelin! You are beautiful and sexy! I can imagine that you will become a favorite of many.

beautiful model and nice set.

I don't know how Mr. Varin does it... but he does an amazing job of finding wonderfully beautiful, sexy new models. Bravo!
And Brava to Evelin, who in her bio confesses her fear going into the shoot. You'd never know from just looking at her pictures. She did a wonderful job of revealing her beauty in a very warm and yet professional manner. I hope we see many more appearances from this amazing young lady!

It is likely that the males of Ukraine are, in love, the happiest in the world, their women are all beautiful.
Is here Evelin, young, sweet star of that Country to which we give a joyful welcome.
Red hair and green eyes, a "must" for the beautiful Nordic women.
Very long hair, at first I feared for beautiful breasts of Evelin.
Photographers often use long hair "like fetishist" to cover the breasts of beautiful girls.
(see Jasmine D - Tyela).
For Evelin an excellent debut with flying colors. Check back soon (tomorrow).

Albert: A ambience more appropriate (of a kitchen floor), lights and colors less obvious would have been more appropriate to this gem of girl.

Where did her jeans go? Photo 11 - there and then they simply vanished...
I'm just curious and do prefer her without them!

Please present more of her. An excellent addition to the site.

So much to love in such a tiny package. Wonderful. Welcome Evelin. Come back soon.

4'11" Wow I'm impressed! To look so tall and leggy at that height tells me this little gem is perfectly proportioned. Nice first set. She seemed a little timid at first but she got into it quite quickly. I think this one will pick up fans quickly.

Equally impressed. She picked me up as a fan. Looking forward to her next(hopefully ?) set.

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You bring up a good point with her height. To me also she looks much taller I wonder if the measurements got lost in translation. I will check with Albert to make sure :)

I find in many photo shots it is very hard to tell the height of the model in most cases if the height was not known just looking at most sets it would be hard to estimate height.

I doubt it is a mistranslation you can simply convert your preference to metric which is the system used by the rest of the world (and thus not a translation for a Russian or Ukrainian) she is 150cm which converts to 4.92 feet or 4'11".

Could be a typo but again the way most shots are done it is very hard to tell model height without an outside reference point and in many sets the surroundings can make a model appear taller.In this case the stool adds the illusion of height we also have no idea how low or high the counter is it could be very low set.

This is a very nice first visit. I really like Evelin's lovely hair, camel toe, beautiful breasts, spectacular areolae, and superb bum.

Welcome to MET lovely Evelin, I hope to see many more galleries and visits. Nicely done Albert!

I was a big fan as soon as i saw her first photo. Her long red hair is absolutely beautiful. pretty eyes too. Love the big round nipples on her pale white skin. And her pussy looks incredibly delicious. I get the feeling its insanely tight... At only 4'11'' , Evelin is proof that good things come in small packages. More of this little angel please!


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