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Sweet holy jesus, why have I not noticed Evita until now?

Sometimes METArt publishes so many gorgeous models that it's impossible to keep up with them all.

  • JANN
  • 11 months ago:

very professional !!!
I wish every set had these poses: MORE PLEASE !!!

OMG, this girl has one of the all time most beautiful faces ever. Great body too, but that face...Oh my.

BTW, not a single video...where are the videos? Want to see her in motion.

They say there's a rotten apple in every barrel, and here, I'm 'IT'.
Firstly, let it be known that I am not a 'Tit' man, so I cannot agree with any of you on the perfection of Evita's breasts. There are women on this site who's 36 inch breasts 'stand to attention', some are 'at ease', and a lot more who's breasts are just plain slothful, resting lazily on the rib-cage as they do here.
Taking it further, I do agree that she is beautiful in every other aspect. Face, mouth, hips, legs, and my favorite, her pussy. (I would just LOVE to know where that monika came from:-) It won't meow, scratch or hiss at you, but if you're lucky, it will spit at you:-).
Lastly, I agree with all who commented on her eyes. To say the least, they're unique, perhaps brought about through colored contacts????
Final comment, no Water Torture. Wonderful, Rylsky:-)

You have a problem if you are not a tit man.

"I am not a tit man" f'nfunny!
Can you imagine not liking tits?
That's like saying you don't like blow jobs.

Well Rylsky, bringing girls and work like this to the table - man I hope your servers are able to handle the internet traffic. OMG - I think I'm going to look into a subscription to your site now

Late to the party, lucky for me. Making haste to catch up, I may have passed by. Those thumbnails, they spoke only blue.

The talk of you fellows was a cause for pause. The thumbs let me down, as often they do. No justice for Rylski, or Lima in blue.

I liked the set piece, done well, quite convincing.

A strong theme for this series, to me it appears. That face is well captured wherever it shows. Always keeping my focus, how I don't know. (46 to 50, 76 to 80.) Just look at those pictures, as you all wood. With ass to distract me, our artist is good.

Both have compelled to a fine first photo-shoot. It is with anticipation, time will provide another example of team work, to the fans of Met-Art.

More more more of her please , gorgeous !!!

i wanked myself till it hurt!!!!

Do please keep us apprised of your progress.

I know that my day would have been empty had he not told us that information.

....and it's always possible that the wanking is not the source of the pain....

Evita is extremely gorgeous and (edible)! Need more please.

Rawrrrr what a woman!


Very stunning debut.Evita is a keeper here in MetArt.

What a babe...! A real woman!

She has a penis.

Gentleman Bucco, you have my gratitude. The attention you garnered led me to your previous literary contribution, which led me to a photoset I should not have missed.

Likewise, it certainly was an unexpected bonus.

Looks like someone needs to take a lesson on female anatomy.

Well, I don't know if he was trying to be insulting or witty, but he failed at both.

I am obliged to forgive. For a few more days, anyway.

What do you have if you feel that you can write this kind of comment?

I feel a need to advocate. Some, (perhaps being more whole than most), are born with extra.

We must acknowledge the beauty of the human form, however it may reveal itself.

And remember to laugh at the ridiculous.

With such a nice pair I think I would have liked to see them in lingerie first.

In the spirit of the games...

Rylsky takes the "new model" gold medal for Russia!

To meet her, talk to her, listen to her and became her friend was more than gold medal.


she certainly beautiful on the outside. Another beautiful friend for Rylsky. Life is so unfair :( But the bright side is we get to share at least through their work!

I'll refrain from repeating my last expression of envy.

Irony is every bit as difficult to communicate in the comments forum as it is on FB.... ( ;


lovely set, charming model, fortunately you do not use too much photoshop, but a bit anyway .. there same without photoshop and I notte 10/10

I'm at a loss for words. Rylsky, you've outdone yourself. Glorious example of a woman.

Rylsky, you've outdone yourself.
OMG, I swear, I am not any of her parents.

Well, if you were one of her parents, I'd hope you were her father:)....assuming you are a man, it would be really odd if you were her mother:)

She can call me daddy

She will call you the name you named yourself here, so choose the good name for rylskyart.

welcome to RA.

Evita is all woman! My kind of girl! Great phototraphy!

Amen. 10+.

Wow! Evita's the total package.

Fantastic set Rylsky!
Evita Lima with her large breasts is not necessarily my "type", but she has a beautiful face (IMO, one of the prettiest on Met Art) and looks fabulous here.

I rate this set a definite "10".....best set of the day!

Thank you very much!

Lorena is a fantastic model with unbelievable breasts. Now if she'd grow her pubic hair all out and her underarms, she'd be the perfect goddess.

Sure we believe Lorena is fantastic. Just let us know where we can find Lorena?

Well my comment disappeared again, so here goes.Evita Lima is a totally beautiful lady,both of face and figure. Rylsky has captured that beauty,against a background perfectly colored to bring out that beauty.We can tell this was done last summer as there are no bears photobombing the the set. Also,if you want to see the pure lovliness Rylsky keeps on his site, You could do yourself a big favor and check Evita Lima out on the sets she was doing at 18. I have to give Rylsky and Evita both a 10++++

Evita is the ULTIMATE uber babe!

Pretty girl...very nice bottom.


Evita's blog page

Could easily be a Sports Illustrated bikini model. Evita has it all. Personality, looks and a body to die for. Once in a great while I will turn on the slide show. Evita you are my latest slideshow girl!

Could easily be a Sports Illustrated bikini model. Evita has it all. Personality, looks and a body to die for. Once in a great while I will turn on the slide show. Evita you are my latest slideshow girl!

What a debut!! The years best so far! Evita is absolutely stunning. Mesmerizing eyes a killer body and absolutely divine breasts. Could be a Met Art legend in the making. She has it all. Perfect.

wow, what a stunner !! With smile like Lorena B and breasts like Sofi A You are going places darling .Hope to see lots more of you .xx

From your RA fans, Evita, may I please extend a very hearty "Welcome to MetArt" !
It is good to see your face here. You class up the joint. ( :

I see she is wearing just a little bit more hair than in her RA sets. Nice.

hair was just surprise for those who knew her by RA galleries. She will be in same style on RA in next updates.

Excellent set, Rylsky, and of course, Evita. I love the more natural "hair style", glad to hear it will be evident in your upcoming RA sets.
I'm also glad to hear there are more sets in the works. Keep them (and me) coming!

I'm also glad to hear there are more sets in the works.
MUCH more. Evita's style is absolutely "unstoppably sensual" on RA. And I enjoyed her blog, let me recommend this blog of Evita to visit!


That is definitely good news!

My My, what a beauty!

Has a lady joined us? Welcome Jennifer. Your feminine perspective will be interesting.

I wouldn't make any assumptions here Neil...;o)

That is why I phrased it as a question. :)

But then you followed up with "Your 'feminine' perspective..."
Not much 'question' about your assumption in MY mind...unless you're thinking that their perspective will be feminine whether they are female or NOT...;o)

Agreed.... welcome, Jennifer.

Well, look who we have hear. The amazingly, stunningly, incredibly beautiful Evita Lima. One of Rylsky's supreme goddesses in his pantheon of divine beauty. You got to love her beautiful face, with such exquisite eyes and such an enticing smile. And her figure is breathtaking. Evita has been endowed with a perfectly gorgeous womanly body. Every aspect and facet of her beautiful body is no less than perfection.

Jenya has a fitting substitute.. Beautiful. xxx

Maybe with eemotoins and...you know what...
BUT I think Evita have nothing to learn from Jenya about posing.


I'll say it twice...

Jenya has a fitting substitute.. Beautiful. xxx

Wow... this is the first i have seen this beauty and she instantly won me over has soon as i saw her incredible eyes and wonderfully curvy body. I have never seen eyes that color before and i must admit I'm hooked on this beauty!! Great bush too! More please ASAP!!!

If you have time and if you are not a member of RA, you are welcome to free zone of RA to check more girls (including Evita Lima) before you see them here. you can also read model's blog or comments to any gallery with samples for free, etc.

The word "perfect" doesn't come close. Wow!! What a face! What truly amazing breasts! The magical color of those eyes! To say nothing of those luscious pussy lips and that cute-as-a-button backside. Dear Evita you are beyond words xxxxxxxx

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