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  • JANN
  • 11 months ago:

very professional !!!
I wish every set had these poses: MORE PLEASE !!!

...and what and incredibly pretty pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow!!! This girl is a complete beauty. Pretty all over. What a perfect body and pretty face, really pretty in every way. Gorgeous ass and tits and her long legs are just amazing. Her eyes and smile are just the best!

All wet and hairy down there... SUPERB!

Wow , this girl/woman is in the same league as Sophie and Anna AJ , a 20 , every pic was absolutely beautiful and worth viewing , I don't comment much but this babe is with out a doubt gorgeous from head to toe . Wow wow wow ......

  • Mg
  • 1 year ago:

This is the finest example of the perfect uniting of beauty, simplistic (indoor, yea) setting with perfect lighting, and highly skilled photographic genius coming together before our eyes. If only they could all be this way. Bravo.

This photo set gets downloaded and goes right to the top shelf. Very little cropping and when done it was done right. Excellent photos of a very beautiful model. Love everything about you Evita Lima. Thanks Evita and Rylsky, excellent.

Awesome set!! Evita Lima looks so hot, delicious and gorgeous! One of my all time favorites. Need a lot more please.

2 beautiful bushes in 2 days. What's happening there at Met? Are they finally starting to listen to the fans of this type of photo sets?

Let's hope it continues.

❤ the way her "filet mignon" is garnished!

Beautiful girl with an absolutely scrumptious ass!! And some great pictures of it!! VERY nice!

Lovely set. Evita is beyond gorgeous. And I love her pubic hair.

Sorry- huge mammaries don't quite do it for me..................

But if you look beyond them, I'm sure you'll agree that there are some very splendid "parts" that warrant close examination... ;o)

So that's what her bio defines as 'shaved', huh?

Its like hair color. Women change it all the time. Having Met track this from set to set would be a waste of time. Evita was shaved in her previous set, but her first and this one she is not. What do you put in the bio?

Rock is on the right track, just say "varies" in the bio and trust your own eyes.

it's called "the variety"

I think ALL bios should list all physical attributes as "various"...except maybe their height lol That 'might' stop 'some' of the confusion...;o)

You simply can't ask for a better set on the first page!! You want a beautiful face and an innocent look, see #'s 2,3, 4 and 6...you want beautiful breasts, see #8, nice bubble butt? Ok, you got #9...hey beautiful young woman, let's see you bend over and present a beautiful view, see #19...and that's just page 1....way to start a Friday, what a beautiful gal, thanks Evita and Rylsky....Doug should love this one, he's been quiet lately.

Have a great weekend everyone.....

I think doug's had a problem with coughing up hair balls... Doesn't wanna get 'em on his squawk box... ;o)

Evita: you are a beautiful young WOMAN, thank you for posing as is for this gallery.

Thank you Team Rylsky for staging and capturing this gallery.

Thank you K for publishing this gallery!

Evita Lima is very beautiful, and a very healthy teen-age girl. She is also a very good model. If you go to RA you will find more sets of Evita Lima.I gave her and Rylsky a 10++++. My only criticism(and its minor) is the she should wax the undercarriage,no try to shave it, but I do like the slight trim to fit her bikini.

Natural woman are back yes

Stunningly beautiful Miss Evita Lima. She is always so very gorgeous and so very sensual. Such a perfect womanly body, with all the right curves in all the places. And that beautiful face is oh so inviting.

The location seems completely new to me. Rylsky has found a great location in which to present one of hi very best models. I notice the literature displayed in the set, Runaway Jury and Patriot Games. Good books.

More convinced by the hour!! ;o)

After a gap of four months it is great to see stunning Evita Lima back on Met-Art. Also great to see Rylsky getting the camera right between her legs (Photos #80, #81 ,#82) so that we can enjoy some really intimate shots of this gorgeous 18 year old.

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