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Very nice girl. Unfortunately the set is ruined by over editing. Take a look at any photo. Let's say the photo number 1. Does the girl look natural? Does her skin look like alive human's skin ???

open 100% fullres , not reduced size. use only IPS monitor.
then came back and let me know what area did miss the texture of the skin.

for everybody who uses mid and lo res here - don't forget compression is poor and autoresizer works bad. but photographer take photos in 1 resolution and this is HIGHEST ONLY.

So beautiful—face, eyes, breasts, nipples, pussy, ass, legs, feet (have I missed anything?). Flawless, But I worry about that lovely fair skin. The next time Feeona has an exterior photo shoot, let me know. I'll come by and apply her sunscreen for her.

So bleached out from being overexposed, not even repairable with a good photo editing program. I feel bad for the models to be so misrepresented by such poor photography. The girls deserve more.

Nice lass, needs to eat more fibre :-)


I certainly hope not! Have you seen what the years have done to Brigitte?

Feeona is one gorgeous creature and continues to produce some of the best photos on the site! Overall, this set is far from her best, but contains a few exceptional shots. And that's no surprise....this is an exceptional model. But please return her to the bedroom...this looks like a compilation of several shoots.

This is a very special shoot. It was all done in one day and I think it is awesome because of this.

Compilation of shoots or compilation of settings, it's still a compilation and 'I' don't care for it as a 'set'. You can think it's awesome if you like, but that doesn't negate my opinion, which is what you seem to be attempting...

everybody has an opinion. My opinion:

one bedroom set after the other is boring as watching grass grow.

I love outdoor sets because they are always different.

53 favorite picture. A real *sigh*.

There are 5 shots there that are wonderful. #49 is my favorite but 50, 51, 52 and 53 are all simply delightful. Angelique is my name for them.

I agree. It is so sweet and real. How could you not like it.

Simply one of the gorgeous girls of metart.. I really look forward for her sets and this one didn't dissapoint at all. Cute, angel-like face with a fresh and sensual body, what else can you ask for?

But thanks for the closeups and hope to see more shoots of her

I like her more with her armpits hairy. She's one of my favorite girls.

She definitely has one of the most beautiful faces ever photographed at Met.

....many of the pics are too grainy, Rylsky --- I know you're able to do it better!

I have noticed this on many photo sets by many of the artists her and I am beginning to think that is something that is happening after the set is sent to Metart because of compressing the files for the internet. These files are huge and take up huge amounts of storage and if they were sent as raw files they would take forever to download. Though the artist is shooting with high resolution high tech equipment bandwidth dictates that they must be sent in compressed form which adds a lot of noise. To download 100 or more 30meg uncompressed files would bog down your computer and make it run so slow you would never do it.

The photographer knows what's up --- I don't submit a technical explanation in this case...!

I also noticed that the photographer gets a grainy photo...
whether the fault is too high ISO sensitivity of the camera?
or perhaps photoshop was used incorrectly...
Mr Rylsky...WHY? ( Members are waiting for clarification)

Do you ask the cook for the recipe at restaurants too...??

Gorgeous, sexy girl!!! The set has a lot of great shots, but some more rear view poses, and a few close-ups of her beautiful pussy would have made it even better!!!

Agreed, but that's true of every set ever photographed.

Now this is ART! Rylski at his best with one of his sweetest models! The variety was nothing short of awesome. So many different moods and creative settings and poses. Feoona is an angel and I love her more than is reasonable. I think she is one of the most underrated models on metart. How can any one look at that cute face and not fall in love.

This set is one of the best I have seen on Metart. Both Rylski and Feoona gave their utmost for this set.

10 plus plus plus

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