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Terrible light and color on the photos. One more Rylsky's set is ruined by over editing.

Feeona is definitely one of my top five girls and so, one of the girls I wait for the most. To know she's been photographed by Rylsky is just a quality warranty. Excellent work and please keep posting as many Feeona's sets as possible, I just can't get enough of her!

  • 2 years ago:

Imagine her with pointed ears... she is the perfect pixie... Adorably cute!

Hand bags down please .

For anyone keeping score, that's:
Rylsky, 10, Troll, zero.
Don't mess with the best.

Love all the beautiful close-ups of Feeona's gorgeous face. I can't stop looking into her big beautiful eyes and dreaming of kissing her luscious lips.

Love the pub patch, Feeona.

Sexy, sexy, sexy.

Love how Feeona's curves are shown in pic #109, and pic #3.....what a gorgeous shot of a pretty young lady!

Feeona here, is not the problem. It's her bloody artist(?!!!) Rylsky's work with Feeona has been going backwards since the first time they worked together. I could list 20 photographers - not shooters - who would bring out the ultimate best in Feeona, without having t think about it!!

"Problem"?? What "problem" could you possibly be referring to? I don't see where anyone has a "problem" with this set except you. Maybe YOUR "problem" is deep-seeded with Rylsky in general....? Snubbed as a budding photographer?? It sounds "personal" whatever it is, and out of place here.

Why not visit those "20 photographers - not shooters" of your dream and enjoy them? Why visit my galleries without any piece of respect? 20+1(you) is a perfect company to enjoy the life together. I will never compare any vs. any because if erotic photography is a sport competition for you, then... read my lips.

BTW, why do you think that models choice (who she sgreed to work with) is based on a same thing as a car agreed to be in your hands and under your ass if you buy it in a store? Girls have soul, car have not. you can buy car and car will never say something like "i feel myself comfortable with you".

Turn on your brain: girls are NOT cars, girls are NOT meat and many of my models are NOT models, they are REAl. And erotica is not competition, it is SENSE, can not be measured.

relax. enjoy.


You don't take criticism very well, do you, Rylsky.

I agree with you. The women you photograph are not objects, or products, or commodities, they are human beings. But photographs of them that are sold on a website like met-art ARE a product. The poster above (Rich) is giving you feedback about a product you make and sell. If you don't listen to the feedback that customers give you then you won't give them what they want, they wont buy it from you and you will stop making money. If you don't make money you won't be able to get women to model for you and you won't be an erotic photographer anymore.

Any feedback without any respect is not a thing that can called a "criticism" (IMO).

I do always take my attention to criticism and I try to be very variable and produce different sets.
The "product" in erotic industry is not what can be described and erotic at all is not the axiom that MUST be used in architecture (or jewelry) photography. When it is jewelry - I know the rules, it is same for a long time and will stay the same. When we talk about women and erotica - we have no rules, that's what i'm trying to say. The way criticism goes to these genres is the huge difference: when I know that I don't follow rules of jewelry photography - it must be fixed and sales goes down until find better photographer, but there's no strong rules in our genre. You will never describe why you love some woman! All the people around you choose another girls as a fact.

And if you are talking about this genre of photography as a biz - let me say that I know this market well (believe it or not). And I have no problem with negative comments, because it is always traffic and views count. Am I serious ? Dunno :)

I will never try to make everybody love the way I making my photos, because it is impossible when it is about senses. If somebody think that everybody love him - give him ticket to psychiatrist. Do you know any President with 100% votes? North Korea?

The more fans you have - the more negative feedback you have as "bonus". Ask Ford, ask Zuckerberg, ask Sinatra, ask Coca-Cola, ask Microsoft, etc.
Try to find 1 image (car, song, poetry, drink) that everybody like. No way.

It is very long discussion, but I hope you understand me.
I just have no idea why waste a time on this when you came here to enjoy.
I hope it is my last comment about all these things.

What a jewel of a woman! Beautiful in every respect. She's one of my dream girls.

I have been saving Feeona's sets under the category Its All Good. I see no reason to change after today.

Rylsky sets - just download them. Look at the pics while the download is happening.

Some minor points (what is going on with her toe nails?) but all in all - the membership fee has been well spent...

Yes, this is definitely the best set today or maybe of the week. First of all, Fee is just stunningly beautiful. Very well shot, the variety of settings and poses all perfectly capture this lovely young lady. Excellent sets like this are why I joined Met-art.

Her beauty is breathtaking, just the sweetest face and a nice body to go with it, one of my favorites on Met

What an angel! There are some fantastically sexy poses here. My faves are those pretty little soles and cute anus peeping out in #105 and the amazing hard nipples in #117, Rylsky and Feeona get it right every time. Great job!

Feeona is looking great in this set.

Total agreement, Feeona never disappoints. This set was obviously shot on the same trip with the video Go Outside, I like the hair and the earrings. They really accent her pretty face and lovely smile.

"Go Outside"?? What do you mean? Where is that?


Sorry, About that. That video is on Rylsky art and is well worth signing up for if you need an incentive. For $10 a month why not join us. All of the ladies he posts here in original sets plus some you haven't seen.

Just kiddin' hipshot...lol I saw what he(Rylsky) said, and that someone didn't appreciate my sarcasm, with a thumbs down...lol;o)
I can't afford to stay HERE much longer, let alone pay for more, but thanks for the low down...;o)

I can sympathize with that. The one percenters have pretty much sucked the life out of me too.

You probably feel like me too...this is one pleasure that I refuse to give up until the bitter end...which may not be far away! lol

some people can ask what you meant as "the video Go Outside" because this video located on RylskyArt.com
thank you for compliments.


So, Rylsky, you do exist? Not just an automated robot?

I take my photography Very Seriously, but unlike you, I have just one site on which to place my images. It's a business site, on which I cannot afford to place crap.

You, however, since your affiliation to M-A have the benefit of two sites. RylskyArt, where I BET you wouldn't dare place dud images, and here, at M-A, where it doesn't matter, because we're paying for the site en masse, take-what-comes.

You were ONCE, my most sought-after photographer. (Along with Tony Murano), where you photographed your models as real, live, animated, expressive human beings.

Your work Here, at M-A has become robotic, inanimate and dull. IMHO, you no longer deserve your what #10 rating at M-A. Again, IMHO, you don't make the top 100.

Tony, Antonio, Sergey, Alex, Balius, Alex, Domingo, and many others, produce sets whose images leap out of the screen at you. You no longer do that.

I'll be looking forward to you response. Surely there is a reason for the drop in standard (IMHO) of your work?

erotica is not competition, it is SENSE, can not be measured.

relax. enjoy.

I don't need you and all the people to love me following their rules, it's impossible. Let me enjoy my way and you can enjoy anything but me. If i will ever want you to teach me how to please you personally - I will call you.


" I will call you."....lmao! Hilarious!

Magnificent!! I gave this a ten before I even looked at it. I KNOW this is one of the models that Rylsky NEVER misses the 'mark' with! Feeona is absolutely exquisite, as well as this set. Another model who seems to be incapable of producing a 'bad' set! Must be the shooter...;o) Kudos!!

Absolute crap!! Rockhard, IMHO. This set is total bullshit. Rylsky, in my opinion, just doesn't get it. For me, there are just TWO, (2) images I like in this set, but even then, I can't keep them in Toto. 86 I'd keep for the set of her lips and 114, just for the look in her eyes.
For Rylsky, M-A has become the dumping ground for his crap. It's as obvious as dog's-balls TO ME that since Rylsky became affiliated to M-A in early 2012, his submissions here have become crap.
His sets have become flat, one-dimensional, toneless crap. Feeona's make-up is all wrong, too pale for the background. Her eyes and lips undefined in almost completely white images. Rylsky goes for either shades of black or shades of white. Then he sets his camera up, sets it for an image every five minutes, then leaves. Judging by the results of his work in the past 15 months, I think HE must play with himself during the period of he shoot. Because that is what I think his work has become. Just a bloody jack-off!!

A seriously bizarre rant. Compared to the technically-flawed sets we frequently see here this is great stuff.

But you get humor points for "IMHO". Nothing humble about the way you've expressed your opinion. Which has gotta be tough when it looks like nobody agrees with you.

Thanks for your opposing view Rich, it makes things interesting. But your 'rant', I believe, falls on deaf ears...for the most part. Most of us aren't looking for that "Hollywood look" that you describe. Rylsky puts crap up here 'sometimes' just like all the other photographers here do, but this set does not fall into that category....IMHO. I don't understand why someone would put all this energy into ragging on a photographer, when there are so many more to choose from on the site. Do you honestly think he will change his style to suit any particular person? I think he made that crystal clear. Your description of his "technique", while quite amusing, is just that..."amusing". Cheers mate!!

Rich, I find this sort of post offensive and unnecessary. This is not a comment it is an attack and is in very bad taste. Whatever it is that you find "wrong" with this work is in your head not the photos in this set. If this work does not please your bitter tongue I suggest you refrain from looking at his sets and go to the "other" artists that you like. It is obvious that your opinions are in the minority here and not very well received. If you wish to be a troll do it elsewhere.

Hey, hipshot,
Rich is absolutely right. While Rylsky makes very good videos, his photos are terrible!!! Take a look at the model's skin. It is pale and looks un-alive. The photos like this are called "wax doll" The photos are over-over-over edited. The models on Rylsky's photos look unnatural. Or should I say - dead?

Yes, this was my last answer to him. I have no time for troll anymore.


Mr. Rylsky do you always call critics "troll" ? People who say good things about your work are good guys, but any critic is a "troll" isn't it?
Dear Mr. Rylsky, let's face the truth: your photos have terrible lights, colors and shades. Due to over used editing the model looks like dead fish. When people tell you that it has nothing to do with "trolling"

Ok, if this is dead fish - why you waste your time watchin it?
MetArt is an ocean of fresh fish and seafood then. Or you just want me to do something special exactly for you? You are welcome, you know my email (just send it to metart content managers).

Please quote what is constructive in this "critic"? Nad who are these "constructive people"?
Constructive means helpful.
Words are useless if no proofs or advices written clearly. Saying "nice work" or "terrible lights" are equally meaningless.

Also please quote my comment about "Rylsky liked compliments to him"

I remember when you tell me that you are "one of Rylsky's personal assistants"... Pretty funny guy... This is fun 'trolling' the comments...yes?

"Any kind of interest is an interest" - main rule of showbiz which is also about any paysite in our times as well.

But all the things have borders. Trolling the way we see here from a member is really for once (funny or not), because he shows that discussion is under reasonable level which means we can talk this way about nothing, nomore answers for him, he can use any words, any votes here, but he will only see himself in a mirror. He asked if Rylsky exist. For Rylsky this member is not. For sure. He said it all, the diagnosis is clear. The thing that makes troll happy is to continue to bombing shitballs from him - to him. No time for this.

When message is from Rylsky - it is with his name below message.

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