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less tease more please

I hope Feeona knows that she is greatly loved by many people everywhere.
She brings great joy to many viewers with every set. :)

Yes she knows. Be sure.

as I said before, I love those 'everyday' pics thrown in. It helps to build a complete mental image. Pic 1 or 20 for example. This could be your holydays with your girl - and reminds one that those girls are real and not just some meat on display.

I also like beach sets once in a while - being jealous of those naughty sand grains... and Feenona is so very sweet in this set. Bright sun might not be her best friend. But this 'holyday' feeling radiating from the set is much appreciated.

There is always a holiday feel in Feeona's sets. That is what makes her a great model. She has an air of fun and joy for life that few models can give. With Feeona what you see "is" Feeona. Not a doll or puppet but a real living girl complete in every way. For those that haven't noticed purple is Feeona's favorite color and it looks great on her.

I wish you had done some casual shots shopping and in that cafe sipping coffee and enjoying the sea air. Talking about the delicious idea of filming on the beach with people nearby. I bet the expression on Feeona's face thinking about it was priceless. I too like the casual fully clothed photos. As said above they give you such a window into the real girl.

real life:

- walking:

- visage making

- picnic + 3 locations in 1 set

- public

- restaurant - i miss this set but it is in metart's next updates of Feeona

+ she was presented indoors, outdoors, professional makeup, no makeup, long hair, curly hair, short hair, unshaven, shaved, trimmed...

And I loved each and every one of them.
That first set is my favorite! I love that dress, her hair and the way she played with the camera. That is where I fell in love with Feeona. But then doing her makeup and playing with the hair dryer..... and the triple location set. The acrobatics on the pool ladder and the way see hugged that pole in the last location....and in MOV in another lovely purple dress even unshaven she is a delight and you are a lucky man to spend so much time with her. I know you are always taking photos but is it really work? I would love such work!

Feeona never fails to enchant me. Dressed or not. But then you knew that already ;)

Thank you. From now on I try to break the final border between you and my models: If model agreed - we start for her special page on RylskyArt.com with her own blog. More reality, get her own answers, enjoy.
We start with Kei today. Feeona, Nikia is in this list too. It depends only on a model... Just don't hurt them, I know you will never make any hurt. "Handle with care"

you are really good at selling your site. Really. *G*

"some casual shots shopping and in that cafe sipping coffee and enjoying the sea air"
I hope you've seen it in my sets already. include it in 1 set is not what METART will accept from photographer. 10 photos - yes, 20 - trouble, 20+: read metart guidelines, will never agreed.
It is possible, but only on a personal site.
"Talking about the delicious idea of filming on the beach with people nearby."
Keep in mind that we live in era of private life goes public, BUT we must respect people that was not agreed to be photographed, I will not have them sign model release for everybody who was at the backround + trademarks + restaurant name photographed, etc. We must respect a law and a culture+history as well and not made any troubles to our site. That's why I have strong 'no" for many things.
As example, if the location is nice but any Church visible - no way I will shoot nude model there.

Thank you for very useful and interesting comment

Did anyone else notice what Fee is wearing in the first few photos of the set? A blue shirt and purple slacks (pants), not a perfect fashion choice. But it does underscore what I like best about this set. This set could have been titled "Fee's Summer Vacation". It shows a beautiful young woman enjoying the brilliant sunshine on a wonderful beach, while discretely sharing her beauty and sensuality with the camera.

true. it was our walk and it was her vacations, shopping for souvenirs, etc.
another part was in caffee 30 meters from the seacoast. it became nude photoset when starts like a walk...

Feeona rates a 10 just for showing up, whatever the location. She is not only one of Met's most beautiful models, she is one of the relative handful who project a unique personality through the camera. (It's probably no coincidence that many those who do are on Rylsky's roster.) I'm delighted with this set. If I have any complaint, it's that the outdoor light forced Feeona to squint, and we didn't get the full impact of those wonderful eyes.

Feeona will always rate a 10 from me but sometimes a setting just does not work with even the most fantastic model. This one did not show Feeona in a good light which is actually a very good way to put it. :)

It's amazing that this is the lowest rated set for the day so far, something is wrong with that

When you have your own opinion and your own favorite - why look what others choose or vote for? If you care about ratings and votes when you choose your wife - you have no chance to choose the 1 you really love.

I don't think that my sets are perfect or better than anybody else's. My comment is only about "something is wrong with that". Nothing wrong. Use your own senses to get your own emotions.

Feeona is one of my favorite models and she knows it but this is not her best set. The bright sun was a bit to much for her. It causes her to squint which hides those big lovely eyes which are one of her best features. With her pale skin bright sun and sandy beaches are not her best environment. She needs to be in a shaded meadow with lovely flowers and deep green bushes or a sparkling brook nearby.

I love you Fee but Rylsky picked the wrong place for this shoot.

Thank you for be honest. We just tried to do something different and experiment to do set that we both wanted to try. It was fun and we was in good mood, it is important. You don't like it - also important and recorded in our inputs for future work.

With that pretty face and sexy mouth you would not want to stop kissing this beautiful angel.....

Perfect example of how to write comment full of "sexual things" but without to be vulgar.
I appreciate it. Big thanks from all models as well.

Among Feeona's many great physical attributes her glass cutters stand out, especially when the surrounding areolae are all wrinkly. I always like Rylsky's work but shame on him for exposing her lovely labia to irritating sand. I love the exuberance and physicality expressed and captured in 116 and 118.

I agree with you about the sand, but I bet that was Feeone's move. I think there may have been some other people near by, she may have needed to hide a little by that beach pavilion. And that exuberant joy was nice to see. Feeona and Rylskydid a great job

It was near caffee on a sunny beach. Yes, people was around:)

Oh how naughty! I love it.

Undoubtful one of the better works of Rylsky - not only the usual poses we saw already some 1000 times.

feel free to teach me poses I never used. it will be helpful and very interesting. and as sweet addition specially for me - please show me some photographer who never used same poses more than once. my cola is in refrigerator and my popcorn ready. just waiting for your reply to enjoy links and yoiur answer.
thank you in advance, sir.

Please more on all fours from side and behind. Prefer Legs spread. Model looking forward and behind. Hands on body helps also. I would like this in all your sets if possible .

Thank you. That's what I call "useful comment".

"thank you" was for comment of Favorito. for link and describing.

Rylsky, This set is a good example of all fours, and hands on. Reviewers seem to like poses from this set.


maybe uuusssee could take some pictures posing those rare poses and send them in... I am sure we ALL love to see them.

just more cola + more popcorn needed...

The models have a limited number of joints and can bend them just so far. Sooner or later, they will have done it all. It is time to start photographing nude octopus. Sexy!

The beautiful blonde Feeona a fresco by the seashore. What a wonderful photo set for thec1st day of August. Feeona is absolutely stunning in this set. Her magificent body in the bright sunshine on a wonderful sunny day. How perfect! To me this is about as perfect as a photoset can get. These a fresco shoots are so dificult to pull off. So many factors have to be considered and coordinated. But Rylsky and Feeona nailed it. Its like spending a nice afternoon with a beautiful lady an the beach. Feeona is beautiful as usual. And the spendor of Russia's natural beauty. Wonderful! Just wonderful.

thank you

Feeona's forte seems to be nice photo sets showing her in pleasant locations like parks a tourist locations. Lovely little visits with a pretty young lady. I love them. What a pleasure.

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