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beautiful girl!! I hope there were no splinter injuries!!

Deep Euro Anal, Pink Anal, Pink Pussy, Beautiful Clit, Perfect Pink Nipples, Pretty girl, Great Body, Eat that Pussy, tongue tight ass, likable all over, pretty eyes.

Feeona is such a super cute and she is so beautiful with white lingerie and Rylsky is probably one of the best to take open air photos, but, of course, the beauty of Feeona does matter a lot !

tender skin on rough wood. Oh yes.

If she ever needs someone to pull some splinters out of her skin, give me a call ;)

(protip, cannulas.. they work great. Or the corner of a razor blade, but cannulas are best...)

no splinter, it is private house with all safety possible, not a "Amazonian wild forest" with insects and razor-grass around.

too bad, there goes my career....

I mean, jolly good! Nobody wants her to get hurt!

Oh -- yet another "rustic tableau", I see.

Freeona resembles a younger Jaime Pressly a little (from certain angles, e.g. image #5) when she smiles.

You are a very fortunate man Rylsky.

A very nice set, Feeona's personality shines through. You only get this type of result when the model and photog have a good working relationship. I'm sure she is just as sweet in person as she appears in this set. A keeper, like all of Feeona/Rylsky sets have been.

I am a bubble butt fan and always appreciate a visit from Feeona. She is so attractive and photogenic! Thanks and kudos to both Feeona and Rylsky (if this sentence looks familiar, its because I have probably used it or similar for many, many of Rylsky's lovely models).

Feeona brings it in every shot. I don't think there is anyway to not get a great picture of her. Every inch of her is photogenic. I see she is a also on your site, apparently a lot. She appears playful throughout. You must have fun when she is in front of the camera. At least that is what she projects. I got your message about ratings and I agree, but once again Feeona is, for me, underrated. Great work...

You are right. She is Rylsky's exclusive what means we are friends.

The last several sets, Feeona had seemed somewhat detatched or unenthusiastic, at least to me.
Well, in this impressive set, Feeona is back and better than ever!
Fantastic set. Kudos to Feeona and Rylsky both.

The wonderfully beautiful Feeona, what a sweetheart. Such a delightful pleasant visit with this beautiful lady. Rylsky has brought us to this rustic location before, with other young ladies. Today, the charming Feeona is our host. Delightful! Thank you Rylsky and Feeona for a very nice visit.

Thank you, Neil!

I love this set. Feeona's looks great and those legs look wonderful in stockings.

Feeona, sweetheart, you're more beautiful than ever. xoxo

unbelievable !!!

unbelievable !!!

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