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Very cute.


A gorgeous model, totally nude, stunning explicit poses, no pretense, wide open, wow what set

Great shots. More unshaven underarms, please.

cute face

OMG..very gorgeous she has very innocence flare to her but unclothed and naked she looks truly erotic..my type of gal:)I also love the legs and feet..would love them wrapped around my body:)

The lovely, the breathtaking, the unique Feeona... my my, such a great set, I will risk calling it her best yet.
I hope she keeps coming back, surprising me, taking my breath away... this is an icredibly beautiful woman. ( :

I love EVERY set of Feeona just because she IS Feeona. We meet her in early sets and then we get to know her better as time goes along. What a nice person and a kind lady with a caring attitude towards viewers! :)

There are some excellent and very sexy shots in this set, which gave me great satisfaction. I understand those who prefer arty shots would look upon me with scorn, but I just love seeing the girls on their backs with open legs and inviting open pussies. Having said that, I think Fee is absolutely gorgeous and I like all the photos of her.

I checked out the set of Fee in a purple dress as suggested and agree that it is very impressive. I got very excited with image 71 and the others around that number. Even just a face shot of the right girl is much appreciated. In this case image 16 is excellent.

No argument from me! This is an erotic site after all. The art should be in the girls themselves and how well the photographer presents them. Feeona looks just as cute and sexy fully dressed! Check out her first set in that cute purple dress.

love these pictures love rylsky work thanks so much

I love Feeona in every set but this is her best in a long time. She has grown as a model but her original fun personality has remained. The best of both worlds! I love the hair style and slightly darker color. This is a woman who does not need to shave. Mother nature blessed her with just the right amount of hair to highlight but not obscure that lovely set of lower lips. Of course for me Fee is perfect in every way so it would be hard not to love her. Her secrete power is personality. How could I look at that cute face with all it's sweet expressions and not fall in love.

Rylsky, First you are a lucky man to know such a woman. Second, you did a superb job in the set of picking the right colors, background and order of poses. Those fist 10 shots are a perfect intro to Fee for anyone who was born yesterday and had not seen this sweetheart before or us who love her already. The closeups are superb as usual both intimate and portrait. Some of the intimate ones are spectacular.

I love you Fee, but then you knew that already ;) Great job from both of you. The Rylsky/Feeona partnership has given me much happiness and I hope it will continue for a long time to come.

Fee, please make some more videos. Your fans love them.

I really don't understand the negative comments here.
She's a beautiful woman with a beautiful body.
What's not to like about this set?
I just wish more women would let their natural hair grow.

very easy. some people can't enjoy a life when they see that somebody enjoyed what he don't. what to do with it? go away? no, because he will not be happy when somebody is. to be happy he will say that we all here idiots and losers. this is the only way to be happy for him. diagnosis: neurotic troll. don't feed him. relax.

Dana Perino lookalike.

Feonna is just perfect here. Everything about her.

+1 on that

Three words come to mind when I view this set of Feeona. Beautiful! Luscious! Perfección!

you said it!

I second that...

I second that...

Rylsky, You're a Master of photography! Thank you! If you've made a movie of during this photoset, can you release it soon? I know most everyone would just love to see Feeona in this setting!

no videos in this location, sorry

Sad! Feeona in motion is a dream come true and she seemed so in tune with the camera that day and the colors were perfect for her.

agreed, but never push on model if she dislike something to do.

You are saying that Feeona doesn't like to do videos in general? Or just that day?

already answered. or you need an answer about her mood every single day?
i never push any model in GENERAl. at least you can see some movies with Feeona here and on my site.

I think my question was not worded well. In any case, it seems as if the answer is that Fee didn't want to do a video that day, but has done others. Thank you for responding.

yes, when she wanted and we was ready - we did videos and you see it. if girl said "no, thanks" - no videos. it is about all models in GENERAL.

10! Feeona! Вы одна из самых удивительно красивых женщин, что я когда-либо видел! Красивое лицо, дорогой! Такое идеальное тело, тоже! Я просто люблю, чтобы увидеть вашу киску открыть! У вас есть такие прекрасные розовые киски! Ты влажная, слишком! Я люблю видеть, что вы влажные, широко открыты и готовы! Красивый, дорогой! Сладкий, Прекрасная Дама, спасибо!

please never use Russian Cyrillic auto translation. model will easily read your on your native language, but English is much easier for her instead of broken translation Russian.

Ok, (; Thanks.

Feeona is perfectly beautiful and very sexy. I noticed on the pictures showing her feet that Rylsky pays attention to helping the model keep her feet clean. (I always kept a wet wash cloth for the model.) You'd be surprised how many photographers forget about dust on the studio floor. It's the herpes of indoor photography.

Mmm, mmm, mmm, what a beautiful woman!

Ry, you have pulled out all the stops on this one. What an amazing set, I agree with Swplf2 and sailor, this set is near perfect.

Great poses, beautiful model, setting that's not too distracting and compliments the models skin tones, great lighting, great dof throughout, this list goes on.

100% agreement

Et Dieu... créa la femme

Pictures showing the model with elephant-like legs (e.g. 116 & 117) are extremely unesthetic and therefore absolutely unnecessary.

"elephant-like legs (e.g. 116 & 117) are extremely unesthetic and therefore absolutely unnecessary."

btw, look at this gallery is absolutely unnecessary, especially when you feel you hate photographer before you turn on power on your computer. what for make yourself upset and unhappy? uuussseee your time better and enjoy what you like , never teach anyone to love somebody by making hate to another. not work if you have brain because if you have - you can choose your own way.

Typical Rylsky set: Repeats without end. Up to more than 10 times the same pose.

Much better than the sets shot by Rylsky!

I like Tony Murano's sets more than that one shot by Rylsky.

Enough Rylky shots now. Always the same poses. Would like to see some photo sets from the former photographers and especially from Leonardo!

Long shot Leo??? Give me a break Please! His work doesn't hold a candle to Rylsky or any other of the top photographers!

it's not about competition of photographers.
it's about what this member said and why I never will never answer to him except his own quotes. it says it all. hate is happiness and part of meaning of life. i am not psychoanalyst, but comments was made and words are stones. he used it for wars.

we all have our own vision, and that's why we are living in a world of possibilities, not in a world of standards. see the rainbow. if you hate 1 of colors - it will never be a rainbow. met-art is erotic rainbow.

How unfair, its a different angle of perspective. Objects that are closer appear larger. I appreciate Rylsky using different angles during his shoot.

This young lady is 108lbs and stands 5ft 4in. There is nothing that is elephant-like about her. Your comment is unnecessary.

Glass half full?

Feeona! I love this wonderfully, perfectly and amazingly beautiful woman. She is gorgeous. She is sweet. And she is disarmingly cute. What a doll.

As close to perfection as you will ever get...

Amen, brother. Feeona is so beautiful, so charming, so deliciously feminine that she defines her own category. When I look at her, I believe that this is how a beautiful woman should look, this is what feminine charms are all about (check out image 44, unbelievable). Sigh!

She is all that and much more!

If I could figure out how to count them, reliable, I would. They all look good to me. Have a great Sunday...

Easy to count. There are 20 images to a page. #44? page 3 4th photo ;)
Plus the number is always in the address line.

Thanks I finally got it. And yes 44 is great.

IMHO every shot of Fee is perfect!:)


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