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True soft feminine beauty.

One of the most beautiful girls of MetArt has fallen into the net.
Rylsky not let it escape.

Ambience, lights, atmosphere are not those of 'Dalga'
Unfortunately Feeona have entered the club of trimmed ladies.

First of all, I love Rylsky. One of my most favorite photographers.

Secondly, where are all the negative comments????? I see this set has its own, but this is no longer the met I have come to know now. Every set needs its own derogatory, unbalanced, and contrary to art comments. Hmmm, it would seem as if unforgiving.

For all models including Feeona, I especially like to see pretty fashions and accessories at the beginning of a set, like for example a pretty dress. Also, for all models including Feeona, I like to make their modeling work easy, so therefore I like to see safe and comfortable environments (not climbing on hard sharp rocks). :)

ok, i leave her in danger place with razor-like stones and she was soooooo unhappy - look into her eyes to see it.

Hi Rylsky, I would love to see this lady wearing some kind of santa outfit posing near some presents and a crimbo tree, that will be the best christmas gift for me :)

Hi, Matt.
I am sorry, but St. Claus is close to religion, you 'll never see anything that could hurt religious members. Neither Christian churches, nor any symbols of Islam even as background.

ok no worries :)

Rylsky, you are not only an excellent photographer and an interesting philosopher, but also a first class comic. I always get a laugh out of reading your replies.

I also enjoy his wit and sense of humor.

Give the kid a break --

The bodysuit was just something different.

There is only so much you can do with butt-naked before it gets boring, even for Feeona.

Got my "10" for today.

oh, I do enjoy the occasional costumes and stuff. Does not change the fact that this suit just leaves a certain impression.

Fee looks as good as ever, but is particularly charming in this set. What a sweetheart! Really like her in 86 & 89. The body stocking was okay to open with, but glad it wasn't on for the entire set.

The shots of her climbing on the rock wall were interesting, and probably challenging to shoot.

I am just glad she did not wear that 'I am a cheap sex toy' suit for the whole set.

it was just her wish to make something unusual.

I found the rock wall climbing more unusual and liked that part of the shoot the best.

Dana Parino lookalike.

President Bush's press secretary? Dana Perino is 41 years old. Feeona is young and remarkably beautiful.

I thought Ms. Perino was very attractive. Just because she's in her 40's (as am I, ferhevinsake... how'd THAT happen?!?) doesn't mean she can't be as attractive as Feeona.
Her politics, on the other hand... VERY unattractive.

I love the bodysuit.it lets Feeona switch from cute to mind-blowing hottie whenever she wants to.


You and your buddy a2m2 can hang out and send ALL CAP messages to each other.

At least a2m2 isn't a sexist ass. Most of his comments are compliments to the models. Cattleya's are frequently insensitive and frequently boorish and insulting to the models.
I really don't think they're in the same league, even though both use all caps.

dumb comment lose the all-caps...we want more considerate comments

Hear hear. Well said.

Try Minnesota -- I hear the place is crawling with beaver.



Nice photos - very short gallery, did you run out of film?

just let us know what did you miss in this gallery to know what to add.

A few more rear shots sans body suit would be nice.

Thank you.

I'd go rock climbing with the lovely Feeona any day. ( :

This must be what women in paradise look like! Feeona A. is one of the best models on the site!!

Feeona is such a beautiful woman, with a wonderful angelic face. She is so very cute and so very sweet. It is always a true pleasure to review any of her sets. I am not a fan of the black body stocking contraption, but Feeona is so pretty and so sweet, I can overlook such a thing.

What can I say? It's Feeona my lovely angel. I am not into body stockings but at least these had a pattern and not that aweful fishnet. Of course they are on Fee so they are bound to look good. Her most beautiful asset is and always will be that cute face and knowing smile. It on my heart in her first set and I am still eager to see it each time she poses for Rylsky.

I totally agree about fishnet, hipshot. Like thongs, fishnets are far too overdone.

My god this woman is beautiful, even in that ridiculous lace whatever that stayed on far too long. She is fine wine, not red or white, but a vintage Château d'Yquem—a sweet, glorious dessert wine, heaven in a bottle. I love her eyes, her captivating smile, her flawless complexion—and the new, longer hairdo. 10 forever.

omg!! i've spent months looking for "the perfect girl" on met art and wow fee is the hottest, by a mile I would love to be the camera man haha lol, a lot of models on here are too skiny for my liking but fee has quite a nice curvy body, love her sooo much.

Cin Cin (Cheers, Vashe zdorovje) Sailor, to the happiness of Feeona 10 forever!

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