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  • JANN
  • 11 months ago:

some good shots !!! from below:pussy/ass/eyecontact perfect !!!more please !!

An absolutely fabulous set of photos...great poses!

It's Feeona. That's all I need to know.

Lots of pussy on a beautiful girl. Got what I paid for. I'm happy.

Alright Rylsky, I'm tired if this... you're killing me. I checked out the free preview of your site and I see some of the same and some different models that are on this site, sweet. What I couldn't figure out was how many new sets a day you have and if it's less than Met-Art, what justifies the $$$? Not that I have anything better to drop a dime on, and I know the the models and your "excellent" photography are most likely worth the bucks, but what will it take for me to join? You, your models or any of the members of your site are welcomed to respond.
By the way, love your work, but then I also love the work of some of the other photographers that don't have their own site.

One of the things I like about RylskyArt is the direct access to Rylsky himself. If you e-mail your comments on a MetArt gallery, the e-mail is received and read by K. And you might get a response. If you e-mail a comment on a RylskyArt update, Rylsky receives the message and responds to it immediately. RylskyArt also has blogs by some of the models.Your opinions and questions are important to Rylsky and he takes them seriously.

Hi there, I have been a member for a long time and there are lots of differences that make me a member. Exclusive content, more interaction with Rylsky and some of the models, added features that you don't get with MA. On RA Rylsky interacts more with the members, some of the models have blogs and will answer questions directly and the email option goes directly to Rylsky not someone at MA. Most of his new models debut there well before MA and some are not available on MA. Because it is his own site he is able to present content that wouldn't be seen on MA because of their required limits. So models are allowed to touch themselves if they want and in the G/G videos they can be more intimate. Don't get me wrong it is still soft core but they have more latitude there.

There can be anywhere from 5 to 7 updates a week 5 is minimum. there are also special features occasionally like sets of out takes and behind the scenes shots that I really like because you get to see the girls clowning around and having fun like real girls. Also on RA you can make content suggestions directly to the photographer and they sometimes get made into sets or videos and you are given credit for contributing.

Is it better than Met or Sexart??? I would say no. It is a whole different concept and more intimate. More like a club rather than a formal porn site. It has evolved a lot since it started and it is still evolving. With the members help and suggestions new content is always in the works.

Join us, make your contribution, I think you will find it a different and very pleasant experience.

And you get it at a reduced price by being on more than one Met site.

They didn't reduce MY price!!

reduced price is something that comes from time to time as special feture, I recommend members to subscribe to MA newsletters, I see promotional prices sometimes with letters that I receive in my email box (yes, I have subscribe). I also have seen some feature called "1 day for free" but I know nothing about details.

  • 2 years ago:

I think Rylsky does an excellent job describing what sets his site apart from the main Met-Art hub. But the most interesting and attractive aspect is the interaction with Rylsky and the models. Case in point? They take suggestions and act on them! It's very gratifying to see your ideas executed by a beautiful woman.

Rylsky's outreach on his site is a major factor why I'm a member there as well.


we have some ideas for special updates on RA for 2014:
- only Black & White (monochrome)
- only portraits
- only "closeups"

but we are in process of discussion about this.

Hmmm none of the 3 appeal to me. For what it's worth, monochrome is the least distasteful to me. Just one man's opinion...

Sure, all the things around us (especially about senses) good or bad only by our opinions. Or why we both not marry same woman?
I just try to make something special for my project. I don't think you change all furniture in hotel's room before you buy 2 days to live there. But you'll be happier when in 1 of 2 days some fresh and nice flowers + gift card with your name will appear on your table.


Thank you for honest opinion and for very good question. It was SAME question for me before I start RylskyArt.com

Please NEVER compare RylskyArt.com (RA) with ALL METART.com (MA)*** because even MULTIPLE photographers sites cannot compare to MetArt)...who am I to create better erotic site vs. MA? :)))

I will be happy to read here opinion from any member of RA.

So what are the differences that we have between personal site of Rylsky vs. Rylsky's sets on MetArt:

- Most of my NEW models presented on RA before MA and some of them are "RA only"

- No limits in "explicit" poses and.... you know what I mean. :)
The only "NO"s are naked boys & insert of toys.

- Blog pages (models, members, thoughts, ideas, celebrations, etc...). You can see it by yourself. it's free area on RA.

- I promise my interaction and communication with members only on RA, we (RA Team) even made sets by requests and "Special Weeks" was also because of members ideas and requests. I never guarantee that I will comment MA galleries or answer questions here.

- We ("We"= "RA Team" from now on)already have more videos of Rylsky on RA vs. MA. And it will grow. I don't think you'll see even 1 video from me on MA per month vs. 2 or more on RA monthly.

- We cannot guarantee how many Rylsky's photo sets will be updated on MA. On RA we can do it for sure. now it is 20+ updates per month. Who knows - maybe you will see nothing soon from Rylsky on MA, right?

- RA "backstage" series with 100% real life or funny moments. 4 times in year 2013. In 2014 it will be 5 or more.

- exclusive contracts for monthly updates on RA with some models for 3+ years. Now we have these contracts with Nikia (5 years), J. Milton (3+) and Zelda(3+). Maybe the same will be with our newest models too, let's talk about it!
As example, we will ask Evita Lima for this contract in April of 2014.

please DON'T forget that MA is 12+ years online, RA started in late 2012... if you ever visited MA archives even for 2004-2006 - you maybe can compare what content and what quantity (of sets) ... shorter sets on RA? what poses did you miss? tell us. what if we just choose best ones following member's and our opinions?

BTW...about shorter sets:
Julia F
By Slastyonoff
12 photos

Danielle C
Paradis V.
By Voronin
40 photos

yes, it IS Metart.com

because "to be a wife of President you must marry him when he was student". We just grow and we will do our best to be interesting for members.

...ufffff... I think everyone can say why he paid his money for something. Some members said they paid even for support our Team...I appreciate it a lot. Because we can grow only because and only with members support.

  • 2 years ago:

Jeff Milton is on a 3+ year set-a-month contract with RA? That's the best news I've heard all day!

I definitely agree with everything Rylsky is saying here. I'll just add that the "backstage" sets are often hilarious, and it's fun to see that the models are having fun on their shoots. It's also great to have the models actually talk on camera. RA really does interact with its subscribers. RA has a lot of personality to it.

So, take it from a happy RA member, anyone who likes MA should at the very least try one of the trial account deals MA offers. Check out what models are on the site. Many of my favorite models on MA are photographed by Rylsky, and I was happy to find many more sets for many of my favorites over on RA. It is, in many ways, more of the same as MA, except with looser content restrictions and a higher average quality of photography (it is, after all, Rylsky). There isn't as many sets or models, of course, but it's hard to beat MA's massive archive. Over the years, of course, RA's archive will get bigger and bigger.

If you're a fan of Rylsky's work, or just a collector and want all the sets on the MA network from your favorite Rylsky models, RA is a wonderful site to join and it'll only get better as more content gets added. I would definitely not say that RA is any sort of substitution for MA. It should be viewed as an addition, not a replacement. But it sure is a welcome addition.

Jeff Milton is on a 3+ year set-a-month contract with RA? That's the best news I've heard all day!
yes, 3+

..but UPDATES, not only sets:
Sets+vids+backstage+NO limits in posing and "doing nasty things"

Thank you's go out to all that have responded. I will be jumping on board tomorrow. I hope it's all it's made out to be. There are several ladies I'm dying to see, the quality of the movies and photos.

I do have 2 more question for Rylsky. Is Rylsky your first or last name and what nationality are you? Just curios, that's all, just curios. 10:20 PM, goodnight; big day tomorrow, big day on RA!

Hey rachsback, I dare not tell you the deal I got. You might try to reach through cyber space and slap me! :) Thanks R.

Is Rylsky your first or last name and what nationality are you?
- Rylsky is nickname. Same as many people use it for make it short and recognizable... Who knows the real name of Pele? etc.

- My blood is mix of mostly Slavic Nations, but you know that all of us was created from 1 pair of humans, right?
...so the Nationality is not important. Culture around you, family and your interests are much more important if you want to understand somebody.

please stop questions about private life in the future. thanks.
but feel free to ask anything, but on RA - preferred.

Or be Carla Bruni.

Rylsky, you have a tough job. I envy you!

just try it! most people here think it's easy "money 4 nuthin and chicks 4free"

Ha ha! If it were easy, every single one of us would have his own website. ( : ( : ( :

Do you have the blister on your thumb?? ;o)


I swear to god, you guys want me to die of stress...

Good for laughing, less for trashing.

These little tantrums of yours serve only to illustrate your immaturity.
What are you...about 14??


ok, teach them how to wear their clothes. I have no idea what to do with any bra or any lingerie, I just never use it... You confused me a lot with your knowing how to wear or use female clothes... hmmm...

I feel myself comfortable with anything what my woman do for me.

You only encourage this behavior by responding to it. Don't you have more important things to do with your time?

I said it many times - I use my time for important things completely. But when I have time for answers and for fun - I just try to enjoy.

Ok... ;o) Pretty much the same reason I read comments...LOL

Yup, me too. ( : It can be amusing sometimes.

CAPS LOCK key, on or off. Off, please.


or just don't read "capslock comments" if you feel discomfort, sir.


No, a woman would not go to sleep with her nightie around her waist. It has to do with sensuality, snake. My gf will take off something sexy but keep it around to feel the sexy soft sensuality of it. To rub on her skin. Eroticism doesn't have to make sense, just enjoy the beauty of Feeona.

yep, if ppl use their clothes because of logic and because of rules - just imagine what must we wear? and all these swiss watches, sport cars, hats... Papua New Guinea or some wild Amazonian people do it the right way then...and yes, it is not Natural to see women on a screens. turn off computer and go to Mother Nature to see them.


Scream all you want. It will chance nothing except your blood pressure!

some people feel turn on after any scandal, it just make them hard.

Feeona is a totally lovely blonde who is perfectly posed against a great background. I agree some what with others, I don't think many photogs could pull the set together except Rylsky, and he has done it perfectly. And don't forget Feeona's collegues, Mila I and Jeff Milton and Evita Lima have updates, and Sandra Lauver has a new movie, for starters.This setis perfect,I gave both Feeona and Rylsky 10++++.Isn't Feeona an incredible blond beauty?

She is one special little lady and it all starts with that wonderful pixie face and the wonderful messages it sends. The body is awesome but it's her personality that sends me into hyper drive.

It is always a pleasure to see Feeona again. She is always supremely beautiful. And Rylsky has made a science of capturing her beauty. I think Feeona is at her very best in her outdoors sets, but she is always wonderful. I would love to spend a nice afternoon visiting with her.

Fee 10/10
Rylsky 10/10
Annoying critic 0/10


Comic Relief: the framed trellis grate thing has the same appeal under this window as it did yesterday behind the couch, where it was trying to help present Gabriela. I empathize. I too hope to eventually find a purpose.

This series was very much worth mucking about with the tv color settings.

Very risky choices of color and pattern. The light gold, dark gold is very close to the contrast between hair, skin, and nightie. The pattern of the wallpaper threatened somewhat the pattern of the dress. But it worked anyway.

The see through dress is as pleasing to see as a see through dress. :) Generally shown well, except when bunched about the waist. I liked #74 -around the legs.

There are some unconventional images here, the best for me being 43, the best of the whole series. 40, 41, and 93 stand out for being superb -the cropping works. In all these, the cropping works because of some unconventional creativity. The asymetrical and the off center effects are nice. It is not the poses in these four, but how they are presented.

The lattice work of which you speak is very common in older buildings. It is a cover for the steam heating radiator to keep people from getting burned and to cover the ugly old radiators. It was placed there long ago and Rylsky has nothing to do with it.

No intent to imply fault of the photographer.

No intent to imply fault of the photographer.

someday i'll learn.

"Framed Trellis Grate Thing"? Nope, never saw it, LOL

Thanks Feeona that was delicious

"great job by Feeona with all her cute and unusual poses and great camera work by Rylsky to capture it". What he said.

This set starts out strong ~ Feeona just looks so cute and adorable and sexy in that pretty chemise. And it gets better from there. She genuinely seems to enjoy sharing her beauty with us and that sense of having fun brings the set alive.

At least 8 nice similar pictures (## 81 - 88) - even in landscape format!!!

10/10 for Feeona! Lovely girl!

The 2/10 for the artist got forgot.

I think when we see no vote score from our King Referee - it just means 0/10

Another wonderful day on Metart. I think this set is my favourite but I'm not complaining about the other ones. Thanks!

No question what part Rylsky was highlighting in this set. Our little fee has come so far from the shy, cute, little blond that would hardly let us get a close look to this proud magnificent woman that we all fawn over. Fee has that wonderful look of innocent fun and joy of life that make me sigh just looking at that sweet smiling face. It would be a dream to spend a warm spring day with this lovely personality. A breakfast in a small cafe near the sea, a walk in a lovely park, a picnic in the shade of a huge old tree and playing in the tidal pools wondering over all the tiny creatures then a long leisurely stroll down the city streets looking in at the shops as the sun sets and the lights come on all the while soaking in the wonderful radiance of this sweet young thing. Ahh the stuff of dreams! Fee awakes the romantic in me and the cute little outfit in the beginning helps to fire those fantasies. I love the way Fee plays with the outfit and teases with that amazingly tantalizing smile and those flirty eyes.

Awesome set! and a great job by Feeona with all her cute and unusual poses and great camera work by Rylsky to capture it all to us.

This set doesn't awake the romantic in me because it's just an unnecessary disillusioning bum festival.

to make you happy: I feel myself very romantic after all your comments. yes, romantic, but the special kind of. it is about why you open cover with rylsky's name if you know you hate me, but you're writing over and over again... and sure you want anybody who like these galleries be with you in hate... why? loneliness? it is ALWAYS romantic if we trust in most popular literature... it's always not about happy relationships, but they call it "love"... crazy people. so you are VERY romantic to rylsky's sets.



I'd try, I really would. But I've got nothin.

The model is Feeona, so I downloaded the gallery.


Feeona ever gorgeous, thank you once again Rylsky

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