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One of the things I love about Feeona in this set is that she is not a skinny anorexic. This is the real beauty.

Very nice Rylsky, thank you!

Freeona is very, very, cute:)

....now, if that ain't an understatement, I don't know what is! LOL

The young woman was absolutely delicious!!!
p.s. any lots for sale near that hilltop location?

I think everyone knows I love Fee and this set just reinforces those feelings. She is the girl of my dreams and seeing her in that lovely dress was a real treat. It should have been at the beginning of the set though so there would have been a more natural flow. I miss the strip in most of Rylsky's sets. That is my one complaint about his work. The seduction of a girl disrobing for you is too often forgotten in the rush to get naked and raw. Fee looks sooooo good in that dress with the wind in her hair and the sun on her face. I am completely smitten by that pixie smile and those knowing eyes. Fee is a naturally seductive young lady but it comes from those eyes and that lovely face. Even fully clothed she still makes my heart swell and a smile come to my face. I can easily envision the joy of simply being with her. I know that a day spent with her would bring joyful memories for years to come. 8^)

Well spoken. Though I am glad we can see the dress as more than a lump of fabric on the ground or bunched around the waist.

33 to 35 and the pictures with the dress are some of my favorite on this site. The hairstyle is such to provide all the benefits of long hair while blocking nothing. The framing effect for the face is perfectly flattering. The way the wind is captured is captivating. That splash of blue earring complements sky and eye -an aesthetic delight.

This set was beautiful and inspiring. The peaceful nude solitude of images like 43, for example, would cause even the most moronic of our species to pause and reflect. The combination lonely path, the green, the blue sky, and youthful Feeona is more than praiseworthy. I find the world a little less disgusting than before.

Fee always has that effect on me! That's why see is so special. Had the been 20 shots of her in that dress I would still have been happy and the zen session at the end was perfect.

Pretty pixie pussy!

T love Feeona, but I wonder if she's challenged Kira D to a naked rock climbing race.Kira doesn't wear clothes or boots and lugs a back pack full of stuff in "Gamus"I know Feeona would have won,since I am giving her and Rylsky a 10+infinity, and I hope she didn't fall off the cliff. Man,amI glad my meds work,I couldn't watch otherwise.

I almost forgot(slaps hand)as much as I like the seaside cliff and sundress shots, shot 104 really gets to me.

Just absolutely too adorable for words... In that closing sequence, she looks like an elf, a magical creature of nature who's never needed clothes... ( :

Nice set of vacation pictures...;o)

She is definitely beautiful everywhere she goes.

Feeona is so gorgeous... she looks almost as good in the pretty sundress as out of it!

She DOES look as good! and as sexy too. That's why she is special. Seeing her frolicking about in that dress on a warm summer day would be good for a thousand wonderful memories.

Oh, heck yeah!

A Blonde Pearl for Rylsky's camera!!! Very nice Set!!! Feeona is Divine and I agree with Gaetano Maria and Neil:-) There are no words to describe this totally Stunning Mermaid born to be a Model:-) Thank You Feeona to be so Delicious from Head to Toes and come back soon, please. Sweet sweet Kisses to You...:-)

Feeona is indeed a gorgeous pearl!

Aphrodite has just been born from the foam of the sea .... and found Rylsky to spy on her.

The beautiful Feeona in two fantastic a fresco locations. Excellent! What more can I write about this supremely beautiful sweetheart? She is so perfectly gorgeous, so very precious, so incredibly cute. I think Feeona is at her best in a fresco shoots, so this gallery is perfect for me.

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