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I notice I'd already rated this young woman a 10. What more needs to be said? :-)

Gorgeous everything I love her and beaautiful setting absolutely gorgeous sexy provocative smile like she wanted it had sex with the camera ..

Very nice. Good photographic work, the model is very cute with a good smile. Lots of camera angles, and some real good close ups of a very nice cooter.

This is a beautiful model that is under-used in this set. Feeona is as beautiful as ever, but this kinda looks like someone was bored and its coming through. I hate it when that happens, specially to a woman as lovely as Feeona. I gave Feeona her 10++++

Lovely pixie pussy!

Magnificent! Exquisite!! What's not to love about this gorgeous female!!
Fee gets farther "under my skin" with each new set! "Deep in the heart of me"... Nice work R! GREAT work Fee!!! :o) XOXO

This is one of those sets where all the fine detail is lacking (or removed). It's like looking through a haze.

Fee is certainly one of the sweetest girls here. I'll bet her voice is just as sweet. The blue color of the drapes is perfect for her, especially with the color of her eyes. I think she is one of Rylsky's favorite subjects. She is a favorite of mine!

Nice job by Rylsky!!! I like both outside and inside:-) The colors are really brilliant!!! Blonde Kitten ♥Feeona♥ looks stunning in every way♥ Adorable from Head to Toes is this Dream Girl♥ Kiss kiss to You Beautiful ♥Feeona♥ and come back soon, please...

An above-average model in an average photoset.

Feeona looks beautiful and I like that dress, too.

But there are two points I don't like:
The abrupt change of the location
and that she doesn't wear underwear that she could take of slowly.

That last thing does not get enough play with any of the artists here or elsewhere on met. I am sure these girl do were panties in regular life but I guess there is a special rush to get to the pussy shots so they take off the panties before starting. :(

I fell in love with this dress when Jeff wore it for her introductory set on RA. Feeona wears it no less charmingly. And when it comes off, the charm only increases... ( :
Welcome back, Feeona, may your further visits be plentiful!

I think I remember a set, either here on on RA, where Nikia wears the same dress as well? It's a lovely dress. And popular!

Yes, I think you're right, Checkers!

Ah my lovely Princess Feeona! She is queen of my heart and master of my desires. I don't think I have ever seen a set with Fee that didn't raise my spirits. The intro in their favorite north sea resort in that cute little mini dress is vintage Feeona. Totally cute and massively seductive. She didn't even have to start taking off clothes to put a smile on my face. Then the change up to inside sans clothes and fee never missed a beat. Playing in the drapes, shot 44 and 45 highlighting that ober cute little butt then 48 through 52 studying that cute face and those big blue/grey eyes. All delightful and sweet to the core. 67 through 72-- the best of Feeona from one of her best angles then the piece du resistance #91 an utterly heart stopping close closeup in all her creamy glory and 2 more to follow. After that I sorta lost concentration.

"north sea resort", sir? what North? what Sea?

I don't know, I thought that is what you said? Anyway it is one of your favorite spots and has been in lots of sets, Especially with Fee.

NO, sir, I never said about North Sea. Here is the place (near sea, right) where avg temperature in May is +20C, July +35C, October +18C, December +10C... So beautiful North:)))

Feeona looks beautiful in that dress then awesome out of it.

Feeona is always so very beautiful and every so very cute. What a wonderfully remarkable young woman.

Rylsky has photographed many of his very best models in this lovely outdoor location. I am fascinated by this lovely location and Feeona is at her best in this kind of locations. The cute little dress is classic Rylsky. Jeff, Alexandra, Virginia Sun and others have worn that dress.

That's right! Virginia Sun! Mmmmmm the memories... ( :

Miss personality! That face and that knowing smile won my heart long ago.

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