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Very lovely!

Blonde Jewel Feeona:-)

Fee says in her bio to "Enjoy life and smile often." I am most certain that she lives by these words. She does smile often, and hers is one of the sweetest smiles to grace the Met family pages.

There is nothing wrong with having a dual-location set. Any chance to see Fee is welcomed by me, no matter the location(s).

Feeona is truly beautiful, and Rylsky has gives us some shots of her back, which is as lovely as her front. The only thing I would dispute is the cut of the dress, the color is perfect. You can see when she's wearing the oversize man's shirt that she does better with the simple cut. I gave Feeona and Rylsky a 10++++

ZIP links are not working.

I can open all pics:-)

Is it only me, or is anyone else having problems with the 'cover' and 'clean cover' links on some of these sets? Seems to have started Sunday and continues today.

Yes, me too, Floyd.

I can open both:-)

I agree – this set is not one of Rylsky's best efforts (which can be magnificent). However it is always good to see Feeona. Although possibly not the prettiest or sexiest model, I always feel better for looking at her sets and the day seems warmer and brighter. She has some deeper quality which seems to transcend the camera and the computer. Very special.

Far too much gimmick and way too little glamor. Feeona deserves better.

glamor? deserves better? do you have any idea why Feeo worked for 1 photographer only? DO you have any photo in her sets where you feel (her mood and her eyes) she was used as condom or piece of meat? show us. and think why women sometimes love to be crazy with her man... think about it.

What an amazing face!

surprised? our mission complete

Your surprise worked on me, Rylsky... I guess I didn't pay any attention to the cover photo! ( :

"Surprise" is NOT always "good"! Has "mission" become "most shock value"??
Do you like to be "Howard Stern" of Erotic Photography??


I like to be Rylsky, sir. I am not schizo, i hope.

I am completely surprised and turned on! It would be wonderful to be playing around with Feeona in the bathroom, in a dress, in a tub. Making love is supposed to be fun, enjoyable, and sometimes unexpected. This sure made my day!

Exactly, Dutchman, it is the spontaneity that keeps sex fresh and enjoyable. ( :

I was all set to jump up and do my "happy dance" -- cute girl, dress, heels, etc, etc.

But then the bathroom sink appeared !!

Comon' people !! The only thing "artsy" about a bathroom is the picture you hang opposite the toilet !

Generally I think spaces in bathrooms are too confining for good photography. The ones here with the sink under our model are vey good. That tile made for a distracting background. Some especially nice work with feet and shoes.

I love Fee, but I'm ready to ship Rylsky off to WaterWorld!!!

How about WallyWorld? ( ;

Feeona is both so beautiful both inside and outside.

Photo 82 is so sweet and innocent even with "the girls" out. Feeona is such a stunningly beautiful lady and has a smile to melt your heart.

Another dash of brilliance from the elfin Feoona. The bonus mini-set at the end was fun, always appreciate the button-down-and-nothing-else sets.

Well, this set took a turn between #27 & #28 that I did not see coming. I like being surprised. ( :

I wish I could say that I'm surprised too, but putting her in the tub with the dress still on was about the only thing he hasn't done with water yet!! I'm pretty sure that his next phase is to do a set completely "under water"!! Debajo del agua!! ;o)

Agreed --

That's different -- but NO cigar !

I don't know if was the Content Managers or Rylsky's decision to put two very different settings for this set, but I think it would have worked stronger by just focusing on one.

Check out his other sets, Addicted, you'll see that this is S.O.P. for Rylsky. ( :

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