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Incredible woman. She is special. Very much beautiful.


An-te! Muy Caliente! Ochen' Zharko! Molto Caldo! Very Hot!

I could easily see Fernanda gracing the cover of a SI: Swimsuit Edition, she's got that look. Striking face and gorgeous body! This set was a joy to stumble upon.

Just a question for METART & MATISS, where did you hide such beautiful girl? She doesn`t look a teenager, but a perfectly grown sex-goddess, Please be the first to display a girl like FERNANDA. ON the other hand She is PERFECT!!!

This model's secret, suggested in frame 90, is that she has more fun than any blonde!!! WOW!

Fernanda is a very real woman, and that comes out in this set. Genuine expressions, real beauty and real nice everything. Very sexy, and looks stunning in a bikini (though I'm glad she took it off).

Matiss knows how to shoot outside. He does a lot of his best work outdoors and this set is no exception. I'd love to see just one set of Fernanda indoors, but if not, I'll still be happy as long as she comes back.

I knew it! I knew it! I knew angels do exist!! Please more...Please!!

There is a GOD and he is a MAN, if you didn't give this girl 10 out of 10 there is some thing wrong with you.

Matiss how did you keep the camera steady!?

Wow! Great debut, Fernanda. You are a VERY good model and a VERY beautiful, VERY sexy woman.

Beautiful location, too. Love the fabric in the beams. Love the view.

Excellent photos, Matiss.

Thanks for the great work, Fernanda and Matiss.


Gorgeous!!! I wouldn't mind stumbling into "Fernanda's Hideaway"...;o)
Great debut and great potential for many happy returns... Welcome Fern! (In the style of Deeks...;o)

Fernanda is one of the hottest models, in one of the hottest debuts, ever. I love her face, eyes and freckles. Congratulations to her for having them and to Matiss for showing them so well. She has a great attitude, perfectly toned and shaped body, and is wildly sexy and feminine. Awesome. There are not enough words to do her justice. Matiss did an excellent job here.

Ultra-sharp from head to foot -- I wish more sets on this site were like this.

Rookie gets a "10"!

Fernanda looks so naturally sweet! Would like more please.

Thank you Matiss. Fernanda is an extremely attractive woman. She appears to be very comfortable in front of the camera which only means that her sets will not only continue to be excellent, but may become even better in the future. Fernanda has an gorgeous body and pretty face, she is a stunner! I'm not a huge fan of outdoor sets, but this one works very well. I hope we see her in an indoor set soon where the lighting is a little more controllable. This sets is definitely a 10 in my opinion! Once again, thank you.

Spec-fuckin-tacular. Awesome woman from head to toe.

Fernanda, consider this my invitation to a permanent spot beside my pool.

Holy (bad word), what an amazing, electrifying debut set! Fernanda has a wonderful emotive face, gorgeous hair and an incredible body. The black lingerie (love the front-closing bra, they're always a treat to undo) brings everything together perfectly. BRAVO!


This set is well worth comment. Matiss did a great job providing a great background for her and capturing the radiance of this great new model and Fernanda did one of the best presentations I have seen. You can't fake this kind of talent. This woman is the real deal! Bet she is the life of the party wherever she goes.

It is very admirable of you sir to praise another photographers work. You are a true gentleman.

It's not the first time.

Fernanda is so beautiful in this debut.Good luck and come back soon with more.

Awesome body, great smile and freckles ......Fernanda is an incredibly sexy woman.

Can't wait to see more.

I love a woman who has significant eyebrows, out of the ordinary eye color, freckles, downy hair, glass cutters, and large areolae. Lovely Fernanda certainly has these physical features and more.

Included in the more, she shows a hint of nice ribs every now and then; and it appears that she is capable of growing pubic hair. I wonder if we will see proof of that in the future.

Welcome to MET lovely Fernanda, nice find Matiss; thank you both.

Great debut, Very impressive model. Fantastic body, Beautiful hair, awesome eyes and an extremely animated and expressive face. Oh and freckles!
One very powerful performance and an amazing one if this is her first work. However I suspect this lady is anything but inexperienced. This far to good to be a first time. She is just plain radiant!

Very impressive for Matiss too! Nice backdrop, nicely prepped stage with with the shear hangings and the blue ground cloth to blend with the blue sky. Very well done! A nice series of shots and a very dynamic model make for a 5 star set.

Fernanda, you are another really beautiful addition to the site. Welcome :)


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