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Beautiful girl (I gave her 10 at the beginning), but this irritated red pussy is really not very erotic (for me)

Bravo, This is one of the few sets where Leonardo worked close in with his model. It is refreshing to see him actually doing closeups of a woman's pussy as he usually avoids that. I do feel the the blue background was a bit much and gave the set a washed out look but I know he likes blue backgrounds. All and all I think this is a big improvement from normal conservative style.

As for Flavia, She is lovely but rating her as the most beautiful model on the site? IMHO that is way off. But then beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and each viewer has his/her favorite features and things that fire his/her desires. After all that is why Metart is the best. They have variety to fill everyone's desires.

Flavia is perfection, especially her delicious pink pussy...

Flavia is perfection, especially her delicious pink pussy...

Wow! Amazing Blue eyes, big pink Nipples, Nice clit, Beautiful girl! Leonardo Captured her Beauty dead on!

Awesome set. Once again Flavia doesn't disapoint.

This set is THE benchmark of perfection.

A perfectly feminine woman with a gorgeous, heart warming smile who is proud to share all of her beauty.

A gorgeously feminine, colorful, comfortable setting.

Perfect photography. Perfect feminine still life. Just perfect.

Breathtakingly beautiful.

This is Met-Art achieving perfection.

Thank you Flavia, Leonardo, and Met-Art.

This guy seldom gets a 10 from me, but this set qualifies! A gorgeous girl showing her goods in an ideal setting...perfect! More like this Leo!

wonderful wet pussy!! you can see a bit of clit in a couple of pics and i wish the photographers and models would make an effort to let us see those beautiful hard clits!!

A model who gives 100 percent, thank you!

This girl is truely beautiful. She seems to love not having any panties on and her pussy is just gorgeous - more sets and videos please!

Flavia os one of the most beautiful women on Met in my opinion. Great set.

Awesome set of this gorgeous beauty, Leonardo captures her perfectly, especially her exquisitely pink cunt, fantastic!.

Adorable Flavia, a surefire winner as always. Love those puffy nipples and that sweet smile. A colorful and beautifully shot set.

VERY high pic quality and excellent composition --- this is Leonardo at his best....and the model's naturalness just increase the artistic value of this set! I'll surely settle on "10"...!

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