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Very, Very nice girl. A real Princess!

Many thanks, Flavia,

and MANY thanks to you, Rilsky...(could you TELL her ????)

Best greetings from Southern France near Marseilles,at 8-10 Km from the coast.

Now here's a girl that is not afraid to open it up!!!!!!!! I could get lost in there.

Ryslski has a very good hand with the settings. I wish that room would belong to me.

Great work and an anus that is stunning, well developed, erotic and beautiful, set in the middle of a perfect ass.


This girl is so beautiful and has the loveliest pussy lips. She seems to love running around with no panties on and enjoys spreading her legs for us. Magnificent!

Perfect asshole ! Would be very fun !

Flavia is a stunning beauty and sexy beyond words. Her pussy is perhaps the best I've ever seen. Oh how I would love to have it in my mouth.....

Holy Crap!! Rylsky pulls a rabbit out of his hat!! This set is magical!!
Almost everything about it is perfect! Especially the delicious subject with her gorgeous blue eyes and a body hot enough to melt any cold heart, or stiffen any limp one! Flavia's become one of my very favorite girls here, and Rylsky seems to be getting it together finally. Could he be reading the comments here...? Nah! Not likely, so I'll just consider it 'good luck' and savor every little morsel of it. Great set! 10/10!

Yes, Rylsky and most of his models always read all comments.
Thank you.

I'd like to believe that, but 'reliable information' is not something I expect to get here. I recognize your I.D. because it's my birth month and year, and you've been around for a while, but I have no idea who you are or where that info came from.
And "thank you"?? Is that for my comment? Are you the photographer or the model...? I promise not to tell...;o)

1. If you are not a member of RylskyArt, you can write at METART site to Rylsky using "EMAIL YOUR COMMENTS" button near cover and set info on any of his galleries here, including this one.
2. You can believe me or not. I am part of his team and my goal is to see all feedback here. He do the same but on RylskyArt.com and you know why.
3. "Thank you" means that all comments not about "i wanna lick her..." are very useful and interesting if it was written with respect. And sure I can't take all trolling comments or "nice set (model)" or "bad set (model)".

I hope you have all my answers for all your questions.

Thank you for the qualification, and of course I believe you.
You may be aware that I have not been a big fan of Rylsky in the past, so I am not a member of RylskyArt. But lately his work has been to my liking, and I try to keep my comments "useful" as you say, and appreciate that he has a person, such as yourself, monitoring his comments here and takes this feedback into consideration... I believe you HAVE answered any question I had, and I thank YOU. :o)
P.S. "EMAIL YOUR COMMENTS" opens Outlook email and I hate Outlook...;o)

The sets of metart are mixed. For example, sometimes you see same photographer's sets 2-4 times a week, but keep in mind that it can easily be sets that was made in 2013-2007-2009-2010....etc. MetArt is huge site with huge sets in stock.
Sure, Rylsky want to know what members think, because you can't manage and have success with a site without listen to members thoughts (no matter positive or negative thoughts, but only with respect to models and our team's work).
Thank you once again.
then you can copy and paste email address from official page of METART http://members.met-art.com/members/support/ and just type a subj "to Rylsky" or "about set ... made by....with model....", or you can copy email address from outlook to web browser, etc. It's easy IMO. :)
Anyway he prefer to talk privately because if you want to talk seriously then what for to talk with 1 person if 1000000 are around?

This is very good... I completely understand.
And Thanks back to you...lol ;o)

As for Outlook, this is no problem --- the keywords are "e-mail configuration"!
You'll find the necessary information at:


Thank you!


gorgeous smile - friendly eyes

: Rylsky I like his set's. the squat's are good. like too see him start doing lots of bend over poses like face between legs looking at me. eye's open nothing blocking the shot show labia. like to see the squat poses go lower face closer get hotter with the poses .like to see girls from passed sets do more set's show more hotter poses stand up not all sit or lay down poses get naked tops are ok but bottom naked spread leg's wider as the set going along get up close but show her face and labia same time clear now that's hot for me

Gorgeous as ever, the opening shots of a bottomless Flavia are amazing, not only is the explicit content well captured, particularly that beautiful, moist pink cunt, but also the stunning beauty of Flavia's lovely face. Great set.

How I would love to taste and explore her beautiful back door

Love her ass and that beautiful pink pussy!

Stunning as always.

Delicious Flavia and master photographer Rylsky.A perfect combination.
Great work maestro.

Perfect as always from that sweet smiling face to that cute, exciting anus. You always look like you're having so much fun as you find those red hot poses, set after set. Keep them coming, angel. Just lovely!


You may want to stop using caps a2m2... These girls think you're yelling at them...;o) If you are.....carry on.

Sitting pretty, as I call that pose. Verrry nice!

Why are you YELLING??

He's an idiot!

We're ALL idiots! What else ya got?


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