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What an amazing lady. I like the way she always seems to be having fun, and I thank her for getting naked for us.

Rylsky, where do you find these awesome women? WOW! Great job.

I agree with all the positive comments about Flavia and Rylsky's mastery in an excellent series, but which is marred for me by the complex and dominating set.

Flavia is a beautiful model. I love the close up pics of her pussy lips

Flavia, as always, is simply spectacular.

My favorite model. She's all white and pink.

I love white and pink! :)))

Ry, I know this is somewhat unusual, but I got a request. In your reply to me yesterday I learned something I didn't realize about you, i.e "no boys, or toys". A couple of us got into a discussion of the g/g place on Met. What we don't have is an "artist's" perspective on this issue. The Met rules making all g/g exclusively soft. Tell us about your perspective, about both here and on your site. You know most of us love your work and respect your opinions. Tell us what you think.

I find the G/G sets on the met to be boring and not at all interesting or in anyway sexy. This has come up a lot and my take is that most members don't like them but that is from the comments and the majority of members don't bother with comments so what the real numbers might say we have no way of knowing.

However asking the artists in open forum to comment on Metart policy is a waste of time. As contract artists there are rules that must be followed and dissing Metart policy in open forum is certainly a no no.

Thanks. I actually thought about the issue of "artist" comments. However Catherine almost always put her two cents worth in, and Ry has a habit of saying what he damn well pleases. I expect a soft answer from Catherine, but I could see Ry actually weighing in with some real perspective. But you are probably correct, as usual. Thanks again.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Striking color.
19 -- nice (leg!)
22 -- full-some :-)
23 -- an invitation...
Dyin' for another expression, another look in her eyes. It could be that the heavy makeup interferes...
As I often say, she would be well-served by a lush bush -- it would go with the rest of her lushness...
In the meantime, every look is the same!
89: appreciate the sharp detail...she's nearly real here :-)
You might tell her she doesn't always have to smile like that. Stop posing for a moment, staring at the camera trying to be perfect, and be yourself instead.
117 -- clogged up like her armpit :-) Stuck in first gear...
119 -- very pretty, but...can she do anything different?

I thought this set was very well done. All the contrasts of colors and patterns blended to make a rich and interesting back drop for Flavia and keep the eye and mind interested. #14 through 16 are absolutely awesome! If that doesn't light your fire nothing will! I like the fact that you placed these shots on the first page and while she was still dressed. The physical impact of these delicious shots is enhanced by there early and unexpected appearance. A very nice touch. This whole set is pleasing to the eye and the crisp clear close ups both facial and intimate are extreme perfection. One of the best of the Metart photographers.

Flavia is fantastic. Those sparkling blue eyes, bright smile and lovely honey blond hair are a key to any mans heart. Combine that with her magnificent body and I'm completely hers for the taking. (I wish!)

hipshot131, do me a favor and jump over to the set entitled Oarna and add your input to Kilroy and my exchange, if you don't mind.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

You gotta remember you're speaking just for yourself, hipshot :-)

Did I say I was speaking for anyone else? Seems that your the one who needs to remember that. Read the rest of the comments. I don't see any others that agree with you.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Thumbs up and down don't tell the whole story.
What I mean are remarks like "If that doesn't light your fire nothing will!" and "Those sparkling blue eyes" et al "are a key to any mans heart."
It's hard enough for me to figure out what I think, let alone what other people think. So I don't presume to speak for other people, at least on my better days :-)

I am never speaking for anyone else but myself. Those are just generalizations meant to show my appreciation for the model and or the artist in a way that doesn't make make my remarks the same-o same-o in every set. If I like something I comment and try to be at least somewhat original so it doesn't become cookie cutter. I realize there are those that won't agree and that is your privilege. I don't agree with your viewpoint but hey. It's yours so your entitled to it. I try to keep it civil and not attach anyone. If we all felt the same it would be a boring world.

All I ask is that you try to respect others and keep this place civil.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

I will try to respect others and keep this place civil :-) But I like to play critic, so I can't promise I'm always gonna appear either respectful or civil, or that the reactions I may trigger will be. But I guess it depends on what one means by "respectful" and "civil."
I believe there can be a pretty wide latitude in their meanings, however -- not always obvious.

Doug, read above my request to hipshot131 and jump in if you would, please.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

I am going through that set now, swp -- I'm sure Catherine would be overjoyed go hear that :-) -- and will post comments when done.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

OK, swp, they're posted. I'm runnin' for cover! :-)

Flavia is a total stunner! I think the shoot was perfect, except for her holding the pillows. It detracts from her face.

  • Gary
  • 11 months ago:

Gorgeous model, great attitude, incredible vagina, beautiful face. Well done.

Two of my all-time favorites from Rylsky (for very different reasons!), two days in a row... Bravo, Rylsky!
The heartbreakingly beautiful Flavia never fails to amaze and inspire... daydreams, on my part... how nice it would be to be in the room with her and have her smile that way at me... oh, life is good. ( :

Flavia is a very beautiful young woman. Slight criticism is that believe the location could have done without the streaked two-tone wall that was different on one side (maybe due to lighting), leopard skin, photo on the wall and some kind of pillow on the floor. Just too much distracting "stuff".

I understand your criticism and I see some validity in it, but I also can see why this setting was chosen.

The step, bed, and sofa offer several areas for Flavia to sit, lie down, and pose so that she doesn't appear "unnatural" (or isn't in some weird, contorted, twisted, or odd looking shape that some photographers shoot).

This is only my opinion....if the model is beautiful (Flavia definitely fits this category), the model is in focus, and her skin and lighting looks natural.....the background usually doesn't matter to me (my complete attention is on the model).

I like this set very much, great work Rylsky.

Agreed in all respects, Browning.

Thank you fer_realz.

This is kind of criticism I appreciate a lot.
Thank you for describing and for being constructive.

Flavia, it's great to see you here again on Met, you are looking lovely.

Welcome back gorgeous goddess
among the finest of MetArt's Olympus.
This blonde, at risk of a heart attack,
introduces us in his intimacy with amused malice.
Flavia is not only a perfect body but a beautiful face,
gorgeous blue eyes and a bright smile.
Rylsky then puts his job to give us a set .... to preserve.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

gaetano, do you have access to an English teacher? Show this poem to him or her and ask for help in clarifying your meaning.
Unless you do mean, for example, that Flavia is at risk of a heart attack, and is perhaps a malicious male.

No. I mean that the heart attack can come to those who watch it (of course it is a way of saying jokingly)

Doug, I dare ya to write a poem in Italian... ( ;

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

I have enuf trouble with English! :-)

Flavia, I love your creamy skin and lovely smile. Welcome back.

Heavenly Flavia. God, how fantastically gorgeous you are!

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