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Out of all my favorites ( Anna AJ ,Divina ,Dominika and some others . I have to say Flavia is my top pick . Plain an simple truth every single photo shoot she not afraid to show her kitty . Flavia's sets is the result of a confident model and a good photographer .

This girl is just jaw dropping beautiful and at the same time has the most inviting, arousing, and lickable bottom..... so hot

I just like looking at your rack and gash.

Flavia, Flavia, Flavia.... oh, my Flavia. I dream of you...
Those first several shots with the sweater and the thong looking like a set of everyday panties are so tantalyzing and delicious. They remind me of how I saw the first real-life woman I had a sexual fixation on... good memories. ( :

IMO, the best set of the day.
Nice job Rylsky and Flavia.

I TOTALLY agree, Browning. This is a fantastic set... but just about any set with Flavia is going to be fantastic, and if it's by Rylsky, it's a guarantee.

Excellent! Flavia is a wonderfully sexy woman on her own, then combined with Rylsky's photography makes this a coveted 10 in my book. Perfect balance of sexy poses, closeups, and personality in a nice comfortable setting. This is why I'm here.

Rylsky, you are the best!

My favorite 'flavor flav'...demure and delicious as always...
Great presentation!

Oh, anything but demure! ( : Our lovely Flavia couldn't be demure if she tried... LOL

Funny thing about "opinion"...you have yours and I have mine.
Since neither of us know her, I can think anything I like of her...but thanks for the critique. Or as we say where I come from, "bite my shiney metal ass"! ;o)

This is what I mean, Rock:
"de·mure [dih-myoor]
adjective, de·mur·er, de·mur·est.
characterized by shyness and modesty; reserved.
affectedly or coyly decorous, sober, or sedate."
I know you were being complimentary to Flavia; I was simply saying that she is anything but shy, modest, reserved, coy, decorous, etc.
I don't think that's a matter of opinion... ( :

I may indeed be deluding myself, but this is the overall impression I get from her...if that's ok with you...;o)


I have a suggetion as to where you can put this link.... ;o)

lmao! Oops!! See what I get for being an ass!

I have to agree with all the accolades, Flavia always gets my heart racing. It's hard to imagine a girl being more alluring than her. Other than the useless orange in the beginning, the photography is outstanding. This set is an example of why I continue to be a happy MetArt customer.

Definitely a firm favourite, Flavia is always a treat for the senses.

Flavia is a beauty in the best sense of the word,because she has the personality,which Rylsky has caught perfectly. This is also a perfect setting for Flavia. I give Flavia and Rylsky both a 10++++

Flavia a sparkly bombshell with overwhelming eroticism.
Against the backdrop of a beautiful Venice Rylsky gives the charge and .... are fireworks.

A set that does not happen every day, one set for the holidays.

Lovely Flavia, Such a lovely and delicate face and those sparkling blue eyes. Her pale skin so soft and silky highlighted by the amazing pink of her vulva and her sweet nipples. So many lovely facets to this delicate beauty. I can't help but thing this is a very sweet person who would enrich anyone who met her.

Great closeups, nice warm background and Flavia's natural warmth and beauty. Works for me.

So very pretty and so very alluring, elegant and refined. Flavia is so gorgeous. It is always nice to see her.

Flavia here and on Ry's site Larissa on Erro's. I though we were going to pick one and go with it on all but ok. She is a real doll and Ry shot her correctly. Very cute girl and set. Nice job Ry

Dear, dear Flavia, so beautiful as always! Your sweet puckered rear end makes me weak in the knees :)

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