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I don't usually download a model's pics just on the strength of one set, but I made a rare exception in Flora's case, as she is just so lovely and has such a wonderful figure - more please!

This has been one of those MetArt sets I keep returning to, just to be sure I really saw what I think I saw the first time... and I've been bowled over every time. Those eyes, those lashes, the green depths I lose myself in, imagining I'm being told some whispered story with each new photo. Flora's erotic, seductive poses, and the photographer's creative cropping, attention, encouragement and focus - all near-perfect. I like the little touches - the fallen rose petals, the paintings' frames, the piano. Like with all artwork, there's a sense of something being conveyed beyond what meets the eye. Real beauty. The heat gets turned up with each photo as the set progresses, and her smiles just fan the flames. Thank you, Flora, for using your body and spirit to come up with this set, and thank you, Matiss, for honoring it so.

Welcome to Flora another flower in the garden of MetArt.
Flora or Cleopatra queen of Egypt?
Ice-blue eyes, lips drawn by a painter
breast that, by law, you should never cover.
Matisse does not know how to take advantage of so much wealth.
The set is stretched, a bit of craft and little pleasure.

Graceful, creamy complexion and a delectable derriere. What a girl!

Flora is strikingly beautiful, and my words are hardly adequate to describe her. Those big eyes and full lips are so sexy and she was a great start to my morning. What a great first set, Matiss captured her well with a nice mix of poses. I hope we will see Flora again.

Just one question, can she really play that piano?

Yet another dark haired Ukrainian goddess! She had me from the very first shot. She looks exquisite in those jeans! I could have joyously looked at several more street photos of this sweet young thing. Looking at her stats I am amazed that she is only 5'4". She looks much taller with those long lean lovely legs. Perfectly proportioned for her height and why did he wait so long to show us that magnificent butt? That alone could launch a 1000 ships! What an amazing girl, perfect alabaster skin. pink nipples and those lower lips! Oh my, it took a long while getting there but it was worth it! There were no disappointments with this wonderful premier. Well, maybe one. I would have loved to see those labia a bit closer and I bet that if she spread those labes the butterfly would be devastating! Oh well it is a first set and she did awesome sharing all that wondrous femininity with us.

Thank you Flora C for allowing us mere mortals to view such beauty and Thank you Matiss for bringing her to us in such a wonderful way. I hope this is just the beginning for the Ukrainian jewel.

Beautiful Beautiful, Flora you are Beautiful. I liked the use of yellow through out the photo set and Matiss very nice photo shooting and showing almost every inch of Flora's body.

She is a beautiful girl. I love the photos that show lint and threads from her clothing stuck to her beautiful pussy. It makes her seem more real somehow. I hope to see more of her soon.

Beautiful face, stunning eyes and hot, sexy eyebrows. Beautiful breasts, inadequately displayed. Flora appears a little uncomfortable in this set. I hope she keeps modeling as she is wonderful.

Oh my, what a divine face.

Beautiful eyes, sensual lips and a very tasty-looking body. Welcome, Flora. Nice to meet you.

My thoughts exactly when I saw the first closeup of those tasty looking lower lips!!

I meant all four.


Welcome lovely Flora, you look great today.



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