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Wonderful! Real life - warm feelings up there

Full bush ,gorgeous and sexy ass .Wow !! x

i love a beautiful brunette with big perfect tits and a lovely full bush! so this girl made me very....happy:) more of her please!

I really like photo number 99 how you can see the hair around her labia.I do not see why the whole shaved/unshaved thing is such an issue with some Met-Art is very good about showing sets with both types in everything in between.Several models have sets with varying amounts of hair.

Met is clearly aware of the varying preference so if this model chooses to shave she will have some sets where she is shaved.that being said it is her choice so respect that and judging from her bio she sounds like the none shaving type.

The armpit hair is just right and it's that special turn on that's why I'm a suscriber. Thank you metart. Excellent.

Hi Fox A.
Men are such pigs aren't they? You look great and besides I like fluff on my muffs :)

shaved or trim or full bush, she's a beauty to me.

Beautiful Woman, Great body! Maybe just a little "trimming" around the edges of the labia would be good, leave the rest of that pretty bush! I don't like to get hair in my mouth.

Keep the hair!!! No shaving!!

Love the way the hair grows between the ass cheeks, don't really know why but I do think it's sexy and it's a turn on...

Well....somebody gave this girl the right name! "Fox" she IS!
I can only hope that someone convinces her to 'mow the lawn so we can see the sprinkler'....a lovely 'sprinkler' it appears to be! Beautiful girl, looking forward to seeing 'much more' of her.

Great looking 2-piece also! Pass that around honey...;o) I can think of a few girls that would also look great on!(and OFF!)

Deliciuos hope the pussy lips are spread in the next shoot!

And hope the hair is gone so we can SEE it!

When somebody like you, is young and pretty dont need to change any thing. please dont shave your pussy, your color hair, the way you make up, the way you smile.
but the photo man couldn´t discover what he got in front his eyes, please consider a much better set.

Fox is quite a fox! I prefer shaved myself but in the case of a beautiful woman like this I can deal with the hair. The only hair that turns me off is underarm hair. I wish it didn't, I've seen some great looking girls with underarm hair. What can you do? I don't think you can choose what turns you on-or off.

I don't mind the landing strip look but I don't care at all for the full bush look where you can't see anything front or back.

I already lived through the 70s and see no need to return there.

That said, very pretty girl. Would love to see her trim back her bush quite a bit in this case.

Great first set. You are a beautiful woman Fox. I think hairy pussy is coming back but it would be nice to see the pussy lips area shaved.

Gorgeous girl!!! I'm in the bald is beautiful camp, but it looks like both sides are well represented among Met-Art members! Let's pass the peace pipe around!

Beautiful bush.

Fox - Foxy! Lo que un misterioso, poco zorro! Caliente, excitante poco zorro. Ojos encantadores! Tus tetas son impresionantes, dulce señora! Niza arbusto!

Cute girl and what a fantastic pair of boobs!.

I'd love to see her shaven.

Me too

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