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  • Alex
  • 10 months ago:

Perfect girl and great photographer's work.

Nice to see woman who do not look like young teenagers, should have more spread shots of her and she would be a number 10

I thought this girl was a bombshell since the last set;i love this old-fashioned little tasty hairy cunny that is obviously yummy,I can nearly
feel it´s sweet smell.I love her entire body.
But,can I question who had the brilliant idea to put such a luscious,beautiful body over that nasty,tacky,ugly sofa and then wash it
out with endless flash shots with an offending red colour as a background?
Egon seems to be using the point-and-shoot old Kodak instamatic camera I owned when I was a boy.Home pics.

The seller

Photos (poses) too shy.

I love the bush and the underarm stubble. Those two features make this set much more erotic, artistic and interesting. I know it is a matter of taste, but some of us like the natural look. I think shaving is conformist, boring and makes models look like girls.


I like Fox in most every aspect but one. I don't mind pubic hair, but when it is all you can see down there, it is time for a little trim. Nothing major, just thin out the bottom half so we can tell what is there.

You guys really need to get out more often. With a woman like Fox and her naturally dark hair, she HAS done a "little trim" "...down there". If she hadn't, you wouldn't see anything but the "forest". Typically, very dark-haired women have pubic hair all the way to the inside of their thighs and any "peek-a-boo" shots of their labia are almost a foregone conclusion.

Now the dark forearm hair foretells a very healthy sexual appetite.

I think there's a pussy in there somewhere, but really can't say for sure. Maybe it's, as her name suggests, a 'fox' between her legs..(?) ;o)

Jolie sourire et belle fille mais c' est vrai que l' entrejambe unshaved gâche un peu le plaisir

What a sexy woman. I'd lick and eat up her armpits all day and night. Great set.

Delicious upskirt shots at end of the set

I meant this not his. Typo.

I'm adding his to favourites and I love her armpits.

The beginning of the set appears to be filler, i.e. leftovers from her first set......or, the poor girl cannot afford another shirt. (But then, I guess we all have a favorite article of clothing).

I hadn't been impressed by Fox -- but she's winning me over with her attitude.

Beautiful model, but the hairy crotch totally ruined the set for me. Didn't even consider downloading this one. Such a waste.

My favorites are the shots inside the arch, especially #98.

Love the twins.

i love this girl! Her big tits, beautiful brown eyes, perfect ass, and awesome full bush are incredibly arousing. Fox was perfectly designed for men to enjoy.... and enjoy her i do.

I agree though I would say that she does not have what I would consider to be large large breasts.They are decent but they are not "cause some guy to have a motor vehicle accident large".

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